For a good few years now the former T.A building in Paisley’s High street has been derelict and slowly going into a state of disrepair.. Its very sad to see this building go the way of so many other buildings of such significance not just in the town of Paisley but elsewhere..

I am sure many an x soldier has signed his life away in this building “I know I once did as a 16 year old” and the building was used to great extent by the Territorial Army for so long..

The new owners “no not Renfrewshire Council, but a private owner” should be held account to the future of this building and we should start to raise awareness before its too late.

One of our visitors to the website has even seen demolition vans parked up outside the building, what could be the purpose of this? There also has been numerous fires and police call outs.

Why don’t you get involved and tell us your memories of the building if you have ever used it or what the building should be used for in the future “residential use was one of the proposed planning applications see this reference here, this was for the “Refurbishment of main building & subdivision to form 8 flats; refurbishment of chapel to form 1 house; demolition of rear buildings & erection of 17 new build flats & maisonettes with associated parking and landscaping”.

A message board topic has been opened and we would like for you to discuss what you think.. Click here.

Please also note that it is a private company who has ownership of the building and for Renfrewshire Council to do a compulsary purchase order a future use for the building would be needed…

IMPORTANT:  If you notice any suspicious activity at the building please report it to the Police.

Anyway discuss, discuss, discuss and lets do something to preserve our historical and architecturally stunning buildings.


Pictures taken by Our own Westender of Lance Armstrong in Paisley yesterday, Lance Armstrong 7 times tour de france winner announced a 4am blog on twitter that he would be cycling from paisley to glasgow, well the media and press and fans decended on the town, Graham obree can also be spotted in the illuminous yellow jersey


The saying Paisley Buddy applies to every person who is from Paisley and is believed to be a corruption of the old Scottish term for bodies. It has been used for many centuries to describe the townsfolk of Paisley and its origins are now in the dim and distant past.

Other towns around Scotland have their local names if you are from Glasgow you are a Weegie and if your from Edinburgh you are called Edinbuggers and you will find more Scottish townsfolk have other names..

So if your from Paisley you are a Buddy..

Paisley Buddy and proud.


Its only 2 days to go until the Glasgow River Festival.

The opening ceremony starts on Saturday the 19th July at 11am on HMS Middleton and there are lots of events during the Glasgow fair weekend to keep the family entertained. for more information and events diary please visit the Glasgow River Festival website.


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Join us in our campaign for equal recognition for all the civilian heroes of the Glasgow Airport terror attack.

On Saturday 30th June 2007 a burning jeep crashed into the terminal building at Glasgow Airport.  Several members of the public intervened to subdue and apprehend the two would-be suicide bombers.  Their brave and gallant actions saved the lives of hundreds of holidaymakers and airport workers.

One of those men, John Smeaton, gave an unforgettable interview at the airport within hours of the attack.  His down-to-earth rendition of the events struck a cord with shocked viewers all over the world and won over millions of fans.  In the past six months he has received a great deal of publicity and is soon to be awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal.

It is very important that such brave actions are recognised accordingly.  Members of the public who act selflessly to protect others and intervene in extremely dangerous circumstances deserve commendations.

Unfortunately, the other civilians who stepped in to thwart the attack have been omitted from the Queens Gallantry List.  They are Alex McIlveen, Michael Kerr and Stephen Clarkson.  Their actions were by no means inferior to those of John Smeaton.  They all played their part in preventing the terrorists from carrying out their atrocities, and they should all be recognised for their brave and gallant actions.

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