Gallowhill residents and school pupils team up for history project

Gallowhill generations team up for history project

Residents of Gallowhill have bridged the generation gap to put their minds together and document local social history.

P7 kids from Gallowhill Primary School teamed up with older residents of the area’s Glencairn Court flats for a social history project about ‘old Paisley’.

The project is part of wider housing regeneration activity in Gallowhill – with Renfrewshire Council investing £6million to transform the multi-storey flats at Gallowhill Court and Glencairn Court as part of a housing investment programme. A new system of choice-based letting has also been successfully piloted in the same blocks.

Gallowhill residents and school pupils team up for history project

With the pupils using their research skills and the elderly residents sharing their memories of life in Paisley in the 1950s, a wealth of information about the area’s social history was uncovered.

The project was supported by Renfrewshire Council’s Libraries staff, who showed the pupils and residents how to research the topic using some of the online resources available and supplied iPads to help facilitate this research.

Two ‘memory boards’, titled “Gallowhill and Paisley Generations” and displaying images of some of the information gathered, were presented to the school in recognition of the pupils’ work.

Smaller versions of the boards will be displayed in the new social space in Glencairn Court due to be completed next year.

Councillor Tommy Williams, Renfrewshire Council’s housing convener, said: “This was a tremendous project which brought together Gallowhill residents, young and old, to learn from each other.”

“The work we’re doing to provide modern, energy-efficient homes for our Gallowhill tenants is contributing greatly to overall regeneration of the area. Our older residents will have seen a lot of changes over the years and by sharing their memories with our children, they help build the community spirit that means so much to the area.”

School head teacher Sheila Hood said: “Working with the residents was a very rewarding experience. It’s certainly one that will be remembered due to the wonderful memory board created at the end.”

Pupil Matthew Baldwin said: “The residents were very friendly. They gave us information on the past and we showed them how to use iPads. I found it very interesting.”

His schoolmate Chloe Shields added: “It changed my view on Gallowhill because I now know what life used to be like. I had a fantastic time working with the residents of Glencairn Court.”

Antiques Road Trip visits Collins & Paterson Auctioneers.

Collins & Paterson Auctioneers had the pleasure of Antiques Road Trip filming once again on Tuesday 9th July, this time they had Catherine Southon & Mark Stacey go head to head, They were on good form, lots of banter with each other and the staff, Mark was especially mischievous and very funny. See attached images of the filming, we are unsure when this will be on TV but think it will be next year some time.

Collins & Paterson Auctioneers hold jewellery, antique & general auctions every fortnight on a Tuesday at 10.30am, the next one is on 4th June, the viewing is Monday 9am – 4pm, the auctioneers take items in Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm, everyone is welcome..


Auctioneers & Valuers
10 Walker Street
Telephone: 0141 889 2435

Visit the website

The TA Hall Paisley

The Territorial Army Hall in Paisley is one of the finest looking buildings in the town and one which has been left to rot, inside and out.

The former TA Hall which is on sale through Colliers International was once the place where many a civilian signed on to join the regular and territorial army, and has even been a nightclub.

At the beginning of 2012 we checked the building as we had heard it was not secure and had reports of vandals and fire raising inside the property. We spoke to MSP George Adam who contacted the police and owners to secure the building and this was done immediately and from the front it has looked pretty secure, until we heard an update recently.

Unfortunately one of the less accessible doors was not secured and vandals managed to get access. Sadly the inside of the building has been damaged extensively. From what we can see the drill hall has had various fires and the glass panelled roof has been smashed and water damage is rife through the whole area, the classrooms and firing range have been stripped of metals and pipes and some of the roof has had the lead stripped but thankfully not beyond repair.

We put the images on Facebook and asked for people to re-post them and let people know of the damage, and to see if we could get people to sit up and notice of what was happening under our own noses. After all the building is just at the end of the High Street and across from the West of Scotland University, who incidentally once owned the building.

Immediately after we posted in Facebook, MSP George Adam contacted us and said he had been in contact with Colliers International and the police, and they assured him that the building will be made secure and that he will be kept informed.

Mr Adam has been brilliant and instrumental along with in trying to save this building from going to rack and ruin. We Buddies need to save our older fine buildings from becoming a pile of rubble and with the support of the wider community we can do just this. You can find more about MSP George Adam by visiting

Saturday 7th July saw this year’s Sma’ Shot Day parade from Brodie Park to Abbey Close. 

This year the weather played a major part in the event – the night before the event the contractors who were tasked with setting up the many stalls outside Paisley Town Hall had major problems with the wind and had to construct two large marquees instead. The main parade was also hit by the weather when strong heavy rain tried to dampen spirits just before and during the parade but thankfully the parade and its participants all smiled and braved the rain.

Just as the parade started and was heading towards Neilston Road shops, Tony Lawler the Charleston Drummer hit straight through the side of the drum (which dates back to Napoleonic times) cutting his thumb in the process. The parade was temporarily halted but Tony was made of sterner stuff and the parade snaked its way down to Paisley Town Centre to lots of applause from those watching from the side.

The now traditional pint of lager at the Wellington was a welcome distraction for Tony and a welcome rest for the parade as it reached its half way point. As the parade hit Abbey close the crowds gave it a rapturous reception and the participants could relax.

From the pictures above, you can see the parade from start to finish as well as the excellent BMX Stunt Riders “The Clan”. The video below is the journey from Brodie Park to the end point in Abbey Close, you will notice the rain is a feature in almost all the images!

We have already seen last weeks Paisley photo quiz have well over 4,000 hits in just three days by Ann Crawford on Facebook and also another one of our local photographers Jean-marie’s new albums were very popular too proving to be a huge success.

Now we have another superb Photo quiz that will definitely get the brain going and your mind thinking of places in Paisley where these images were taken pop over to the Facebook Paisley Scotland Pages to check out Lauras +Paisley albums.

If you would like to volunteer for then please get in touch..