Scottish Cup comes to Hamishes.

Tonight, the Scottish Cup comes to Hamishes as part of a Carling Promotion, photographs will be taken by our in house team and yours to take away. Football teams welcome.

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Tomorrow: Shoot the Craw a powerhouse female vocal led band that will blow your cobwebs away. Brilliant stuff.

20th Feb Psychic Evening, Individual readings must be booked before hand a £1 will reserve your place, pop in and get the bar staff to add you to the list, evening followed by our famous Karaoke.

1st March Penny Dogs, a fabulous Duo covering all types of music with an incredible guitarist and a smooth Saxophone player, a sort of live request show, dancing is encouraged.

3rd May Republic of Soul Hamishes favourite sons return for the first of their summer gigs. A brilliand sound which covers rock, soul, punk and funk.

5th July Sma Shot day. The Underground Jam make another welcome appearance in the Hoose in aid of local charity Loud n Proud, last year the place was packed with admittance only if someone left, but no one did.

30th August Republic of Soul again


Sat 4th February

Domino Gumbo, Bringing a little Fais-Do-Do to ole’ Paisley
Every pot of gumbo starts with a roux – once you have that you can add just about anything to your pot of gumbo. Our roux is Fats Domino. His influence runs right though all the music we play. No-one has had a bigger influence on the music of South West Louisiana than Fats. This band plays all types of music from that wonderful place – R&B, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop – all mixed up together in a loving gumbo.

Hence – Domino Gumbo

Pounding piano and rolling saxes? Present. Downhome squeezebox? Indeed. Flailing frottoir? (the over the shoulder rub-board). Scotland’s No 1 washboard man is on-board.
Domino Gumbo is a seven piece band, featuring guys who have paid their dues and more. From soul to country; from folk to blues – these guys have been playing American Roots music long before it was remotely popular.

The band was founded in Spring 2010 when three founder members spent over a month in New Orleans and the adjacent swamplands, watching and learning first-hand from the acknowledged masters. Returning home they hunted high and low for the right players to create the big sound. Since then, it has been non-stop rehearsal and recording.
They are now ‘ready, willing and able’ to rock’n’roll all night.

This music was originally played for dancing – and to this day that is still the best response. This is not music for the head; this is music for the FEET. The band is particularly keen to play venues where folks can shimmy, shake and cut some rug.

Some of the songs are self-written but most are drawn from the great Louisiana common repertoire. These are NOT ‘covers’. This is real folk music and folks in New Orleans would think it daft that anyone can own a song; irrespective of who wrote it or played it first. Domino Gumbo are drawing from, and adding to, that tradition.
Bring your dancing shoes……..

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