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Suicide Memorial Football Fest

Ferguslie once again hosted the annual football tournament as part of a drive to raise awareness of suicide within the community.

Budding football enthusiasts signed up their 7-a-side teams to the No Substitute for Life event on Sunday 29th of June. The memorial event also hosted a variety of entertainment for children and adults of all ages including arts and crafts activities and also a bouncy castle within the Tannahill Centre.



The tournament is part of a campaign to raise awareness of suicide among young men and provide an opportunity for survivors of bereavement by suicide to commemorate their loved ones. It was the vision of Paul Cadona that reached out to organizations to create this support for the community and with help the help he received he did just that, making this the 4th year the event has been run. They have accomplished so much, great respect for everyone involved.

No Substitute for Life is organised by community volunteers in partnership with Choose Life, Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH) and Engage Renfrewshire.

The Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) support group meets on the last Tuesday of every month in the Charleston Centre between 7pm and 9pm.

The national helpline Breathing Space can be reached on 0800 83 85 87, and the number for The Samaritans is 08457 90 90 90.
Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH) First Crisis can be contacted on 0141 848 9090.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_column_text]

Photographs from the day.

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Ferguslie pupils win safety competition

Six primary school pupils in Ferguslie have won a competition on building site safety.

Local primary kids in St Fergus and Glencoats primary schools entered the competition to draw a poster showing the dangers of playing on building sites.


The winners of the competition received £15 of Braehead vouchers.

The competition was part of safety talks given to the pupils by local repair and maintenance company Mears Ltd, Paisley.

Mears Ltd are working on external refurbishing works on social housing in Paisley North and Johnstone areas on behalf of Renfrewshire Council.

Councillor Jacqueline Henry, Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of the Education Policy Board, said “Our children’s future is our highest concern and supporting them to develop key skills and knowledge on keeping safe and strong in the community is vital. Children thrive when they live in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

“The pupils at St Fergus and Glencoats primary schools were over the moon to win the drawing competition and we are pleased that Mears Ltd, based in Paisley, were able to take the time out to talk to the pupils about the risks of playing on building sites.

“We want our children to have the best start in lift and are empowered with the skills to live a rewarding life beyond their school lives and that’s why initiatives like this are important as part of a wide-ranging curriculum.”

Margaret Hall, Customer Care Officer at Mears Ltd, Paisley, said “We are glad the pupils got so much out of this initiative. Working directly with the kids who live locally to any construction site is really important and we want to get the message out that building sites are not safe.


“The philosophy of Mears Ltd, Paisley, is to focus on long-term outcomes for peoples rather than short-term solutions. That’s why working with the local community is so important for us. We will continue to work with our local partners in developing projects that make a difference to the community.”[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_column_text]For regular updates on local news and events follow @RenCouncilNews on Twitter or our page on Facebook at

Image captions

Image 1– Pupils from St Fergus and Glencoats primary schools are over the moon to win the competition.

Image 2 – Maggie Hall, Customer Care Officer and Councillor Jacqueline Henry, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Children and Young People Policy Board with the winning pupils from St Fergus and Glencoats primary schools.

Winning Pupils

Winning pupils from St Fergus Primary School: Sean Dock, Heather Bisland and Anthony Higgins

Winning pupils from Glencoats Primary School: Levi Sheehan, Rachael Elder and Kacey Bools[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ferguslie Park residents asked to have their say

Residents in Paisley’s Ferguslie Park area are being asked to have their say on issues affecting the area at a special event hosted by police and council staff.

The Ferguslie Park Community Safety Event will take place in the hospitality suite at St Mirren Park on Thursday 20 June, from 6 until 9pm.

policeOn the night, senior police officers and council officials will give a presentation on the results of a series of fact-finding interviews conducted with residents in the area earlier this year.

The signal interviews sought to discover what residents think about the area, and what they want to see from police and council services.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion over what police and council community safety staff can do to deal with those points.

There will also be around 15 stalls there on the night, allowing residents to access advice and help from staff from a variety of council and other services.

Councillor Tommy Williams, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Community Safety Policy Board, said: “Ferguslie Park may have had a few issues to deal with over the years, but one thing that stands out is the community spirit of the people who live there.

“We want people from the area to come along on the night and play their part in that community.

“Visitors will get the chance to hear about the work which is being done locally and to give us their opinions on what they want to see being done.”

Inspector Kenny Morrison, based at Ferguslie Police Office said: “We work closely with the various council staff which are involved in community safety work, such as the wardens service and the anti-social behaviour team.

“Between us, there are lots of things we are doing and can do to help make the streets safer.

“But we are limited in what we can do unless we have the support of the people who are out there in the community.

“Our message to them is that this is your area – come along on the night and let us know what you want from it.”

Organisations who will be represented on the night include the NHS, Victim Support and Engage Renfrewshire, with staff from the council’s trading standards, and welfare reform advice services also among those set to be there.

Zombie project gets new lease of life

An award-winning youth arts project in Paisley based on zombies has gained a new lease of life.

Last year, the Zombie project involved young people from Ferguslie Park who took part in creative workshops in make-up techniques, costume design and performance.

The outcome was a film and graphic novel that scooped two awards: the national Creative Scotland Awards 2012 for ‘the best community arts project’ and the ‘Youth project of the year’ at the Positive About Youth Awards.

Now, the success of the project has led to a youth arts group continuing its work in developing graphic novels to encourage more young people to take part in creative arts.

Councillor Jim Harte, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Sport, Leisure and Culture Policy Board said: “The staggering success of the original Zombie project has lead to the creation of a youth arts group in Ferguslie Park area.

“Young people are now working with a professional illustrator to create their next graphic novel and this will be used by school libraries throughout Renfrewshire to support young people with literacy issues.

“This project has been funded by the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund and the novel will be launched in April 2013. This is a great example of how community involvement generates even more opportunities.”

The youth arts group has also held workshops with creative professionals from the film industry and graphic novel sector, including award-winning actor Kate Dickie; award winning comic artist Gary Erskine and filmmaker Marc de Launey.

These sessions were designed to inspire young people to consider a career in the creative sector.


For more information, contact Mary Baillie, Renfrewshire Council Communications department, 0141 618 7389.

paisley logo

Paisley Property Market on the Rise

Paisley town hit the national headlines in18 December 2012 when the Scottish Government rated Ferguslie Park as the most deprived datazone. The damning statistical revelation was published in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2012 (SIMD 2012). This was not shocking news for Paisley residents because Ferguslie Park topped SIMD’s most deprived datazone rankings in 2006 and was runners up in 2009. However, the news presented major concerns to the town’s administrators and investors alike because of the backlash it was likely to generate in the local business and political circles. Looking at the bigger picture, though, such panic and pessimism was unwarranted. Truth be told, Ferguslie Park is only but a small section of Paisley and its predicaments do not necessarily translate to doom for the entire town. Trends in the town’s real estate sector and other fundamental economic parameters, tell it all.

Paisley Pattern

Paisley PatternReal estate is the bedrock of Paisley’s economy but also the hallmark of its heritage. The mere mention of real estate brings to fore the renowned Paisley Pattern that has dominated the town’s architecture for centuries. Save for the property market glut that was widespread in the town and all over Scotland during the 2009 global economic recession, Paisley’s real estate and housing sectors have remained vibrant over the years. Property dealers in the traditional town centre have been raking in millions of sterling pounds as both residential and commercial property uptake continue to flourish. Property developers, estate agents and commercial property insurance providers are experiencing good business tidings. The Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce has categorically outlined these abundant commercial and investment opportunities in the town.

Property Trends

The recently completed property developments have given Paisley streets major facelifts. One such development was the mega student accommodation facility that was completed at the University of West of Scotland’s Paisley Campus. The building was constructed at a cost of £17.6 million provided an additional 336 bed spaces for Paisley campus. The university’s flats in George Street as well as those that located along the Lady Lane were transformed tremendously with repairs that were worth £4.4 million.

Paisley Town Hall

paisley town hallIndeed, property trends in the town have been changing fast that the Renfrewshire Council issued a directive requiring all privately owned properties to be refurbished or risk demolition. The Council has already commenced repairs on some of its properties, including the Paisley Town Hall and Paisley Arts Centre. Notably, repairs at the Paisley Town hall will reportedly cost £1.6 million. The Council seeks to conduct thorough repairs on all the public facilities in Paisley that are within its jurisdiction. Private property owners were expected to take cue and ensure their properties met the new architectural benchmarks that have been set in the town.

Progressing and Planned Developments

Paisley has been dubbed Renfrewshire’s fulcrum of property for sale and indeed, it has lived up to the billing. The town has been transformed into a bee hive of constructions activities following the realisation of more and more commercial and public planned developments. Some of the major planned developments that are already underway include the Gilmour House, the Paisley Piazza Multi-Story Car Park and Tesco Superstore, Wallneuk.

Gilmour House was purchased by FreshStart Living in August 2012. FreshStart Living then converted this particular piece of architectural wonder from its initially intended office space facility to an accommodation facility for UWS students in Paisly Campus. The building has a capacity of 235 flats and students would have sufficient number of en-suite rooms to choose from. It was estimated that Gilmour House would be ready for use during the 2013 academic year.

NewRiver Retail, a leading real estate developer in Paisley, acquired the Paisley Piazza Multi-Story Car Park at a record-breaking cost of £68 million in 2011. Paisley 2020 reported that the building was earmarked for extensive renovations that were set to begin in 2013. The planned renovation will significantly improve the town’s parking facilities.

Tesco’s plans to put up a hyper retail store right at Paisley’s entry point, Wallneuk, have been underway since 2009. Tesco has been busy preparing and seeking approval for its architectural plan that will see the construction of giant a 24-hour shopping mall. The old structures and facilities that previously occupied the targeted site were demolished in 2012. The planned development is now at its advanced stages and construction activities were expected to commence in 2013.

Article written by Evelyn Moffat.

Cannes and Sundance take a back seat to the Showcase Cinema in Linwood on Tuesday 26 June for the world premiere of the zombie shocker, ‘Dawn of the Fegs.’

Around 250 members of the local Ferguslie Park community are expected to attend the first showing of the 30 minute film.

Local youngsters wrote, directed and starred in the latest Romero inspired effort to commit the walking dead to celluloid. The film and companion graphic novel, Terror at the Tanny, are part of a community-based project supported by Creative Scotland’s Creative Identities CashBack for Communities programme.

Fegs is the locally used term for people from Ferguslie Park. The Tanny is the Tannahill Centre.

Some 20 ‘undead’ actors took part in the project for young people aged from 10 to 19 years old. Parents and grandparents were also drafted in to help with costume design and make-up. Dance workshops were another key component of the project along with sessions on how to carve out a career in the film industry led by Kate Dickie.

Councillor Iain McMillan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Community and Family Care said, “This project taps into the strong community spirit that exists in Ferguslie Park. You can see from the breadth of involvement from five year olds to 85 year olds that the film has really made its mark with local people.

“The idea behind the film is that Ferguslie is facing its own zombie apocalypse. It tells the story of how local people, and young people in particular, react to defend their homes and families.

“All the filming took place at local locations chosen by the young people. They also had creative control on the content of the film and the graphic novel.”

Eight children were involved in producing the graphic novel taking full control of the ideas, script, storyboards, artwork, layout and digital photography.

The Zombie Project has received £15,000 from CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland’s Creative Identities Programme. Renfrewshire Council has contributed around £4,000 with additional help and support being provided by St Mirren Football Club, Allsorts, Right2dance and the Tannahill Centre.

Since 2007, the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities programme has reinvested over £45 million recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act, back into communities to benefit Scotland’s young people. This includes an investment of £2.25 million over three years on cultural activities involving arts, music and dance. During 2012, the Year of Creative Scotland, over 8,000 young film-makers, dancers and musicians will be offered opportunities through CashBack to develop their skills.

Date: Tuesday 26 June

Time: 7pm till 8.30pm

Venue: Showcase Cinema, Phoenix Retail Park, Linwood, PA1 2BA



Renfrewshire council tenants and owner occupiers are being invited to give their views on ways to improve housing in the Blackstoun Oval and the Tannahill area of Ferguslie Park.
The council’s housing team will be out in the area with their mobile office to speak to residents from the area about their views on how to attract more people into housing in the area.
The officers are also keen to speak to people living elsewhere who would consider moving in to the area.

The mobile office will be visiting the area on:

  • Tuesday 22 November, 10am – 12.30pm, at Blackstoun Oval
  • Tuesday 22 November, 1.30pm – 4pm, at Tannahill Road
  • Thursday 24 November, 10am – 12.30pm, Blackstoun Oval
  • Thursday 24 November, Thursday 24 November, 1.30pm – 4pm, at Tannahill Road.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, Renfrewshire Council’s Housing Spokesperson, said:

“This is an opportunity for tenants to and residents to share their ideas and views. We want to hear from local people so that we can take on board all of the issues affecting housing in the area.

“The Council is currently working on the biggest ever investment programme to improve Council housing across Renfrewshire. As part of this £138m investment programme, new kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems are being installed and external improvements are being carried out. Tenants in Ferguslie Park will benefit from these improvements and the Council is speaking to tenants about housing issues in the area generally before the planned work starts.”

To find out more information about Delivering Housing Improvements go to

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