I feel I have to write this post just to show the state of one of our main shopping centre’s in Paisley right on the main high street, the doors have been out of operation for some time, (the doors broke in November 2009) I have had a few complaints from disabled people not being able to gain access properly and other people telling me how disgraceful the entrance looks, it wasnt until I went in myself last week I noticed just how bad it looked…

We always try to promote the town centre and the town itself, as it really does not deserve all the bad press it generally gets, but when you see the Paisley Shopping centre in such a mess it begs me to ask the question, do they really care about the business’s inside the centre who are trying their best to compete in this time of recession?

Now inside the centre, its always very clean, and its a pleasant and modern looking shopping centre, I am only trying to get the owners to do something about the appearance and this is not a campaign against the centre itself.. Paisley should be the place to do business and it should be thriving….

(here are pictures of the Paisley Shopping centre of how it used to look)

picture taken by Brian McGuire

(Here is a picture of how it looks today with the doors boarded up)

picture taken by

Here are the emails that I have written and received …

Feb 17th 2010: Hi there I had been told weeks ago that the Paisley Centres main doors on the high street had been boarded up and the person thought the centre was closed for business, they then told me the centre was open for business as usual, I didnt think anything off it until I passed today and seen they were still boarded up and looked as though the entrance was closed apart from the side doors..

I am just wondering why our main shopping centre is allowed to be like this? Is there a reason why the doors are boarded up and are they to remain boarded up?

I run the local Paisley website and have near on 2million visitors from all over the world interested in Paisley, I promote the town and hate to see any part of it being abused or in this case not being showcased.

I look forward to your reply..


and the reply


Feb 21st 2010: The doors are boarded up for health & safety reasons whilst we await delivery of new doors. I believe there is a notice apologising for any inconvenience in having to use the side entrance doors.

Please be assured we take a lot of pride in our Shopping Centre and Paisley. The new doors will be a welcome addition and will put a stop to doors being out of order and not providing the service we strive to give our shoppers.

Thank you for taking an interest.

Update 21st Feb 2010: Paisley Shopping Centre said that the doors shall be replaced within the next few weeks…

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I always like to promote business in and around Paisley but every now and again it just isn’t possible, due to being put in a position from the actual business themselves.

This just so happened to me yesterday with a member of staff “the bosses wife” being so cheeky and believe me it isn’t the first time and not just to me either from the same person in Forgotten dreams fancy dress costume hire in Johnstone, In the past I have just ignored her being ignorant and somewhat cheeky to customers and speaks to people like she is doing them a favour, now the same could not be said of her husband who is a true gentleman and very helpful, however I must dissuade people from using this store and seek their costume hire somewhere else.

Yesterday I went in to hire 8 costumes, it would have been 12 but the other ones who were going to hire costumes already said they would not use forgotten dreams as they had no intentions of being spoken to in such a manner as the way they had been treated in the past before by the same woman. My wife and mother had already been in to book the costumes and were told that Saturday would be fine for the costumes.. and I had already spoke to the boss about getting a good deal and he said there would be no problem, however when I turned up on Saturday I got told that I was actually paying more for a costume that I had previously hired for cheaper??? bizarre and having to wait ten minutes to be seen and then be approached as if I was an alien “no i wasn’t in fancy dress” was weird and then to be spoken to as if I was a child who had been naughty and as if I was wasting her time.

Anyways I will be sending a written complaint to the shop tomorrow and I will also be asking people from this website not to use Forgotten Dreams in Johnstone and get their costumes elsewhere until this woman changes her attitude towards customers.

If you agree or disagree with what I am saying please leave a comment, as you may be aware I never do this sort of rant on this website and takes a lot for me to become disheartened with people but this is the third time this has happened to me with this person and enough is enough…