Paisley Remembrance Day

Paisley Remembrance Parade Photographs.

Photographs from today’s Remembrance day parade at Paisley’s Cenotaph Sunday November 10th 2013.

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Record Levels of School Leavers Staying in Education, Training or Employment

News that record numbers of school leavers are going on to positive areas of training and employment have been welcomed by Paisley’s MSP George Adam.  The proportion of school leavers who left school during or at the end of the 2010/11 academic year who had stayed in positive destinations by March 2013 reached 89.5%, the highest percentage on record. This figure compares to a rate of 87.2% last year and means that more young people have stayed in education, training or employment after leaving school than ever before.
George, a member of the Education and Culture Committee said:
‘These figures are hugely encouraging.  Scotland now has one of the lowest rates of unemployment for young people in Europe, proving that the government’s aims have been successful.  I remember the days of the last big recession under Margaret Thatcher where young people were not even considered, leaving them without jobs or the prospect of jobs in the future to develop the economy.  They were considered collateral damage.
‘This proves that Scotland will not go down that same road – leaving a generation on the dole with difficulty in accessing or adapting to work.  This is the right and moral way to treat our young people – a positive outlook with the right pathways for training and employment in a nation where no one will be left behind.’
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SNP councillor and parliamentary candidate for Paisley, Cllr George Adam, led the tributes at the annual 1820 Society commemoration to the leaders of the 1820 Insurrection at the Martyrs Monument in Woodside Cemetery on Saturday 14th August 2010.

Every year the 1820 Society hold a commemoration to the leaders of the 1820 Insurrection – John Baird, Andrew Hardie and James Wilson; and remember the sacrifices that these men, and many others, gave in standing up for the rights of ordinary working people to give them an equal voice in society. The state execution of Baird, Hardie and Wilson did nothing to extinguish the demands of the working class in Scotland.

The proceedings were overseen by the Ian Ramsay of the 1820 Society and included speeches John McNaughton of Paisley and District Trade Union Council with Mags MacLaren, Convenor of Paisley SNP, laying the wreath at the monument.

Cllr George Adam said;

“In looking forward to a fairer, modern Scotland we must not forget the struggles of the past and especially the courage of ordinary working people such as Baird, Hardie and Wilson who gave their lives for the cause that they believed in.

“As a long term member of the 1820 Society I was honoured to give the speech welcoming members and supporters of the 1820 Society to this year’s commemoration and was delighted by the turnout including many members of Paisley SNP, including Cllr Kenny MacLaren the only local ward councillor for the area who attended the event.

“Paisley has a history of radical politics and come the Scottish Parliament election in May 2011 this can be repeated by a victory for the SNP over the stale, incoherent and stifling policies promoted by Labour. Only the SNP have been pushing a positive vision for Paisley –and I am proud to be a Paisley Buddie standing up for my local town.

“Despite Labour’s recession and the Coalition’s cutbacks, the SNP are leading the regeneration in Paisley with investment in new and improved facilities such as the Lagoon, improving council housing and pushing for town centre improvements such as the redevelopment of the Arnotts building.”