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Renfrewshire Council have been looking at proposals of running the amfibious bus from the slipway beside the Watermill Hotel in Paisley and under the cover of darkness the bus was parked in the carpark of the watermill hotel last night.

A early rise was in order after spotting it last night, a 5am rise this morning to await movement saw the bus entering the slipway at the Watermill Hotel just after 6.30am this morning to a bemused line of traffic going over Mill Street Bridge, leader of the council Derek MacKay said plans to operate the service with a direct link to the jetty at Braehead are well under way.

In a tradition stretching back to Paisleys beginings Rev Alan Birss of Paisley Abbey performed the communication of the water ceremony, which was once used to wish monks safe passage on boats traveling on the River Cart which dates back to 1567.

Summer months may cause delays due to tidal fluctuances, however a barrier to control the water flow has been looked at with a possibility of it being installed on the River Cart at Morrisons at Lonend.

Amanda Moulson head of the town centre regeneration admitted there shall have to be lots of funding looked at however with lottery funding and visit scotland already giving backing this it shall further promote Paisley as a tourist town helping the local economy and returning the River Cart back to a working river.
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Now you know this website is purely aimed at promoting the town of Paisley via the means of the Internet, and by doing this we promote the town and encourage people to visit the town and talk about the town positively.

I have a question to ask, when was the last time you seen Renfrewshire council doing the same thing? Erm Never .. Yes I think they have left it up to us to do that and over the years not helped us in any way, we have been doing their job for them, even when we offered to work with them they decided to work with someone else who doesn’t have the town at their core principles.

I have heard plans for this and plans for that but where are they? The town centre is dying and has been for a long time, we have pubs going out of business at a tremendous rate, we hear of business and even the YMCA now leaving our town centre. Do the council care? I wonder if they actually care for the town at all, I know they don’t use Paisley business and don’t encourage anyone coming to them to use a Paisley business to trade with. Why?

Here is some photo’s taken from our high street and notice the lack of people and also the amount of for sale signs, sale signs and empty shops.

Moss StreetPaisley High Street

Wheres the shoppers?

Alright there is a recession on and the government are proposing to do this and that to help small business, what does it mean for our High street?

Renfrewshire Council need to get their finger out and stop our town from decaying further into the pit its heading.. We are fed up with inaction.