They certainly don’t make them like they used to, just read the story in the Paisley Daily Express about ‘Jannie’ Joe Adam who is retiring from his job at 85.

Joe works at Paisley Sheriff Court and even by the remarks of his son ‘Duncan’ you just know that Joe is a right character….. It got me thinking “i know i shouldn’t do that its bad for the brain”.

Snippet from the Paisley Daily Express website: A HARDWORKING jannie is finally hanging up his mop and bucket…at the grand old age of 85.

But dad-of-ten Joe Adam is making sure the job stays in the family – for one of his sons is being brought in as his replacement.

Joe has become a familiar and popular character at Paisley Sheriff Court during his 18-year stint as janitor there.

He was in his 60s and working for the council’s sewerage department when he retired for the first time but was soon itching to get back to work and was delighted to be offered the job at the landmark building, in St James’s Street.

But, now that he has retired for a second time, active octogenarian Joe insists he has no plans to head back to the JobCentre.

He told the Paisley Daily Express: “I don’t think I’ll look for another job. I’m going to my son’s house in Spain soon. I find the winters here hard going these days.”

There are so many people out there who work their fingers to the bone and go unnoticed in today’s society… We should highlight them and what they do and simply say thanks… add your comments below and please remember others right to privacy…

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I was although briefly at the launch of the new Visit Renfrewshire initiative yesterday with Visit Scotland, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and the council as well as contributing partners.

They have been awarded something like 150k to promote Renfrewshire its attractions and events as well as promoting the area as a tourist destination, I think its a great idea and one that should be welcomed. has been launched in conjunction with the initiative and there are a lot of our images being used to help promote the town of Paisley.

I only have one drawback to this process as they seemed to have overlooked one of the only websites out their to promote the Largest town in Renfrewshire, Paisley… yes us

I wonder why big business think they can just seem to think their ideas are the only ideas and everyone else should heed thier line and not listen to other ideas or at least even look to see what other people are doing.

We have been promoting the town of Paisley in a positive light for near on ten years now and without the budget this organisation seems to have for their 3 year plan…

Passion & pride costs nothing…..


What is the local business legends competition?

Organised by Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire, the Local Business Legends 2008 aims to find the most exciting young entrepreneurs in Scotland today by offering the chance to win a major cash injection for their business or business idea, in one of three different categories.

The categories – Best Young Business, Best New Business and Best Innovative Business Idea, are being funded equally by Renfrewshire Chamber, Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire.

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