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Due to donations from some of our volunteers and with much kindness we thought we would help out an other organisation and setup hosting and purchase a domain name for them and build it into a website.

In its heyday Paisley was full of cinemas and entertainment venues.

People look back with fond memories at The Astortia, The Picturehouse, The New Alex, La Scala, The Alex, The Regal, The Kelbourne and The Glen.

Today they’re all gone. Demolished, converted into retail units or Bingo Halls. If a Paisley buddy wants to catch a movie these days they have to travel to Linwood to a retail park. The whole of Britain was horror-struck on Hogmanay 1929 to learn of the dreadful cinema catastrophe in Paisley that afternoon, in which 70 children lost their lives and over 40 were injured.

About 1000 boys and girls, mostly from working-class homes, were witnessing a matinee performance at The Glen Cinema, when dense clouds of smoke, caused by a film which had started to smoulder in the spool-room, were swept into the cinema. The cry of “Fire” was raised, and the children stampeded in a panic to the back entrance. This was closed, and in the frantic struggle which ensued many children were trampled and others were suffocated by the fumes. In 2003 a project was created to commemorate the terrible tragedy of the Glen

Cinema. 2004 is the 75th Anniversary of the disaster and a new exhibition telling an accurate story of events that day. The exhibition pays tribute to the survivors, many of whom are still here today to tell the tale. The Paisley Development Association, in partnership with Fablevision and Renfrewshire CVS secured funding and a community led cultural project was created. The project was split into four sections: A mini excavation of the Glen Cinema Building Coordination of a new Artist in Residence Programme A survivor’s archive project The creation of a new exciting exhibition

Due to our efforts as a group we were able to help an organisation get going from nothing and join the ranks of other Paisley websites which aim to promote the town and also help people learn the lesson of this tragic disaster killing so many young life’s  and changing others for ever.

Any donation that goes into the website and if we see an organisation that can be helped then we would be more than happy to help out.

Feel free to visit the new website (formerly


::All text taken from Renfrewshire Council see bottom for link::
Regenerating Paisley Town Centre is one of our top priorities.

We have an action plan in place to drive this forward and a key part of this is making it easier to get in and out of the town centre.

We’ve already opened up Causeyside Street, St Mirren Street and Gauze Street to traffic on an experimental basis and plan to make this permanent.

We’re also improving traffic signs to and around the town centre and are increasing the number of on-street parking spaces in Cotton Street.

Now we want to know what you think about opening up more streets in Paisley town centre to traffic.

The Paisley Vision Board (a partnership of private and public partners) is leading the regeneration strategy and has suggested opening up High Street and Gilmour Street.

We want to gauge public opinion before giving this further consideration.

There are four options to consider as part of this consultation about opening up High Street and Gilmour Street to traffic:

  • No change
  • Streets open to traffic at all time
  • Pedestrians only from 10.30am until 4.00 pm with streets otherwise open
  • Pedestrians only from 12.30pm until 4.00 pm with streets otherwise open

for more and to see the rest if the information click here


Great news the Paisley on the web website, myself and the volunteers have made it to the finals of the Renfrewshire Provost Community awards 2009. This is early news and we don’t have written confirmation as yet but the awards are held every year and this years ceremony is to be held in the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew and we are in the Community volunteer or group category which is sponsored by Ciba Specialty Chemicals PLC.

The Paisley website has one aim and that is to promote the town of Paisley via the Internet, it has been going now for ten years “wow ten years already” and I am sure it will be here for another ten with the great help of everyone that dedicates their time and effort to promoting the website and town, and to all our regular visitors to the website.

I am not sure if we can say who nominated us or give any final details as yet, but I wish to say thank you to that person or person’s who have nominated us, it is very appreciated and win or lose it really is the taking part that counts.

Here is the link to the Provost awards Renfrewshire on the Renfrewshire Council website.


Being brought up in the west end of Paisley, it saddens me to see the decline of a very close community in that part of town, the people have had to endure their part of the town being ignored by the council and watching the area head into decay, a lot of the buildings have just been left to decay, and the answer is to board them up, then they are set on fire then they are demolished or ear marked for demolition, you see concentrations of Junkies roaming the streets and making it feel unsafe for the community.

We know the people of the west end have a great community spirit but this isn’t enough to help them, they need the area improved and looked after and helped back into the vibrant area it once was…


Do you have a council house? Are you happy with the quality of repairs? I certainly am not and if some of the emails coming into this website are to believed then the whole process is terrible. Council houses in the area are falling into disrepair and there has been no updating of existing properties in the majority if areas.

One visitor for example has been in his house since 1995 and knew the previous residents who had lived there for 7 years and in all that time there has been nothing done to improve the house yet they pay full rent and council tax? What happened to the promised new kitchens new bathroom suites etc …. Even when they said they had loose kitchen cabinets he was told they wont fix them or replace them. Now I understand a lot of people have bought their own property and would have done most of these repairs or updates themselves but that isn’t the point the council have a due care to update their property’s but they don’t and they just don’t care.

Yet another failing of our council.

Do you have a council property ? Are you happy? Are you dissatisfied? please add your views to either the Paisley message board or the blog.


Now you know this website is purely aimed at promoting the town of Paisley via the means of the Internet, and by doing this we promote the town and encourage people to visit the town and talk about the town positively.

I have a question to ask, when was the last time you seen Renfrewshire council doing the same thing? Erm Never .. Yes I think they have left it up to us to do that and over the years not helped us in any way, we have been doing their job for them, even when we offered to work with them they decided to work with someone else who doesn’t have the town at their core principles.

I have heard plans for this and plans for that but where are they? The town centre is dying and has been for a long time, we have pubs going out of business at a tremendous rate, we hear of business and even the YMCA now leaving our town centre. Do the council care? I wonder if they actually care for the town at all, I know they don’t use Paisley business and don’t encourage anyone coming to them to use a Paisley business to trade with. Why?

Here is some photo’s taken from our high street and notice the lack of people and also the amount of for sale signs, sale signs and empty shops.

Moss StreetPaisley High Street

Wheres the shoppers?

Alright there is a recession on and the government are proposing to do this and that to help small business, what does it mean for our High street?

Renfrewshire Council need to get their finger out and stop our town from decaying further into the pit its heading.. We are fed up with inaction.


I just read from one of our admins on the website that Renfrewshire Council are going to introduce Fortnightly bin collections in the Renfrewshire area, see the link, I know what I think and I don’t like it, I want to know what your views are on this decision. I recycle more or less everything but still have a lot of refuse to due to having a small family but I stay near the skips in foxbar and already see the effect of fly tippers on our doorstep and I am worried it will only get worse..

Anyways please let us know your views on this issue in the message board click here for the link.

Also we are going to start running features on the future of our town and the effects of the current recession on the town, if you have any story’s of any business’s, pubs, clubs or anything that’s closing or even better new shops and business’s that are opening in the town.. Good stories are always better…

One other question is Renfrewshire council doing enough for the town?


I was although briefly at the launch of the new Visit Renfrewshire initiative yesterday with Visit Scotland, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and the council as well as contributing partners.

They have been awarded something like 150k to promote Renfrewshire its attractions and events as well as promoting the area as a tourist destination, I think its a great idea and one that should be welcomed. has been launched in conjunction with the initiative and there are a lot of our images being used to help promote the town of Paisley.

I only have one drawback to this process as they seemed to have overlooked one of the only websites out their to promote the Largest town in Renfrewshire, Paisley… yes us

I wonder why big business think they can just seem to think their ideas are the only ideas and everyone else should heed thier line and not listen to other ideas or at least even look to see what other people are doing.

We have been promoting the town of Paisley in a positive light for near on ten years now and without the budget this organisation seems to have for their 3 year plan…

Passion & pride costs nothing…..


We are looking for local business’s to help support the Paisley Community Website, we are here to promote the town and local area so therefore helping your business, if you help support us we will make sure all our visitors know about you and your products and promote you to the best of our ability.

We are in no way affiliated or supported by Renfrewshire Council who seem to at every turn try their hardest to hamper our best efforts to promote the town.

There are no minimum terms but even just coming on board and saying you agree or like what we are doing then please drop me an email using our contact page by pressing here.


The Paisley Christmas lights were switched on today by none other than X-Factor winner Leon Jackson and Scottish singer Sandi Thom, of course Paisley on the web were around town today taking various pictures of some interesting sites and wonderful lights and fireworks.

We have to hand it to the organisers of the event and for the weather staying so good, it has been the best Christmas light switch on for many years.

We have started uploading loads of the images from today to the gallery (click here to go straight to the gallery) hope you enjoy them.