November Flowers

By Allan Mitchell

the Call

& it’s November 1939 & from Inverness to Glasgow, we come in droves (by car, by bus, by train) to answer the call of our allies. & we leave behind our loved ones (sons, daughters, wives) to set foot on foreign shores & stand & fight for future freedom. & we band together (we men, we brothers, we fathers, we sons) & march toward the coastal docks & unite the British freedom force (infantry, artillery, auxiliary). & on the pier, a regiment piper’s lament echoes & echoes into the crisp coastal air. & the off-key droning wail pulsates harshly through the woodwinds & reefs, & through the ranks like the moaning cry of a dying breath. & the piper’s bag exhales & in rhythmic velvety wisps, it pulsates & pitches & squirms to the finger march of the chanter & “Amazing Grace” heaves out of each reed pipe. & the drone of the piper marches to the drone of the men & the drone of the ship & the drone of the war an ocean away. & from the chilly waters of the Clyde, we set sail for tomorrow with whistles & waves of good luck & goodbye & the hope of knowing that tomorrow will soon become yesterday. & I gaze across the great Atlantic divide and imagine marching & fighting & weeping & dying on the battlefields & beaches of a strange and distant shore.

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Well its that time of year again when I go out at lunchtime a normal sane person and come back in about tea time “if I’m lucky” a total edjit with wibbly wobbly legs and make a complete fool of myself.. yes its Beer Festival Day whoo hooo..

here is the details, you will see me in a white t shirt with a bunch of other edjits about ten of us I will be the one with the white T-Shirt on which says “If found take back to the pub”

The Paisley Beer Festival is coming to town.

March 28th, 2008 by admin

Paisley Town Hall

Paisley Beer Festival 2008 is coming!

The 21st Annual Paisley Beer Festival is coming to the town hall soon, Are you ready?
The festival opens on Wednesday 30th April and runs until Saturday 3rd May. Opening times as follows:
Wed 30th 5pm -11pm
Thu 1st 12pm -11pm
Fri 2nd 12pm – 12am
Sat 3rd 12pm – 9.30pm

Admission £5 / £3 concession Wed/Thurs, including a festival glass, program and free entry on any other days (just bring your glass along)

Entertainment – Friday: Medicinal Brew. Saturday: The Caledonian Brewery Pipe Band.

Attendance compulsory for Camra Members, We need Volunteers badly or this might be the Last Festival! Set up starts 28th, See you there!

For more information please visit CAMRA by clicking here. “I cant wait”


Paisley Beer Festival opens to the public on Wednesday the 30th of April 2008

Hours are 30th 17.00 – 23.00

01st 12.00 – 23.00

02nd 12.00 – 00.00

03rd  12.00 – 21.00

Admission prices include glass and programme £5 or £3.50 for CAMRA members if you return to the festival with this years glass you get in free at any other session.