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University of the West of Scotland Awarded Gold.

A team of researchers from the University of the West of Scotland, have been presented with prestigious award. The team led by Professor Gayle McPherson, Chair in Events and Cultural Policy, picked up the gong at the Game Changer Awards ceremony at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow last night. They were awarded Joint Gold in the Research Impact – Higher Education Institutions category. Paisley’s MSP George Adam was in attendance and after the event, shared his praise for the team from UWS.

George said, “Prof McPherson along with her team of researchers, including David McGillivray of the University’s Skillset Creative Media Academy deserve huge create on winning this prestigious award. Their research is very interest, looking into the usefulness of sporting events in influencing opportunities for community participation, as well as attitudes and awareness about disability in the broader community. Focusing on the before, during and after of both the Commonwealth Games this summer, and the Pan/ Para Pan American Games next year, assisted by Professor Laura Misener of the University of Ontario, this research could have great benefits in changing attitudes and increasing the participation of people with a disability in numerous areas across society. I would like to congratulate the team and wish them well as they take for their research during the Commonwealth Games, during an exciting summer of sports across Scotland, including the Ryder Cup.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”20703″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]Speaking after picking up the award, Professor McPherson said, “We are delighted to have won a gold medal in the Research Impact category of the Game Changer Awards. Our project focuses on how the catalyst effect of the Games can be used to leverage social change. This is the first research study that has sought to take a comparative approach to large scale sporting events focusing on Glasgow 2014, which is an integrated games, and next year’s Pan/Para Pan American Games in Toronto.”


George today lodged a parliamentary motion below congratulating the research team.


Motion Number: S4M-09630

Lodged By: George Adam

Date Lodged: 04/04/2014


Title: University of the West of Scotland Awarded Gold


Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates Professor Gayle McPherson and her research team at the University of the West of Scotland on being awarded Joint Gold at the Gamechanger Awards in the Research Impact – Higher Education Institutions category;  notes that the award recognises the impact of research relevant to the Glasgow 2014 Games, its legacy goals to the enhancement of sport or understanding of the Commonwealth in Scotland; recognises that the project was conducted in conjunction with Professor Laura Misener of the University of Ontario and focused on leveraging parasport events for sustainable community participation, contrasting two types of sporting events involving disabled competitors, either competing in the same tournament as non-disabled athletes in separate events, or competing in a tournament in the same location as the non-disabled tournament but at a different time; understands that this differentiation is important for understanding the usefulness of sporting events in influencing opportunities for community participation as well as attitudes and awareness about disability in the broader community; commends all the participants in the research to date, and wishes them every success as they go on to conduct further research during and after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and before, during and after the Pan/Parapan American Games in 2015.

Courtesy of Paisley’s MSP.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

George Adam MSP

Paisley’s MSP Voices Disappointment over RBS Closure Decision.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has today voiced his extreme disappointment at the decision by the Royal Bank of Scotland to close its town centre branch. This comes on the back of the closure of its Glasgow Road branch just over a year ago.

Speaking on the announcement, George said, “I am completely disillusioned with this bank, a bank that we have still have an 81% stake in as tax payers. I received an email informing me of the decision without any mention of the staff who will be affected by the closure and the customers who will lose their local branch. I was given information about a drop in the number of people using RBS branches UK wide, but nothing about our town centre branch.

George Adam MSP

‘I regularly walk passed the branch and in all honesty, it still seems as busy as ever, especially after the closure on Glasgow Road. I know from hearing from many of my constituents how they do not always find it easy to use online and mobile services for banking and still very much value banking at their local branch. I believe this decision shows a total disregard for loyal RBS customers in Paisley. With easy access from the bus stops at the Cross and Causeyside Street, the bank is in a great location, especially for people who struggle with long walks.

‘I have written to RBS asking for a serious reconsideration to be given to this closure decision and for much more information on the reasons behind their decision to target a second Paisley branch in such quick succession. “

Courtesy of Paisley’s MSP.

George Adam MSP

MSP for Paisley in Successful Yes Vote.

Paisley’s MSP has been getting that ‘de javu’ feeling after purchasing a book by a Glasgow author.  Overture by writer Erl B. Wilkie tells the story of the politics after Scotland has voted Yes after the independence referendum in 2014.  One of the key politicians in discussion on independence is the ‘firebrand’ backbench SNP MSP for Paisley.  This MSP lives in the east end of Paisley and drinks in his local the Burgh Bar.  These three facts sounded very close to home for the real Paisley MSP George Adam.

George Adam MSP

George said:

‘I was first made aware of the book by an article in the Paisley Daily express a few months ago.  Since then I’ve had loads of constituents telling me about it saying that I should take a look for myself.

‘I was initially very pleased to hear about a book detailing a successful vote on Scottish independence with a focus on my home town.  What I didn’t expect was a few coincidences that really had me thinking.

‘The politician involved was Paisley’s MSP, Jack Murdoch.  This fictional MSP lives in same part of Paisley as myself and has the same favourite watering hole – my local the Burgh Bar.

‘Seriously, I’m sure any similarities are just coincidence and I can confirm that the book was a great read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

‘Particularly pleasing is that art seems to be imitating real life in some parts of the book and I’m hoping that the referendum next year produces the same result detailed in the book.’

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Record Levels of School Leavers Staying in Education, Training or Employment

News that record numbers of school leavers are going on to positive areas of training and employment have been welcomed by Paisley’s MSP George Adam.  The proportion of school leavers who left school during or at the end of the 2010/11 academic year who had stayed in positive destinations by March 2013 reached 89.5%, the highest percentage on record. This figure compares to a rate of 87.2% last year and means that more young people have stayed in education, training or employment after leaving school than ever before.
George, a member of the Education and Culture Committee said:
‘These figures are hugely encouraging.  Scotland now has one of the lowest rates of unemployment for young people in Europe, proving that the government’s aims have been successful.  I remember the days of the last big recession under Margaret Thatcher where young people were not even considered, leaving them without jobs or the prospect of jobs in the future to develop the economy.  They were considered collateral damage.
‘This proves that Scotland will not go down that same road – leaving a generation on the dole with difficulty in accessing or adapting to work.  This is the right and moral way to treat our young people – a positive outlook with the right pathways for training and employment in a nation where no one will be left behind.’
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Plan to breathe new life in to the very heart of Paisley

A local businessman’s plan to breathe new life in to the very heart of Paisley has been backed by a number of individuals representing organisations that see the positive vision of the plan. Gary Kerr, Managing Director of EPM Solutions an asset management company has been working on the idea for some considerable time. The plans were to develop the empty Arnotts’ site in to a niche multi use cinema space with retail facilities.

GCK at Arnotts

Speaking on his idea, Gary said:

‘I have been working with others on a number of ideas to help revitalise the centre of Paisley for well over a year now. While I welcome the council’s plans for housing at the site this will not be the key to revitalising the town in isolation.

‘Rather than just moving people around the town to new homes we should be encouraging people to come in to the town, spend money on leisure activities, making it a venue for families to visit, have something to eat, do a bit of shopping and see a film. This is how we encourage more people in to the town, increasing footfall and breathing new life in to the High Street.

‘I have contacted developers and Regional Screen Scotland to look at the site and they are excited that such a choice site is available and they can see the prospect of a cinema as very real. One developer is currently researching the town to look at the sustainability of such a project.

‘I am delighted that so many individuals have looked at this and are willing to give it their full backing. I happy to work with others who may now be willing to take this idea beyond concept and into feasibility stage.’

London 039

Gary has a number of Backers including Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, Piero Pierraccini – Paisley Development Trust, Jaki McDougall – Chief Executive of the GFT and Glasgow Film Festival, Ron Inglis – Chief Executive of Regional Screen Scotland and Garry Quigley President of the Students’ Association of the University of the West of Scotland.

George Adam stated:

‘I have been encouraging and backing Gary for a substantial amount of time with this project. He is right that there needs to be a reason for people in Renfrewshire to come to Paisley, spend cash and help the economic development of the town. We need people with ideas willing to put their head above the parapet to look at how town centres will look in the future. Gary’s plan is timely, particularly with Scottish Government money being put in to the council’s proposed housing. We need to make sure that all investment is looked at carefully and should be spent in ways that will give the most benefit to the people of the town.’

Regional Screen Scotland’s Chief Executive said this on Gary’s idea:

‘Regional Screen Scotland’s role is to support and develop cinema provision in Scotland. We are particularly interested in supporting opportunities where there is strong local support and a clear opportunity to create a vibrant, modern cinema facility. The proposal to include a multi-screen modern digital cinema within the redevelopment of the Arnotts site in central Paisley is an excellent example of the type of cinema facility we encourage. It could be an impressive and well used addition to the social, cultural and economic life of Paisley. We therefore fully support the proposal to include cinema in the redevelopment of the Arnotts site. While full feasibility studies would be required in order to investigate exactly what is developed, it is important at this early stage to retain cinema as a core element in the proposals.

Jaki McDougall, Chief Executive of the GFT and Glasgow Film Festival has met with Gary to discuss the plans. She said:

‘Gary is someone who is totally dedicated to his home town. Having met him I can see the vision and passion he has to help make Paisley a great destination. I have looked at his ideas to bring a cinema right in to the heart of Paisley next to amenities, the historic abbey and the town hall. The work currently being undertaken should show how popular the idea of the cinema would be for the town and I hope before too long Paisley will once again have its own cinema.’

Piero Pierraccini from the Paisley development Trust said:

‘The creation of a leisure led development is definitely the way forward as with more and more students living in the town centre we must provide and incentive for them to spend their leisure pounds in the town and not take the train to Glasgow.

‘As I am also in the leisure and entertainment sector and after my recent move to the High Street I am more acutely aware of how many students and local folk feel that they are starved of entertainment venues in Paisley. Further with a bus station close by, the development would attract visitors from within Renfrewshire to come to Paisley more often.

‘Paisley needs to kick start its regeneration and I can see no better way to assist in the process than the development as proposed.’

President of the Students’ Association in Paisley said:

“There is over 9,000 students who study in our Paisley Campus and for too long these students have chosen to spend their leisure time in Glasgow, due to the attractive services that the city offers. This masterplan would reverse that and keep more of our students in the town; enjoying what the proposed cinema and theatre complex would offer them.”

The plans for the cinema may include a multi-screen mixed use venue which can be used as a conference centre, theatre space, an arts area and for digital computer competitions where computer games can be played on the screens.