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Two of Paisley’s oldest clubs are sticking together for another season in a successful partnership that spans more than a decade.

Kelburne Hockey Club is today celebrating a new sponsorship deal with the town’s Pro-Life Fitness Centre which is run by the recently launched Renfrewshire Sports Charity.

Kelburne HC

Pro-Life is sponsoring the men’s 3rd 4th and 5th X1 and the ladies 2nd and 3rd X1 and has just supplied the club with some 200 warm-up tops.

As part of the deal Kelburne members also get help with their fitness regimes and nutritional plans as well as preferential rates on membership.

First team player and sponsorship convener Iain Schofield said: “Pro-Life Fitness Centre and Kelburne’s relationship goes back many years and this season sees them supporting a number of teams within Kelburne.

“The Men’s 3rd, 4th, 5th XI teams are a mixture of older players and young developing talent. Similarly the Ladies 2nd and 3rd XI squads have a strong mix of youth and experience which we encourage at the club.

“So it is fantastic that Pro-Life are backing us again in such a generous manner. Without this type of support we could not offer the people of Paisley and elsewhere in Renfrewshire what we do just now. We are a community club and just like Pro-Life we treat all our members as family.”

He added: “Pro-Life has been good to us over the years and we hope this relationship goes on for a long time to come.”

Gayle Brannigan, CEO of RSC, said: “Pro-Life’s bond with Kelburne goes back a long way and we are delighted to be sponsoring the five squads for another year. As well as providing the tops our teamof experts are on hand to help with fitness plans and nutritional advice.

“When RSC was launched we pledged to use the profits to boost funds to our two hospices – ACCORD and St Vincent’s – but also to support Renfrewshire’s rising sports stars and that’s what we are doing here. Both clubs are doing their bit by supporting the local community and I am delighted to carry on our long association with Kelburne.”

The latest sponsorship award from Pro-Life comes hot on the heels of a new deal with the Paisley Pirates.

Pictured: Kelburne coaches Iain Schofield, Ian Wilson, Steven Robbie, Ewan Carmichael, Craig Morton and Michael Nicol sealed the deal with Gayle Brannigan

paisley pirates

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paisley pirates

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Paisley Pirates were yesterday sporting new strips as they celebrated a cool new sponsorship deal with the town’s leading Pro-Life gym.

And the move certainly fits the bill for the ice hockey team who will reap the benefits of the expert team of professionals at the centre.

Pirates 2

And the club is delighted to be entering a new period in their long relationship with Pro-Life which is now managed by Renfrewshire Sports Charity.

The Pirates hope the partnership between the club, their fans and the charity will help raise hundreds of pounds for ACCORD and St Vincent’s hospices as well as raising the profile of both.

Gayle Brannigan, CEO of RSC, said: “We are delighted to be continuing this long bond we have with the town’s ice hockey heroes which started way back with Alex Whelan and spans some 20 years. As well as giving the Pirates the cash support they needed to help buy strips sporting their new logo players will get a discounted membership to Pro-Life.


“They will also receive regular fitness assessments, ice hockey specific training programmes and bespoke nutritional seminars and eating plans from our team of experts here. When we launched the charity earlier this year we pledged to raise thousands of pounds for our hospices and to support sport in the community.

“We are hoping that Pirates fans that are looking to stay fit or perhaps take the first steps to a healthier regime will follow the players to Pro-Life where their membership will boost funds to the hospices looking after patients and families right here in Renfrewshire.”

Coach Ian Turley said: “It’s fantastic that were are linking up with Pro-Life once again under new management in the shape of Renfrewshire Sports Charity. We enjoyed a great partnership with Alex Whelan and are delighted to be maintaining a relationship between the Pirates and Paisley’s premier fitness centre.

“There’s a whole host of two way benefits which will see Pirates’ players able to take advantage of what Gayle has outlined while in return Pro-Life members be able to attend Pirates’ home games at the concessionary rate if they bring their card along.

“The charity is a great idea and we will do everything we can to help them in their efforts to raise money for the hospices. I would urge our fans who have been tremendous in their support of the team both home and away to get behind the new charity. We’ll be helping Pro-Life out in any way we can with players appearances, complimentary tickets and merchandise.”

Captain John Churchill said: “Pro-Life is a fantastic place. The facilities are excellent, the staff professional and really friendly and we’re lucky to be associated with such a great place. We are happy to be backing Renfrewshire Sports Charity in all their efforts and we would urge everyone to join us.”

Pic 1

Looking good…Gayle Brannigan, CE of Renfrewshire Sports Charity with Pirates from left: Chris Turley, coach Ian Turley, Stuart McCaig, Stuart Miller, Graeme Meechan, Tom Johnston, Mark Hassan and captain John Churchill.

Pic 2

It’s a deal…Pro Life’s Gayle Brannigan, CE of Renfrewshire Sports Charity, with Pirates coach Ian Turley,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates win SNL Trophy

It’s been 20 years since the Pirates last won the league. In 3 seasons Coach Ian Turley has transformed a club that was left for dead by the previous management into Champions.

In the players and fans opinions this makes him a real local hero in their book. Here are some Paisley Photographs of the trophy being presented by Renfrewshire Provost Anne Hall.

Provost Anne Hall presenting the SNL Trophy to Team Captain John Churchill, flanked by Alternate Captains Chris Turley (on the left) and Mark Hassan (on the right)

Provost Anne Hall presenting the SNL Trophy to Team Captain John Churchill, flanked by Alternate Captains Chris Turley (on the left) and Mark Hassan (on the right)

The Paisley Pirates Team: Back Row - Ian Turley Jr, Gordon Nelson, Scott Blackwell. Richard Thorp, Martyn Guy, Rab Henderson, Ian Turley Sr  Middle - Chris Coles, Keith Riddoch  Front - Jackie Turley, Provost Anne Hall, Graham Park, Chris Wilson. Stuart McCaig, Warren Crawford, John Churchill. Chris Turley, Mark Hassan, Calum Blair.

The Paisley Pirates Team:
Back Row – Ian Turley Jr, Gordon Nelson, Scott Blackwell. Richard Thorp, Martyn Guy, Rab Henderson, Ian Turley Sr

Middle – Chris Coles, Keith Riddoch

Front – Jackie Turley, Provost Anne Hall, Graham Park, Chris Wilson. Stuart McCaig, Warren Crawford, John Churchill. Chris Turley, Mark Hassan, Calum Blair.

Team Captain John Churchill with Coach Ian Turley Jr

Team Captain John Churchill with Coach Ian Turley Jr
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The Paisley Pirates is one of the of the oldest ice Hockey clubs in Scotland they were formed in 1946, they continue to this day and now play at the Braehead Arena due to the Paisley Lagoon ice rink being unserviceable.

Here is a brief history of the Paisley Pirates taken from the Paisley History section

You can also go straight to the Paisley Pirates history page on

The main attraction of Paisley ice rink, to young and old, was the Paisley Pirates ice hockey team. The early teams were mainly Canadians. This brought a kind of North American culture and hero worship to Paisley. After each game, wee Paisley boys stood impatiently at the doors, clamouring for autographs. But it did not stop there. If you were lucky in the scramble, you might be given a broken hockey stick, quickly have it repaired with black electricians tape then play with it in the street and, with double ball bearing roller skates gliding over the tarmac, you became a Paisley Pirate”!

“Paisley pirates “

The “Paisley Pirates” were the epitome of the game in Scotland. In season 1953-4 they won the Autumn Cup, the Scottish Cup and the Canada Cup.

Their success brought them to the British League, but local supporters could ill afford to travel down South and gradually support waned. The junior team, the Wildcats, were wound up, followed by the Pirates. The Mohawks replaced them, but could not generate the enthusiasm of the Pirates. Paisley Buddies were delighted that the Pirates were relaunched in the 1990’s with the opening of the new ice rink and are living up to past glories.

In the late 1950’s, Paisley ice rink saw special exhibition tennis matches performed by Wimbledon stars Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Pancho Segura and Rod Laver. Trouble was, the balls were hit so fast that they could barely be seen!

On 20th August 1965, a wee bit of history was made in Paisley. Cassius Clay, the world boxing champion heavyweight boxer, gave an exhibition bout to exited Scottish boxing fans. Paisley had never seen the likes since Benny Lynch fought a world title at Love Street in 1933!

Alas, in 1970, the old ice rink closed to ice sports, ostensibly for repairs. In November that year, only professional wrestling took place. Shortly after 1973 the building was closed, to be replaced by a supermarket.

The Paisley Pirates have a website and also are on Facebook and Twitter. Please click the links to find out and follow the Paisley Pirates who will forever be a part of Paisley’s proud history