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A group of young people who produce their own artistic shows and events have won a top national award.

Art Boss was started in January 2020 for young people from Renfrewshire between the ages of 14 and 18, giving them an opportunity to produce, write, direct and appear in their own artistic performances.

art boss 1

And they have been so successful, they have recently won the Arts category in the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards.

When Art Boss was launched by Renfrewshire Leisure, in partnership with Renfrewshire Youth Services, the idea was for the young people to perform their live shows at various arts festivals, but the coronavirus pandemic meant they had to adapt and take their performances online.

Already, they have launched their own graphic novel, called The Attic, which was published online and in print; produced their own Hallowe’en horror movie called, The Devil and the Art Bossers and created a video called This Is For The… by narrating a poem paying tribute to the workers on the frontline in the fight against Covid.

Marie Collins, is the music project producer with Renfrewshire Leisure’s Arts Team and helps the young people in Art Boss.

Marie said: “Winning this award means a lot to the young people involved in Art Boss and they were buzzing when they heard about it.

“The young people have put a lot of hard work into their projects over the past year and this recognition for what they have achieved is very well deserved.

“They have had a fantastic year and are very committed. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Art Boss in the future.”

The Art Boss group has been made possible with the support of Future Paisley – the radical and wide-ranging programme of events, activity and investment using the town’s unique and internationally-significant cultural stories to transform its future.


Cyclists will soon have a safe, dedicated way to travel from Bridge of Weir to Houston as work on a new cycle route gets set to begin.

Beginning at the park near the entrance to Bridge of Weir, the route will see the existing pavement resurfaced and adapted into a shared use route for pedestrians and cyclists, with a new crossing point introduced on Old Bridge of Weir Road and the route continuing to its endpoint at Gryffe High School.


The route was developed following a suggestion from Houston Community Council and following engagement with the local community, including local businesses, community groups, schools, elected members and residents, the finalised route is now due to be implemented.

Work will begin on Wednesday 5 May and is expected to last around six weeks.

Nigel Hobbs, Houston Community Council, said: “Houston Community Council very much welcomes the proposed route improvements between Bridge of Weir and Houston.

“More now than ever being able to walk and safely cycle between our communities is vitally important in terms of health and the environment and it will provide 6,500 Houston residents with easier and safer access to the National Cycle Network, allowing those without a car to move around more easily.

“It will also help Gryffe High School students get to school safely and support local community facilities and businesses as they begin to recover after the Covid pandemic.”

If the cycle route proves popular with the local community, it is planned to extend it further into Bridge of Weir and there is the potential to make the route permanent should this be desired.

For more information, visit


KALKA designs was created by Gillian McCormick and are based in Paisley, Scotland. It is a brand that was born during a time of great uncertainty when a global pandemic forced the world to slow down. Initially, it seemed our freedom had been taken from us, but it soon became apparent that we are now freer than ever! We have been given the chance to change our world and the way we live in it which encourages a clearer view of what matters. As a new brand, we welcome the opportunity for growth and new beginnings which is always a source of inspiration for new designs.

Based in Paisley, Scotland, we take great pride in finding inspiration from our local surroundings, although our designs are not exclusive to the people of our town. We focus on natural influences and where possible, we make our products from organic fabrics to support a sustainable future for our planet. It is important to us that our customers receive the highest quality of products and excellent service. We encourage people to get in touch to work with us to create original pieces that you truly love to wear.


Incorporate ‘meatless Mondays’ into your weekly routine! Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Meat production depletes valuable resources e.g. land and water and accounts for a quarter of the earth greenhouse gas emissions. 1 single pound of beef requires 1800 gallons of water. However, a plant-based burger generates 90% less GHGs, has 99% less water impact and 93% less impact on land use. So, going plant-based for 1 day per week (or 3 meals throughout the week if you prefer) can make a huge difference! Check out Rascals Kitchen for some phenomenally tasty inspiration if you need it!

Not ready to change to plant-based? Here are a few other ways to make a difference through what you eat; 

  • Carefully prep your meals in advance to avoid food waste
  • Buy organic products which keep your body and the environment free from toxic pesticides
  • Reduce the farm to fork distance by shopping locally, saving fuel for transportation of your food


(statistics from



350,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away every year in the UK, but did you know that most fast fashion brands actually design their garments to last a maximum of 10 years, making you need to shop more often and therefore throw out more!? We can combat this by checking our labels! Here’s what to look out for

Organic fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool have a much higher wearing time than synthetics such as polyester, nylon and acrylic, and are biodegradable therefore kinder to the planet when they are eventually disposed of, making them better for the environment and your purse!

Ever bought a cheap top and stop wearing it because it makes you feel itchy or sweaty? This is because manmade fabrics are made from microfibres of plastic which do not allow your skin to breathe! You’ve never seen a sweaty or itchy woolly sheep though have you?!

The microfibres in synthetic clothing are causing massive problems in our water systems, these plastic fibres are washed out of our clothing and are small enough to pass through wastewater treatment plants and end up in the sea. Animals are then digesting them before we eat them so if you don’t want to be eating your plastic clothing then check your labels and buy organically when you can!

Consider where you shop! Sites such as Depop have seriously increased the demand for 2nd hand! They offer peer-to-peer shopping which ensures customers can always purchase on-trend and not be left behind in the fashion stakes! Garments can be bought in excellent condition and often items have never even been worn! So, if you feel like treating yourself to something you couldn’t normally afford or you receive an unwanted gift, consider Depoping it! 

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Jacobite Receipt to Paisley Town Magistrates (1745 Rebellion)

Jacobite Receipt to Paisley Town Magistrates (1745 Rebellion)On 29 December 1745, exactly 275 years ago to the day, the Jacobites led by Bonnie Prince Charlie issued a summons to the then Paisley Town Council to meet and account for raising a local militia against them.

This summons, along with a receipt from the Prince’s Secretary for a £500 fine paid just five days later by the people of Paisley, will go on display when Paisley Museum reopens following its £42m redevelopment.

Jacobite Propaganda Medal commissioned by Charles Edward Stuart

Unlike other towns, that were also fined by the Jacobites but later reimbursed, Paisley’s money has never been returned. Glasgow received £10,000 for its loss in 1749, and in 1750 Dumfries was indemnified with £2,800, however every application Paisley made was refused.

Archie Henderson, Social History Research Assistant for Paisley Museum said: “The history of the Jacobites is full of fascinating tales and having the opportunity to reinterpret the museum’s collection, tell new stories and retell old stories in a more engaging way is all part of the museum’s redevelopment. On 30th December this year Bonnie Prince Charlie will celebrate his 300th birthday, so what better time for us to remind people of this part of our town’s history.” 

Originally, Bonnie Prince Charlie fined Paisley £1,000 and took Bailie Matthew Kyle and former Bailie William Park hostage to ensure the fine was paid. However, this fine was later reduced to £500 providing it was paid in full by the following evening. When the time came, the town only managed to pay £300, and the payment window was extended by 12 hours. At the final hour the remaining payment was made to the Jacobites and a receipt from the Prince’s Secretary John Murray of Broughton was issued.

Henderson goes on to explain: “After the Jacobites were defeated at Culloden, and money started to be repaid to other towns, Paisley Council was advised that they should take John Murray to court, which they did in 1753 and the case dragged on for seven years without success. In 1760 an appeal was launched but again there is no record of any response or positive outcome, so the debt has remained outstanding.”

It is believed that £500 in today’s money would be worth more than £100,000.

The redevelopment of the museum will enable the number of objects on display to be increased by 100%. Significant items from the Jacobite collection that will go on display alongside the summons (dated 29 Dec 1745) and the receipt (dated 3 Jan 1746) include a Culloden sword passed down from the Carlile family; a Jacobite silver medal commissioned by Bonnie Prince Charlie; a painting by David Wilkie (1819) of The Veteran Highlander; and a headstone originally from the grounds of Paisley Abbey commemorating John Orr, one of eight Paisley volunteers killed at the Battle of Falkirk in 1746.

Paisley Museum is part of the town’s radical regeneration plan, and the redesign of the campus is led by an international team including architects AL_A and exhibition designers Opera Amsterdam. When it reopens it is expected to attract over 125,000 visits each year and provide a £79 million economic boost to the area over the next 30 years.

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure, said: “Paisley’s collections are culturally significant and the museum’s refurbishment is a wonderful opportunity for the town to reinterpret our objects for public display in a way that is engaging and meaningful to visitors.

“It is also a real tribute to our curatorial teams past and present, that our objects are still in such good condition, and are able to illustrate the area’s rich culture and the people’s story.”

Paisley Museum Reimagined is supported by Renfrewshire Council, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund. The museum’s final phase of fundraising is now under way, with the museum website showcasing the project’s ambitious vision.

rainbow nursery

The show must go on as they say and Rainbow Nursery took those words to heart and made a fantastic movie, we were sent this in last night and its fun just pure fun, well worth a watch for any age… Here is the message I received and video from last night.

rainbow nursery

Louise Borris: Hi there I work in a little nursery on Paisley called Rainbow. Due to Covid restrictions, our annual Christmas Show was cancelled, and as we could not get out into the community to spread festive cheer, the 3-5 room decided to go digital and put a 2020 twist on this years show. Turns out our show is very popular and has succeeded in getting some Christmas cheer out into the wider community. We thought you might like a look at our superstars and hoped that you could also share our show out there to help us bring a smile to as many people as possible, everyone could do with a smile this year.