Emily brown with the wreath

This morning was a time to reflect on the 71 young lifes lost in 1929 when there was a tragic loss of life at the Glen Cinema in Paisley. Today is the 80th anniversary of this tragic event.

The Paisley Development Trust and Renfrewshire council both laid wreaths at Paisley Cenotaph this morning to commemorate the event, I will upload a video soon of the ceremony and add some images as well.

Welcome and intro:- Father John Tormey

Opening prayer (remembering 80 years ago, the kids who lost their lives in the Glen) Bishop Tartallia

Reading:- Rev Briss

Poem  :- Father Tormey

Moment of Silence (laying of wreath) Martyn R,  assisting first Emily Brown laying wreath on the trusts behalf and then Derek Mackay (leader of council).

Prayers of intercession :- Father Tormey

Our Father:-All

Blessing:- Bishop Tartallia

for more information on the cinema go to where you can also buy a DVD commemorating the event too.


rememberance sunday 2009 214

Paisley cross was packed today as Members of the Territorial Army, The Cadet forces along with other organisations laid poppy wreaths at Paisley Cenotaph “pictured here by Westender”.

We should also remember we have members of our armed forces who come from Paisley still serving in War Zones at this time.. Lest we forget..


Hovercraft trials on the River Clyde in Glasgow could see some journeys being cut by up to 20 minutes, operators claim. A permanent service would involve hovercraft with a capacity of up to 130 passengers, which could travel in the open seas at speeds of up to 40 knots.

The three-day trial, by Clydefast Ltd, will involve a Griffon 2000TD 12-passenger hovercraft.

Hovercraft were last seen in regular use on the Clyde in the late 1960’s.

Two trips per day will run between the SECC pontoon in Glasgow, Braehead, East India Harbour in Greenock and Dunoon.

It will allow the Clydeport Harbourmaster the chance to assess the potential impact of a regularly operated service.

It will also give investors and local authorities the chance to experience for themselves what a hovercraft can offer in terms of alternative transport.

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