George Adam MSP

Following on from the Paisley Daily Express and its story about Paisley Maternity and budget being cut, we approached the local MSP George Adam who gave this reply.

George said: ‘There is something far wrong when the Government and the local MSP learn about possible ward closures from Labour MSPs and National newspapers. ‘The Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board have much to answer for, producing a report and seemingly allowing extremely suspect access to it. ‘Proposals to close the children’s ward and Maternity services at the RAH are bad enough but for this information to be passed on to Labour politicians and national newspapers before the Government or local MSP are informed is a damned disgrace.

George Adam MSP

‘The staff at my local hospital do a tremendous job and for them to be confronted by front pages about possible closures is something that these politicians, and indeed the health board should take time to think about. ‘If these are the facts I am very concerned about how the GGCNHS board are going about their business and I would expect board members to come clean about any such document, including the board member that that leads the Labour controlled council in Renfrewshire.’

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “This draft discussion paper for the Board’s Directors was written prior to the Scottish Government’s budget being put forward in December, when a substantial increase in NHS funding was announced. “We’ve already substantially increased funding for all health boards, with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s budget increasing by 21.3 per cent under this Government. Since this paper was written a further rise was announced in the draft budget that will give the board a record budget of £2,078.9 million.

“Absolutely none of the points in the paper have been formally put forward for consideration. Any major service change would need approval from the Scottish Government and we’ve received no requests from the board. “We’re clear with health boards that they need to design services that meet the needs of the local population. We have been consistently clear that we are committed to maintaining and improving services at both the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Vale of Leven – for example, including sustaining emergency services at the Vale. “In this context, all boards, like all public sector organisations are expected to ensure they run services as efficiently as possible.

Health boards are able to reinvest all money they save into front line services. “We are also conscious that we need to up the pace on transferring services to the community as we push forward the radical integration of health and social care.

That is exactly why we are investing some £250 million in this area in next year’s budget – of which Glasgow will receive their proportionate share.”

George Adam MSP

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RBS Failing Paisley While Posting Huge Profits

News that the Royal Bank of Scotland has almost doubled its pre-tax profits for the three months to the end of March 2014 compared with the same period last year will be of no conciliation to its Paisley customers who are about to lose their second branch in just over a year. Plans are still underway to close the St Mirren Street branch on 7th May, just over a year after closing the East End branch on Glasgow Road.

Commenting, Paisley’s MSP George Adam said, “I have made strong representations on behalf of my constituents before the closures of both the East End branch and St Mirren Brae branch, however RBS have ploughed ahead with their closure plans, without even the decency to fully answer the numerous concerns I have raised. Finding out today that they have almost doubled their pre-tax profits in relation to the same period last year really sticks in my throat.’

‘In the email I received today from RBS CEO Ross McEwan, he makes reference to ‘Building a customer-centric bank’ and ‘I am working hard to build RBS into a truly customer focused organisation’. What could be less customer focused than reducing your customers ability to talk face to face with a member of staff. I’m sure most of us prefer speaking to people charged with taking care of our money in person, many of my elderly constituents have always dealt with the bank in this way.

‘Further, people not familiar with modern technology, like banking on an app over your smartphone are being heavily penalised here, while RBS are making massive profits. I have written again to Mr McEwan to inform him of how much I feel he has let down his customers in Paisley and strongly urged him to use some of his massive profits to retain the St Mirren Street branch.”

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George Adam MSP

Paisley’s MSP Voices Disappointment over RBS Closure Decision.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has today voiced his extreme disappointment at the decision by the Royal Bank of Scotland to close its town centre branch. This comes on the back of the closure of its Glasgow Road branch just over a year ago.

Speaking on the announcement, George said, “I am completely disillusioned with this bank, a bank that we have still have an 81% stake in as tax payers. I received an email informing me of the decision without any mention of the staff who will be affected by the closure and the customers who will lose their local branch. I was given information about a drop in the number of people using RBS branches UK wide, but nothing about our town centre branch.

George Adam MSP

‘I regularly walk passed the branch and in all honesty, it still seems as busy as ever, especially after the closure on Glasgow Road. I know from hearing from many of my constituents how they do not always find it easy to use online and mobile services for banking and still very much value banking at their local branch. I believe this decision shows a total disregard for loyal RBS customers in Paisley. With easy access from the bus stops at the Cross and Causeyside Street, the bank is in a great location, especially for people who struggle with long walks.

‘I have written to RBS asking for a serious reconsideration to be given to this closure decision and for much more information on the reasons behind their decision to target a second Paisley branch in such quick succession. “

Courtesy of Paisley’s MSP.

George ramps up the red to fight heart disease with BHF Scotland

Paisley’s MSP is supporting British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland by calling on constituents to Ramp up the Red on 7 February to help fight heart disease.

Did you know that coronary heart disease is Scotland’s single biggest killer? It kills more than 7,500 people each year. And there are currently around 235,000 people in Scotland living with coronary heart disease.

On Friday 7 February, BHF Scotland is asking people across the nation to Ramp up the Red and raise funds to continue the fight for every heartbeat.

MSP's Ramp Up the Red for British Heart Foundation Scotland

George, said: “I am pleased to help raise awareness of heart disease by supporting Ramp up the Red. I encourage everyone in Paisley to get involved on Friday 7 February, joining the fight and helping to beat a devastating disease that can affect anyone, from babies to grandparents.”

Marjory Burns, BHF Scotland Director, said “We’re very grateful to George for supporting Ramp up the Red in his community and we hope that many local people will join us. Everyone who organises a fundraising event in February is helping to raise much-needed funds to fight heart disease. All money raised will help us truly fight for every heartbeat.”

For more information about Ramp up the Red, to sign up or to donate, visit or call 0800 0316 316.

George Adam MSP

MSP for Paisley in Successful Yes Vote.

Paisley’s MSP has been getting that ‘de javu’ feeling after purchasing a book by a Glasgow author.  Overture by writer Erl B. Wilkie tells the story of the politics after Scotland has voted Yes after the independence referendum in 2014.  One of the key politicians in discussion on independence is the ‘firebrand’ backbench SNP MSP for Paisley.  This MSP lives in the east end of Paisley and drinks in his local the Burgh Bar.  These three facts sounded very close to home for the real Paisley MSP George Adam.

George Adam MSP

George said:

‘I was first made aware of the book by an article in the Paisley Daily express a few months ago.  Since then I’ve had loads of constituents telling me about it saying that I should take a look for myself.

‘I was initially very pleased to hear about a book detailing a successful vote on Scottish independence with a focus on my home town.  What I didn’t expect was a few coincidences that really had me thinking.

‘The politician involved was Paisley’s MSP, Jack Murdoch.  This fictional MSP lives in same part of Paisley as myself and has the same favourite watering hole – my local the Burgh Bar.

‘Seriously, I’m sure any similarities are just coincidence and I can confirm that the book was a great read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

‘Particularly pleasing is that art seems to be imitating real life in some parts of the book and I’m hoping that the referendum next year produces the same result detailed in the book.’

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George Adam MSP

George Secures Cabinet Secretary Visit to BASF Plant.

Today, 31st October, Paisley’s MSP George Adam has secured a visit to the BASF plant in Paisley by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney MSP.  George was asking a parliamentary question regarding the troubled plant and asked Mr Swinney to visit the plant along with him to discuss the future of the plant and its workforce with BASF management.

George Adam MSP

Speaking after his parliamentary question, George said, “I am delighted that the Cabinet Secretary has given the commitment to come to Paisley and meet with the management and workforce. This initial decision from BASF is disappointing but we need to do all we can to try and find a buyer for the plant or an alternative use for it.  Every effort should be made to save the jobs of the 141 workers and alternative uses for the site must be fully examined.

‘I was very heartened to hear the positive response given by the Cabinet Secretary on this very difficult matter affecting Paisley. The Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise have been in regular contact with BASF and it is great to hear that the First Minister himself has spoken with a member of the board of directors at BASF.  He set out that Scottish Enterprise would continue to work with the plant to get the best possible outcome for the employees and that PACE assistance would be there for any affected workers.

‘While we are not taking anything for granted and a lot of work needs to be done, I along with my colleagues in government will do all we can to secure the plants future and the workers’ jobs.”

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Recorded crime is now at a 39 year low recent figures have revealed. These figures reveal that the last time that crime was this low Richard Nixon was President, Kojak was one of the top TV series and the Bay City Rollers were in the charts.

Speaking on the figures Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:

Town Hall‘It was thought a few years ago that it would be difficult to reduce crime any further. These figures show how seriously crime is taken by the government.

‘In 2007 the SNP was elected with a pledge of 1000 extra police on the beat. It is no coincidence that crime has continued to fall since then. This increase not only gives peace of mind, it is a valuable presence which deters crime.

‘The SNP were the only party to make this proposal. The Labour party said it would take 13 years to implement. Well thank goodness we have an SNP government if that is Labour’s work rate, or were they just making claims that were less than accurate?

‘I’m sure that everyone will agree with me in congratulating our police service in this record reduction in crime and I’m sure all of us will help them in continuing this crime breaking trend.’
Commenting on the figures, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said:
‘Today’s statistics show that Scotland’s communities are becoming safer places to live, with recorded crime falling for the sixth year in a row to its lowest level for 39 years.
‘We are continuing to work tirelessly to reduce knife crime and violence in Scotland, and believe education and prevention are key to tackling the root causes of violence. That’s why we are investing in the No Knives, Better Lives initiative – now in 11 areas across Scotland – and why we work with other key partners like the Violence Reduction Unit and Medics Against Violence. Together, we are working hard to change attitudes to violence and knife crime – making it clear that it is never acceptable.
‘We are also taking a robust approach to enforcement –sentences for carrying a knife in Scotland are the toughest in the UK and our prosecutors are taking a zero tolerance approach. Today’s figures show these united efforts to tackle knife crime are beginning to pay off, but there will be no complacency.

‘While today’s overall statistics are encouraging, it is concerning to see that the number of sexual offences recorded by police have increased by five per cent. This may be down to increased reporting but the public should be assured that the Scottish Government, police and prosecutors take the investigation and prosecution of these traumatic crimes extremely seriously and are taking action to address them.

‘At a Government level, we have strengthened the law around sex crimes by bringing in the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009. We are also giving £3.6 million funding to support victims of rape from 2012-15. Just yesterday, I met with the Rape and Sexual Crime External Advisory Group which now operates across Police Scotland and works closely with police officers to help inform and improve rape investigations. Meanwhile, the Scottish Police Service has launched a new National Rape Taskforce to further improve the investigation of rape and other sexual crimes right across the country.’

msp george adam

Renfrewshire Hit with £60 million Welfare Cuts

Renfrewshire is going to be hit with £60 million of cuts through welfare reform each year.  This has been revealed from research carried out by Sheffield Hallam University, amounting to £530 for each and every adult in Renfrewshire.  This is a straight removal of money from the local economy.

Speaking on the newly revealed figures, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said:

‘This is a significant hit against those most in need in Renfrewshire.

‘Eight out of ten households affected by the bedroom tax are the homes of disabled people.

‘This is where we are, the most vulnerable in society being targeted, ‘Bedroom Tax’ being collected from the disabled.

‘We must remember that the UK is the 4th most unequal society in the developed world.  This is the current situation as part of the UK, the gap between rich and poor widening.

‘At the same time there has been a reduction in tax for millionaires, getting a tax cut of £100,000.

‘This is not the fairer society that we want to see.  Times are hard but seeing the disabled being crushed with millionaires getting hundreds of thousands of pounds turns my stomach.

‘I joined the SNP in the eighties after seeing injustice done in Scotland with industry being destroyed and the ‘Poll Tax’ inflicted on Scotland a year before the rest of the UK.

‘’With financial powers outwith our control Scotland is still being hit with policies that we did not vote for.

‘We must recognise that the Westminster Government’s own figures say that if Scotland had full control over finance every man, woman and child in Scotland would be £824 better off.

‘We have the chance to change this unfair society.  We must take it.’


Paisley’s MSP pledges to back Prostate Cancer

Paisley’s MSP pledges to back Prostate Cancer UK’s Quality Checklist

George Adam MSP has pledged to support the swift implementation of a Prostate Cancer UK initiative to help Scottish men with prostate cancer receive the best possible care and support, regardless of where they live.

This comes as interim findings of a new survey suggest that support offered to men with prostate cancer in Scotland is falling short of satisfactory standards. The survey has been commissioned by Prostate Cancer UK to consult a sample of prostate cancer patients in Scotland about their experiences of care. The evidence so far highlights that despite recent improvements, there are gaps in the provision of information and support men with prostate cancer receive.

 28.3.2013. Scottish Parliament. MSPs show their support for Prostate Cancer UK.

Initial findings from the survey show that ( 1)


  • almost all men with prostate cancer questioned (91%) were not offered a written assessment and care plan,

  • three quarters (74%) were not given information on available financial help,

  • over half (55%)were not given written information on the type of cancer they had

  • and 4 out of 5 (59%) felt they did not have the potential side effects of treatment explained to them in an understandable way.


In a bid to help stamp out these inequalities, Prostate Cancer UK has produced a Quality Checklist to be used as a best practice guide for men and clinicians. The checklist sets out 15 national standards for care and support that Scottish men with prostate cancer should expect and demand, from the point of their diagnosis through to the end of their life.

George showed his support for the Quality Checklist at a recent campaigning event held at Holyrood where George met with people affected by prostate cancer from across the country.

George said: “Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, yet the quality of care men receive in Scotland varies.  It is incredibly important that we do all we can to ensure all men with prostate cancer get the care and support they need. I am therefore delighted to endorse Prostate Cancer UK’s Quality Checklist, and call on Greater Glasgow and Clyde to ensure it is adopted as soon as possible to help all men who are diagnosed with the disease.”

Dr Sarah Cant, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Prostate Cancer UK, said: “Our interim report highlights some worrying gaps in prostate cancer support in Scotland. This shows just how far we have to go before men in Scotland get the help and support they both expect and deserve. There are over 19,000 Scottish men living with prostate cancer, many of whom have to make difficult treatment choices or cope with tough side effects. It is vital that every man with prostate cancer has access to the world class information, care and support he needs and deserves if we are to help men have a better quality of life in the future.”

“We are delighted that George has shown his support for men with prostate cancer by endorsing our Quality Checklist, and urgently call on health professionals and Health Boards to follow their lead. Men with prostate cancer deserve the best, and we’re absolutely determined that’s exactly what they are going to get.”

The charity is working closely with men and their families, healthcare providers, politicians and health professionals to ensure that the checklist is adopted and implemented throughout Scotland.

To view the Quality Checklist please visit

For more on George Adam MSP please visit

Gilmour Street Commitment from Transport Minister to Paisley’s MSP

Timetable changes to trains from Glasgow to Ayr, passing through Paisley have been looked at again by the Transport Minister after George Adam intervened. Enhanced services introduced by Transport Scotland to improve the number of passengers moving between Glasgow and Ayrshire meant some trains would no longer stop at Paisley Gilmour Street. After talking to Keith Brown, the Transport Minister, George pointed out that Paisley, Scotland’s biggest town would miss out after these changes. This week George received assurances that services will be reintroduced before May of next year.

Speaking on the news, George said:

This is good news for Paisley. From May this year the weekend services that were changed will revert back to stopping at Gilmour Street and the Minister has reassured me that Transport Scotland is working right now with First ScotRail to solve this issue.‘It would seem that some of the administrators involved in this decision just took their eye off the ball. No way should Paisley have been removed from the list of stops. I must say when I talked to the Transport Minister he understood straight away and worked with Transport Scotland and First ScotRail to explain to them the error of their ways.

‘I have now been assured that the enhanced services will be in place before May next year across the board. Working constructively with others always seems to me to be a better way to work that belligerent shouting from the sidelines.‘I will be keeping up to date with future developments and will make sure every Buddie is kept informed.’

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