Lanarkshire Paranormal investigated The Sma’ Shot Cottages in Shuttle Street Paisley on September 23rd 2012. Here is the report of the event.

An unlikely location.
There is nothing like the excitement of a large castle or a derelict hospital, the creepy atmosphere adds to the thrills associated with paranormal investigating, but never overlook the small and even cosy-looking places sited around our cities.
We were reminded of this when visiting an unlikely location, The Sma’ Shot Cottages in Paisley.

Sma-Shot-CottagesBeing a charitable organisation, we agreed to investigate the cottages and open up to the public in order to raise funds for this quaint little location. With a nightclub situated next door and the noise bellowing out, on arrival the team was uneasy about the success of this location and concerns grew as we set up the camera system and got a feel of the place.
How are we going to successfully call out with all that night club noise? And are we all going to spread out enough to get any activity without hearing each other? All this was on our minds, expecting a long and uneventful investigation… how wrong we were.
The teams decided, the cameras rolling, were ready to begin.
The first location was the area nearest the nightclub, the noise was horrendous. People queuing for the bar outside, calling out became more like shouting out (dawning on us now that a Saturday night was not the greatest idea here). After 20 minutes of nothing, we noticed the area getting really dark to a point where the street lights shining into the room through gaps in the window shutters were no longer silhouetting the antique looms and other furnishings in the room. People had to use their night vision cameras now just to see where they were walking. It was then we noticed the small bird cages hanging from the giant wooden looms swinging quite violently.
Being a solid stone floor and everyone far away from the looms themselves, we found this to be quite remarkable as well as physically impossible as there were no draughts, wind or any other elements that could have caused it.
As randomly as it started, it stopped again almost instantly. The light started to come back into the room, people started to report seeing human shapes in corners moving. Maybe we had underestimated this little location.
As the night went on, more shapes and several strange lights on the cameras appeared, not your usual perfect circle “orb like” lights, these had very abstract shapes and patterns.
The team was now in the reconstructed living room/bedroom area, already pleasantly surprised that this small city museum had more activity again – while calling out, again came the darkness. We asked if we were welcome and with an almighty crash the door into this room violently smashed open as if kicked from the other side, startling everyone. The door closed, we asked again and again, the door swinging open with incredible force.
Shadows and uneasy feelings were all around us throughout the night affecting emotions, the ladies feeling incredibly sad and the gentlemen feeling incredible anger. Strange smells of burning and choking were felt and we were only to find out later that there had been a fire in which a child died many years ago.
We left the building speechless and with great feelings of confusion. These are not your average bumps and bangs, not your normal, were they or weren’t they shapes? There is a story in this place, a story that the spirits which still reside in there are trying to show us.
We will return in March 2013 to try to find out what this place is telling us, other than never to underestimate small unlikely locations such as The Sma’ Shot Cottages Paisley.

Lanarkshire Paranormal ( are:
Stefan Richards, Co-Founder/Co-Manager
Jan Murdoch, Co-Founder/Co-Manager
Alex Kelly, Investigator
Debbie Murdoch, Investigator
Mark Adams, Investigator
Jamie Kelly, Investigator

the-matchmaker paisley arts centre

Paisley Arts Centre

Splinters Productions presents The Matchmaker at Paisley Arts Centre on Thursday 13 Sep.

This beautifully written play by the late John B Keane, one of Ireland’s most prolific and respected literary figures, centres around Dicky Mick Dicky O’Connnor, a small farmer in Kerry, who follows the great Irish tradition of matchmaking, pairing off the local lonely hearts.

the-matchmaker paisley arts centreKeane conjures up a delightful gallery of glorious eccentrics; a lonely cripple from Cork; a sex starved spinster; a jovial, five foot nothing, seven stone jockey; a pious Kerry widow with a penchant for toffees. Dicky must match them all with his unique blend of intuition and cunning.

The results are heart-warming and hilarious, a potent mix of humour and poignancy – a celebration of Irish country people in their search for love.

The Matchmaker will be playing Paisley Arts Centre on Thursday 13 Sep at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £10 (£6 conc) and can be booked by calling 0141 887 1010 or log onto

For further information on The Matchmaker or any events at Paisley Arts Centre please visit or follow us on

Paisley Arts Centre

Paisley Arts Centre is an intimate performing arts venue presenting drama, jazz, folk, comedy, dance and family events throughout the year. Bar and café open to the public.

Paisley Arts Centre is one of Scotland’s most vibrant and exciting venues, programmed all year round with a diverse range of drama, dance, physical theatre, comedy, jazz, popular music and family events.

This small scale studio theatre is superbly equipped and provides one of the most intimate theatre spaces in Scotland.
A 158 seater theatre with cafe and bar, situated in Paisley. Eclectic range of performances and workshops. read more about Paisley Arts Centre..

New Street Paisley
Tel: 0141 887 1010
Fax: 0141 887 6300

Paisley Community Fire Station are having their annual Open Day on Saturday the 8th September.

11:00am – 4:00pm

Go along for lots of friendly family fun

Canal Street, Paisley.

  • Vintage Fire Engines
  • Raffles
  • Face Painting
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Games & Stalls
  • Competitions
  • Chip Pan Fire Display
  • Road Safety demo

Click the image for more information.


Another fantastic band booked for Paisley, from LNP Promotions

From the Jam.


Saturday 5th May, 2012
The Union,
SAUWS (Student Association – University of the West Of Scotland)
Student Union, Storie Street Paisley. PA1 2HB

tom urie

GUESS WHAT!!! Tom Urie (Big Bob off of River City) is releasing a new album (CD) and we are delighted to be part of the launch of it. TOM is appearing in Hamishes’ Hoose to promote the album on Tuesday the 18th of October at 8pm. As you can imagine places for this will be limited so let me know if you want to attend this great night?


The Paisley Songwriters Guild

The P.S.G. will be appearing in the Hoose on Saturday the 22nd October at 8pm. to hear some of the most talented Singer Songwriters in the Paisley area pop in and check them out.

Read more

Scottish Mental Health Arts and film Festival Launch was this morning at Paisley Arts centre and it was a cracking event, which will set the tone for tomorrow’s main event at County Square, Paisley from 11am onwards with lots going on so bring the family down to Paisley for a great fun day.

Here are some photographs from today’s event. Read more

The Renfrewshire Festival Team is proud to present this 4th programme as part of the national Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival.

Our programme features 47 events, including the genres of: art, comedy, drama, dance, film, music and words, in venues from theatres to pubs, and involves many participating partners including community arts groups, service user groups, Renfrewshire Council and Renfrewshire CHP.

‘Beating Stigma’ is our big public launch in County Square on 1 October 11am—3pm. It promises to be an interactive & entertaining event; showcasing the talents of local musicians,
singers and dancers hosted by Gina McKie of Radio Clyde. Read more

Date: Saturday 2 July
Time/ Venue:
12pm – parade sets of from Brodie Park, Paisley, finishing at Abbey Close.
12.30pm onwards – youth gym bus at Paisley Cross.
BBC Radio DJ Ally McCrae and a variety of local bands and performers at County Square, Paisley.
Stalls, dancers, singers, mini-farm and tea dance at Paisley Town Hall, Abbey Close.
1.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm – Clan Scotland Cycle Stunt Team shows at Paisley Cross.
5pm – ‘Burning of the Cork’ fire display, Abbey Close.

Paisley is set to celebrate the historic victory of the town’s weavers over the mill owners with a packed day of fun and entertainment this weekend.

Sma Shot Day, which is one of the oldest workers’ festivals in the country, starts at 12noon with the traditional parade from Brodie Park to Abbey Close, lead by Renfrewshire’s Provost Celia Lawson and culminates in the spectacular burning of the cork at Abbey Close at 5pm.

In between there will be lots going on including the Clan Scotland Cycle Stunt Team showing off their skills at Paisley Cross, alongside the youth gym bus.

At County Square there will be entertainment provided by BBC Radio DJ Ally McCrae and a variety of local bands and performers as well as a range of arts and crafts on offer.

If that’s not enough, at Paisley Town Hall and Abbey Close there will be a tea dance from 1pm, a mini farm, a selection of variety acts, dancers and singers, a community planning partnership marquee and PACE Theatre Group’s performance of the Sma Shot story.

Sma Shot Day celebrates the victory of Paisley’s weavers over the town’s mill owners in the 19th century. The owners refused to pay their staff for the Sma’ (small) Shot thread which was unseen but held together the famous Paisley patterned cashmere shawls.

A long fight and political battle ensued which the weavers eventually won and renamed the traditional July holiday Sma Shot Day.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Celia Lawson said: “Sma’ Shot Day is a unique festival that celebrates an important episode in Paisley’s history. It has been celebrated with a parade and family day for over 150 years and this year’s programme looks like our best yet.

“The parade is always great fun with lots of music and people in fancy dress and as ever I hope the people of Renfrewshire will come out and join in the festivities.”

Courtesy of Renfrewshire Council

This years Sma Shot Day Festivities will take place on July the 2nd 2011.

The event will start from Brodie Park and take its traditional approach to Paisley Town Centre and Paisley Abbey where the burning of the cork will take place “see image”

The traditional event, which is one of the oldest workers’ festivals in the country, is one which is continuing to get larger each year and is certainly one a Paisley family event not to be missed.

Sma Shot Day celebrates the victory of Paisley’s weavers over the town’s mill owners in the 19th century. The owners refused to pay their staff for the Sma’ (small) Shot thread which was unseen but held together the famous Paisley patterned cashmere shawls.

A long fight and political battle ensued which the weavers eventually won and renamed the traditional July holiday Sma Shot Day.

You can find out more about Sma Shot day by visiting the Paisley History section and also we have lots more photographs on our Flickr Gallery..