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Bazinga Comics located at Unit 50 of the in shops in the Paisley Shopping Centre, will bring a new lease of life to an empty shop unit. All the latest comic books, branded t-shirts and collectables such as trading cards and replica models will be on offer at the new shop.

Bazinga---Grand-OpeningGuest appearances from superheroes as well as competitions and a raffle to get involved in. With a wide range of comics with a variety of age and theme, there will be something for all ages at Bazinga Comics. The shop will be open from 9am and owner Muz Fraser expects a busy day as the town centre will be busy with the councils Firework Spooktacular.

Muz said “The nearest proper comic store is in Glasgow ,so why have the people of Paisley travel when they can spend money and time in their own town and reinvigorate it” He is a massive comic book fan and got into comics back in 1997. He has put a lot of work into the shop and is extremely thankful for all the support his family and friends have given him .

Lorna manager of neighbouring Helen’s Haberdashery said “Paisley now seems to moving in the right direction with new bars and restaurants opening in Shuttle Street, and new shops opening up in shops that have been empty for far too long, and now we have a brilliant Graphic novel store opening – exciting times”

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I feel I have to write this post just to show the state of one of our main shopping centre’s in Paisley right on the main high street, the doors have been out of operation for some time, (the doors broke in November 2009) I have had a few complaints from disabled people not being able to gain access properly and other people telling me how disgraceful the entrance looks, it wasnt until I went in myself last week I noticed just how bad it looked…

We always try to promote the town centre and the town itself, as it really does not deserve all the bad press it generally gets, but when you see the Paisley Shopping centre in such a mess it begs me to ask the question, do they really care about the business’s inside the centre who are trying their best to compete in this time of recession?

Now inside the centre, its always very clean, and its a pleasant and modern looking shopping centre, I am only trying to get the owners to do something about the appearance and this is not a campaign against the centre itself.. Paisley should be the place to do business and it should be thriving….

(here are pictures of the Paisley Shopping centre of how it used to look)

picture taken by Brian McGuire

(Here is a picture of how it looks today with the doors boarded up)

picture taken by

Here are the emails that I have written and received …

Feb 17th 2010: Hi there I had been told weeks ago that the Paisley Centres main doors on the high street had been boarded up and the person thought the centre was closed for business, they then told me the centre was open for business as usual, I didnt think anything off it until I passed today and seen they were still boarded up and looked as though the entrance was closed apart from the side doors..

I am just wondering why our main shopping centre is allowed to be like this? Is there a reason why the doors are boarded up and are they to remain boarded up?

I run the local Paisley website and have near on 2million visitors from all over the world interested in Paisley, I promote the town and hate to see any part of it being abused or in this case not being showcased.

I look forward to your reply..


and the reply


Feb 21st 2010: The doors are boarded up for health & safety reasons whilst we await delivery of new doors. I believe there is a notice apologising for any inconvenience in having to use the side entrance doors.

Please be assured we take a lot of pride in our Shopping Centre and Paisley. The new doors will be a welcome addition and will put a stop to doors being out of order and not providing the service we strive to give our shoppers.

Thank you for taking an interest.

Update 21st Feb 2010: Paisley Shopping Centre said that the doors shall be replaced within the next few weeks…

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I am trialing our very own social network, similar to that of bebo and the likes, but please don’t let that put you off as this one will certainly be different and will have one common goal of bringing people together to promote the town of Paisley and also discuss the problems that face us all in this economic crisis.

The new “Paisley Community” section will let members show their own profile, update their pictures, add pictures to their own gallery, create their own online journal, invite friends, add video or music and one other thing we now have video and audio chat yes that’s video and audio chat so you can now meet and see and hear people that you have been talking to through the years via plain text.

Remember it is in its early stages as yet but it looks like a worthy inclusion to the Paisley website.

Note: members who have already signed up for the message board have immediate access and you just have to use your existing user-name and password to gain access to the Paisley Community social network.

if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

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