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Renfrewshire’s Fairtrade Zone campaign

Paisley and Bishopton have already successfully achieved Fairtrade status. Our aim now is for Renfrewshire to build upon this to become a Fairtrade Zone, and to do so we need to achieve the following goals:

  • get local authority support for Fairtrade
  • a range of Fairtrade products made readily available in shops and cafes
  • Fairtrade products used by local businesses and community organisations
  • attract media coverage and popular support for Fairtrade
  • a local steering group is convened to ensure progress and continued commitment to Fairtrade status

In November 2007, Renfrewshire Council approved a report on their vision of a Fairtrade Zone for the whole of Renfrewshire. Since then, we have set up a steering group in Renfrewshire to increase the awareness of the Fairtrade campaign and work towards Fairtrade Zone status.

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