Video From Paisley Film Maker David Baker.

Mission X (Paisley Arts Centre Tuesday 16th March 2010)

Poor Grant. He’s only trying to make it as a documentary film maker, when he gets a break – an interview with a real tough guy – a mercenary, gun for hire, bona fide bad guy. All is going well for Grant. He can hear the compliments, see the awards and is mentally rehearsing his interview on Newsnight with Kirsty Wark. Then things start to unravel and Grant is pulled into a situation he never imagined and he’d sooner forget.

Mission X . . . marks the spot for local film maker David Baker. Come see this locally filmed flick, with plenty of opportunity to ask the man himself after the screening.

Mission X screens on Tuesday 16th March at 7.30pm
(Note: Strong language used throughout.)
Members £3 Non Members £5/£4
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