Paisley MOD 2013

Paisley wishes Western Isles well for the Mòd 2011

Representatives from Renfrewshire Council and Meur Phàislig have been in Stornoway this week for the Royal National Mòd 2011.

The team have made the trip to the Western Isles to wish this year’s organisers and competitors well and also to give visitors a preview of what they can expect when Paisley hosts the Mòd in 2013.

Paisley MOD 2013Renfrewshire Council Leader Brian Lawson said: “We wish the organisers and all of the competitors well in this year’s Mòd and congratulate them on delivering what is sure to be a successful event.

“The Mòd is a huge, much-loved festival which has brought the focus of Scotland and Gaelic music lovers across the world to Stornoway.  It takes years of planning to achieve this and they have done a fantastic job.” Read more