Tony Lawler

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Sma’ Shot Day Charleston Drummer Promotes Miscarriage Support

Leading the Sma’ Shot procession from Brodie Park to Abbey Close 2014 will be Charleston Drummer, Tony Lawler.

Tony will be modelling our new look Miscarriage Support tee-shirt on the day to help promote the counselling work that we do in aid of women and families Scotland-wide.

Tony Lawler

Tony Lawler pictured last year supporting MND Scotland

The Sma’ Shot Day celebration originates from the weaving industry in the 19th Century. Paisley was a one of the major textile producing areas in the British Empire.

The Sma’ Shot was the binding thread which held together the patterned shawls which Paisley is famous for; but because the Sma’ Shot was never seen in the finished shawls the manufacturers refused to pay the weavers for the yarn. After many years of dispute the weavers won their course.

In celebration of this, the traditional July holiday was renamed Sma’ Shot Day. The 2014 procession will take place on the 5th of July; come along and see the parade and give a big cheer for Tony.

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This years Sma Shot Day Festivities will take place on July the 2nd 2011.

The event will start from Brodie Park and take its traditional approach to Paisley Town Centre and Paisley Abbey where the burning of the cork will take place “see image”

The traditional event, which is one of the oldest workers’ festivals in the country, is one which is continuing to get larger each year and is certainly one a Paisley family event not to be missed.

Sma Shot Day celebrates the victory of Paisley’s weavers over the town’s mill owners in the 19th century. The owners refused to pay their staff for the Sma’ (small) Shot thread which was unseen but held together the famous Paisley patterned cashmere shawls.

A long fight and political battle ensued which the weavers eventually won and renamed the traditional July holiday Sma Shot Day.

You can find out more about Sma Shot day by visiting the Paisley History section and also we have lots more photographs on our Flickr Gallery..