‘Paisley on the web’ is getting behind this fantastic year-long adventure from Paisley Buddie Craig Corbett who in his own words says:


“I started to make plans for a project which would change my life and during this time I was talking to my friend and local film maker Paul Mothersole.

We came up with the Idea ‘This time next year’, a project which we will make into a documentary.

The plan is for me to complete 25 goals within 365 days, it might sound easy until you see what these are!

For one year I will go on a journey that will push me to the limits of physical and mental agility.”


We at think this can inspire other Paisley Buddies who think they can’t change their own life, and by following and supporting Craig we can not only follow a fantastic journey but experience something quite different through his journey.

Craig is also lending support to our RBS Community Force campaign so please take two minutes to vote for Paisley on the web who not only help organisations and business but, as you can see, individuals who want to better themselves and their community.

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