For a good few years now the former T.A building in Paisley’s High street has been derelict and slowly going into a state of disrepair.. Its very sad to see this building go the way of so many other buildings of such significance not just in the town of Paisley but elsewhere..

I am sure many an x soldier has signed his life away in this building “I know I once did as a 16 year old” and the building was used to great extent by the Territorial Army for so long..

The new owners “no not Renfrewshire Council, but a private owner” should be held account to the future of this building and we should start to raise awareness before its too late.

One of our visitors to the website has even seen demolition vans parked up outside the building, what could be the purpose of this? There also has been numerous fires and police call outs.

Why don’t you get involved and tell us your memories of the building if you have ever used it or what the building should be used for in the future “residential use was one of the proposed planning applications see this reference here, this was for the “Refurbishment of main building & subdivision to form 8 flats; refurbishment of chapel to form 1 house; demolition of rear buildings & erection of 17 new build flats & maisonettes with associated parking and landscaping”.

A message board topic has been opened and we would like for you to discuss what you think.. Click here.

Please also note that it is a private company who has ownership of the building and for Renfrewshire Council to do a compulsary purchase order a future use for the building would be needed…

IMPORTANT:  If you notice any suspicious activity at the building please report it to the Police.

Anyway discuss, discuss, discuss and lets do something to preserve our historical and architecturally stunning buildings.



I have been doing a wee nighttime course at Paisley University eherm sorry its now known as The University of the West of Scotland “doesn’t have the same ring to it” anyways the course is not just for my benefit its also to the websites benefit too and hopefully you will agree..

I have been out most Saturdays with the course taking photos all around the town and in this shot you can see that I have edited one of my images for the course and also for the Paisley websites gallery.

Please check out the new reworked gallery especially if you had trouble before, the new one is faster and easier to use, so please click on gallery on the menu above.


Accord Hospice day 2008

If you have not visited our online gallery for a few days, weeks or even months then you will be surprised at just how many new images we have of Paisley online.

There was a time when our gallery used to be updated every odd month or so if at all but these days the gallery is updated at least two or three times per week. Paisley Town has never looked so good and its not just one person that contributes to the gallery, you do…. So if you have taken a picture of Paisley or have an old school photo from long ago then write an email to and we will send you directions on how to upload to our gallery and start contributing to the Paisley community website today.


Around Paisley April 13th 08
“The Chivas Building Renfrew Road”

I was out this morning as it was such a beautiful day and I have now updated the photo gallery “we use flickr as our online gallery”.

i wish to bring attention to a feature that I have continually updated its called the Gallery Map page where you can see exactly where each picture has been taken, simply move around the map and use the little green refresh symbol next to the “SEARCH THE MAP” button “not the main refresh button at the top of the page” and you can go round all the places the pictures have been taken, this is an excellent feature and one you probably didn’t know existed…

To gain access to the map go to and just move about.