Council Leader praises Paisley school’s money saving scheme

Renfrewshire Council’s Leader paid a recent visit to a Paisley school to see first-hand how pupils are turning their money saving ideas into a scheme that will benefit pupils.

Councillor Mark Macmillan was so impressed by the credit union being set up by Brediland Primary School that he’s urging Renfrewshire residents to take a leaf out of the pupil’s book joining a local credit union themselves.


The scheme has been set up by the Paisley school and sees young children taking the role of junior bankers as well as saving their own cash.

Councillor Macmillan said: “This is a fantastic way to encourage children to take a responsible approach to money issues. This scheme is giving pupils the right skills and attitude to deal with finances and these are valuable lessons that will hopefully stay with them for life.

“I completely value the role that credit unions play in our community – especially during these tough times by encouraging saving and ensuring access to affordable credit rates.

“My congratulations go to Brediland Primary school for showing an entrepreneurial spirit and taking forward the important issue of financial education. I hope the school’s enthusiasm spills over into the community and I’d urge all local people to consider joining a local credit union.”

Marie-Claire Temple, Head Teacher of Brediland Primary, said: “The Credit Union is run by children for children and is a very worthwhile initiative, which encourages young people to save in a safe way, and fosters in them desirable habits for their future lives.

“Credit unions help families and communities avoid the problems of debt and financial exclusion. In Brediland, we are developing our children’s financial capabilities using our pupil-run credit union, by teaching experiences and outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence and making connections across learning.”

The children are currently undergoing training for the launch of the Brediland Credit Union on Wednesday 11th September.

A photograph of Councillor Macmillan meeting pupils from the school is attached. Please click on the attached link above.

Information from Renfrewshire Council

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Major investment planned to help residents through hardship

Renfrewshire Council will invest an additional £200,000 into helping local people who are struggling to pay their rent, if the move gets the seal of approval next week.

Council bosses want to top up a fund that’s in place to help residents receiving Housing Benefit who are having difficulty meeting their housing costs – by £215,648.

If the move gets rubber-stamped next week, it will bring the council’s total investment into the Discretionary Housing Payment fund up to £365,648, following a £150,000 contribution in December.

renfrewshire council logo .JPGCouncillor Mike Holmes, Deputy Leader of Renfrewshire Council said: “We know the UK Government’s benefit changes are having an impact on local communities. More people are coming to us for advice, more people are falling into arrears, more are applying for DHPs, and more families are using food banks.

“This latest investment will bring our overall contribution to this key support fund up to more than £365,000 – the maximum we are allowed to contribute to DHP. We want to do all we can to help local residents through these tough times.”

“Our message is clear: if you’re facing financial hardship and are struggling to meet your housing costs, apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment. Help is there and we don’t want local families to struggle. Our Advice Works team can even help you if you need support to fill in the form, so please get in touch.”

Any Renfrewshire resident who is claiming Housing Benefit and having difficulties meeting their housing costs can apply for a DHP.

Application forms are available at or you can call 0300 300 0204 to ask for one to be sent out to you. If you need help to fill out a form (and for general financial support) please call Advice Works on 0300 300 1238.

The proposed top up of the DHP fund will go before the Finance and Resources Policy Board for a decision on 28 August.