Read today on The Sun website that Jim Sheridan has some doubts about the future of Glasgow Airport, read the following post from the Sun newspaper and see what you think, its especially worrying as the Airport is a huge employer for the area and is an economic giant in the area.

THE collapse of Flyglobespan could be the latest pocket of turbulence to hit Glasgow Airport that sees it fall further behind its soaraway rival in Edinburgh.

Glasgow is much more reliant on the holidaymaker flights that the Scots carrier provided before its collapse.

It comes just weeks after the Scottish Government scrapped a plan to build a dedicated rail link to the Glasgow terminal.

And BAA – who own all of Scotland’s international airports – are facing a demand to sell off either Glasgow or Edinburgh to meet competition rules.

Company figures show that Edinburgh is not only larger and busier but it’s also attracting more investment.

Now business and political leaders are expressing their fears over Glasgow Airport.

Jim Sheridan, the Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said: “There is some concern as to the long-term future as a result of Globespan which follows the decision by the SNP not to invest in the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL).

“Management at Glasgow Airport assure me that it continues to be a profit-making business, which heavily invests in its infrastructure.

“Flyglobespan’s collapse is awful news and the airport’s thoughts are with staff and passengers, but they stress that out of the 12 destinations covered, 11 are being served by bigger airlines.” read more



I have been doing a wee nighttime course at Paisley University eherm sorry its now known as The University of the West of Scotland “doesn’t have the same ring to it” anyways the course is not just for my benefit its also to the websites benefit too and hopefully you will agree..

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