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Local company Code Red Fire Safety has announced that it is launching its first Open training courses for individuals.

Historically its Fire Safety, Health & Safety and First Aid courses have been run on the request of larger companies who have multiple members of staff requiring training. As such, training was run at company premises for people from the same business.

code redIn recent times, the Code Red team have been receiving more and more requests from small – medium sized companies looking for the same levels of fire and health training, but for only 1 or 2 members of staff.

As such, Code Red have decided to test the water with Open training sessions that anyone can attend. The first of these is the popular Fire Warden Training Course, focusing specifically on Level 2 Fire Safety Training, to be held at a neutral local location

Dates, Costs & Location

The course will be delivered on 21st April 2015. Cost per attendee is £95 + VAT. Training will be delivered in Paisley Town Centre (specific location to be confirmed)

For more information on what this training includes, please have a read of our Fire Training pages.


If you’re interested in attending, please get in touch by calling Code Red directly on 0141 561 2735 or contact them directly through the Code Red website.


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Local Company, Code Red, doing their bit for the Local Environment.

You might have spotted a small, bright, chequered car buzzing around Paisley and wider Renfrewshire in recent weeks. Well, you won’t be alone.

Local Fire Safety company, Code Red Fire, has decided to try and do its bit to help the local environment. While they admit it is just a small contribution in the grander scheme of things, they feel it’s still better to be helping than not.


The Code Red vans have been a common site around Paisley and Renfrewshire in recent years, as they travel from client to client, servicing Fire Extinguishers, carrying out Fire Risk Assessments and delivering training to companies who need it.

However, as the business has grown, and the delivery of services has improved, the need to carry all their equipment all of the time has gradually reduced. As such, the company has decided to add a more environmentally friendly mode of transport to the company fleet.

“The vans have been great, and certainly helped in the growth of the company.” Said James McMahon, founder of Code Red Fire. “However, with better organisation of appointments and more focused services, we’re just not needing to carry all of our equipment around in the same way we used to. That means we’re often driving the van because it’s the only option, rather than because we need it.”

“So we’ve added a smaller, more environmentally friendly option. It allows us to travel from client to client, when equipment isn’t needed, with less pollution output. It also takes up less space, is less noisy and is more fuel efficient. All of which hopefully contribute in some way to improving the local environment.”

The car has even been given a name by some of those who’ve already spotted it – the “Code Red Mobile”. So, if you see it around town, why not take a picture and let them know what you think. Post your picture on Twitter with the hashtag #CodeRedMobile


fire engine rally paisley

Fire Engine Rally Paisley 2013

Sound the alarm! An impressive fleet of modern and vintage engines (some of which date back to the 19th Century) will leave Canal Street Fire Station and make their way through the town to County Square.

With fire safety demonstrations and prize giveaways, it’s another one not to miss!

The parade starts at 11am, with a selection of fun events to keep the family entertained taking place in County Square throughout the day.

Date: Saturday 17 August
Time: 11am – 4pm
Venue: County Square

fire engine rally paisley

Photograph taken by Anne McNair.

Information from Renfrewshire Council