Paisley Centre Car Park

Paisley food Festival

Right this is a right old Rant at the so called Paisley Shopping Centre Car Park.

Today me and my wife went to Paisley to pick something up and then nip to the bank, we were at least fifteen minutes on returning to my car which I had parked in the Paisley Centre Car Park, I put in my ticket and it said £1.20 I though surely not but then looked at the tariff

Time Rate

0 – 2 Hours £1.20
2 – 3 Hours £1.80
3 – 4 Hours £2.50
4 – 5 Hours £3.50
5 – 6 Hours £5.00
6 – 7 hours £6.00

I though that is a terrible price to pay for parking your car in our town surely this cant be right, what happened to 60p or 50p for the first hour, this is a total rip off and should be rectified.

I also was approached by a wee elderly couple who had parked up and they said could you tell me where the door is to the Paisley Shopping Centre, I said well there isn’t one you have to go outside and walk down the road towards New Street then turn right and then left at Cafe Borgia “now where is the signposts???” I should have said to them oh by the way your paying for the pleasure of parking in a shopping centres car park whilst it isn’t actually part of a shopping centre.

Also on the same rant at the Paisley Shopping Centre, I was at the loo and came outside where a couple a wee woman pushing her disabled husband in a wheelchair asked me where the Car Park was “bizarre” and do you know why, now please remember we are in the middle of the shopping centre at the disabled toilets and a sign says please pick up a key fob from the Access Paisley offices situated in the Paisley Shopping Centre Car Park… THAT IS BLOODY TERRIBLE IN MY BOOK,

Welcome to Paisley where we will charge you a fortune to park, make you walk to our shopping centre but please if you need to use our disabled toilet come back and get the key its only a ten minute round trip “maybe longer if your disabled”

I have also recently written to the Paisley Centre shopping centre and will forward this to them as well to see if they can comment.