The Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 (RWH1697) project started in August of last year with some initial research and has widened considerably. There will be a final large scale re-enactment drama piece playing through the town on 9th June 2012 and it is hoped this will become an annual event.

There is now a shop in the Paisley Centre where folk can pop in and take part in designing and making period costume either for the use of the actors or for their own use during the re-enactment drama. There are opportunities available to engage in activities such as costume making and design, it is totally free of charge and there are also volunteering opportunities available in the areas of acting, writing and behind the scenes activities.

Visitors will be able to find out more about the RWH1697 project and also the Paisley Development Trust’s plans for the Russell Institute building.
Buddies can expect to be better informed about the culture and heritage of our town and also participate in the plans to re-use the famous Paisley landmark at the bottom of New Street.

The RWT1697 shop is at the foot of the escalator to the left on the bottom floor (Causeyside Street), come in and see us and hear what we are all about.

You can now get involved and volunteer to delve into Paisley’s dark and murky past, click the poster below to find out more information.


Due to heavy lorry traffic, the stainless steel horseshoe has been twisted off the bronze tondo at Maxwellton cross, we are appealing to your readers to help us locate it. We are offering a £50 reward and a Glen Cinema DVD for its return. The S/S Horseshoe cost £375 to manufacture it is this expensive as normally horseshoes are made of cheaper iron or aluminium.

Our Colleagues in the roads department of the council have deduced that the torque exerted when a heavy lorry is turning from George Street into Maxwellton street is responsible for the loss.

The disappearance was first notice on a Friday morning by one of our members whilst out for a walk.


So any indications of where it might be before too much bad luck returns to Paisley would be gratefully received as would donations to help with the cost of replacement.

As part of our future plans to re-enact the witches story we will be raising awareness of the horrific story of their deaths by laying a horseshoe shaped wreath on the Gallow Green, where they were tortured and burned. The laying of the wreath will be on the 313th anniversary of their deaths in 1697 on Thursday the 10th June at 1.30. Our message on the wreath will be the same as is on the Bronze Tondo at Maxwellton ‘Pain Inflicted, Suffering Endured, Injustice Done’ this is in acknowledgement that the folk of Paisley and Renfrewshire were wrong in our actions a that time. This event turned out to be the last mass execution for witchcraft in western Europe.

Her is a link to a previous story the PDE ran and also a link to wikipedia.

Hope that you can help bring their plight to a wider audience.

Warm Regards

Piero Pieraccini


Paisley Development Trust



A team from Glasgow Archeological Research Division (GUARD) are plumbing the depths of a medieval drain in the grounds of the 14th century Paisley Abbey, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The dig is jointly part of Scottish Archaeology Month and Doors Open Day Scotland – an annual event that allows the public free access to otherwise off-limits buildings, historical and modern, across the country throughout September. Michael Fediginan, who runs the local interest website, has been on hand to photograph and record the excavation, and gave Heritage Key an insight into progress so far. read more “text from Heritage Key”