rememberance sunday 2009 214

Paisley cross was packed today as Members of the Territorial Army, The Cadet forces along with other organisations laid poppy wreaths at Paisley Cenotaph “pictured here by Westender”.

We should also remember we have members of our armed forces who come from Paisley still serving in War Zones at this time.. Lest we forget..


The Bungalow Bar Revival is a movement to put Paisley

back on the touring map of major promoters, managers, agents and acts.

The Bungalow Bar, formerly on Paisley’s Renfrew Road, was once renowned for the fantastic, nightly billings, especially from the Punk Genres, in the late seventies, early eighties. The roster of acts is outrageously expansive and included household names such as The Fall, The Skids, The Tourists, Orange juice, Roddy Frame, Alan McGee, The Buzzcocks, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Alarm, The Jam, The Teardrop Explodes, The Clash and many many more. I must pay homage at this juncture to local Journalist Louden Temple who was the booker for The Bungalow Bar and still promotes in Brookfield today.

Since the mid eighties though, there has been little or no discernable music scene in Paisley, which may be considered either travesty or incompetence, in what is reputedly the biggest town in Scotland, if not Britain. Until now there has been no discernable, committed, run it like the bigger boys do venue. We began this, hoping that someone in the business would come in and take over….it hasn’t happened….BUT….. We will continue…..

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