aesthetic suites
At aesthetic suites, we listen to each of our patients and work with them to create a treatment plan. From our philosophy to our testimonials…we are doing our job and doing it well!!!
Our philosophy

One of the many things that set our clinic apart from the competition is our attitude towards cosmetic work. We believe the results shouldn’t be too obvious; many of the men and women considered to be the most beautiful in the world have had many procedures done, but you could never tell!

That is where we excel. We always aim to enhance and beautify your existing features by providing cosmetic results that offer a look of youth, health, and beauty while also appearing entirely natural.

Your journey with us will begin with a consultation that will allow us to get to know you, a step that is so often skipped by other clinics. Our team will listen to what cosmetic goal you want to achieve and offer suggestions according to the natural shape of your face or body.

With the wide range of sophisticated techniques at our disposal, as well as our ability to carry out all of the more basic cosmetic tasks to the very highest standard, you can be sure that we have everything required to provide you with the striking results you deserve.


aesthetic suites aesthetic suites

aesthetic suites
Booking your first aesthetic treatment can be daunting and understandably you will have a lot of questions
At aesthetic suites each person has a thorough medical consultation with the  nurses Nichola and Lorraine.
aesthetic suites
 Regulated under strict guidelines with health improvement scotland you will be in safe hands.
We will give you informative advice, assess your suitability for treatments, and clarify expected results in a relaxed environment.
aesthetic suites
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As well as dermal fillers and lip fillers plus wrinkle relaxing treatments… Aesthetic suites are popular with skincare.
 We are now offering The ultimate skin package
… 3 downtimes… healthy glowing skin….£100
Dermaplaning, chemical peel, and LED lamp therapy.
What are the benefits of these treatments?
Dermaplaning provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skin care products while making the skin look and feel smoother. It is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of acne scars.
chemical peel
Chemical peel
There are many benefits to receiving a chemical peel. Not only do chemical peels reveal a brighter, smoother and more refined complexion, they also improve the overall look and feel of the skin in just one treatment.
LED light therapy
The benefits of LED light therapy are manifold. They include treating acne, regulating natural oil production, stimulating collagen and elastin and minimising redness and wrinkles. Certain wavelengths have even been shown to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone.
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