Lets Promote Paisley not put it down

Paisley food Festival

I had an excellent response from the Paisley Centre Boss Andrew McKinnon and Im sure it will be well recieved, many thanks for your response

link here

I seen in the Paisley Distress today that the aroma room coffee shop across from the Central Library has now closed, this was a very popular shop and everytime I passed it, it seemed to be quite busy.

I wonder what happened there, now the Paisley Distress done a big centre spread on whats wrong with Paisley, Maybe we should be pointing out whats wrong with Paisley? “write in the forum” or maybe they should take the point of the Paisley website and start highlighting what is right with Paisley?? why the doom and gloom? lets say, wait a minute this town is great for….. this and that lets start promoting the town not putting it down all the time, JOIN PAISLEY ON THE WEB AND PROMOTE THE TOWN “OUR TOWN” lets bring in Business not throw it away..