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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now you can reach out to over 4,000 potential customers for only £15 through our stunning digital scoreboard and software technology.

We can help you grab attention by designing and displaying your ad’s using eye catching videos and images that helps drive your marketing spend even further.

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Promotional codes can be easily added to your marketing video to help you measure your ROI. Benefits include:

• Easily customised by us to announce your new products or services.

• Low cost advertising that reaches out to over 4,000 and could also possibly be caught by TV or press cameras.

• Opportunity for you to promote seasonal products/services at specific dates

• Provides a dynamic ad opportunity with video and images combined to reinforce your branding

For our Supporters

Why not tell your family and friends just how much they mean to you? Now you can surprise and delight them with a customised video for their birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions. Just provide us with the photos and the message and we will do the rest for you. Benefits include:

• Unique way of announcing happy news to your loved ones

• Memories to last for many years and provide a talking point with friends

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Advertise with today and your business could be seen by 1 million people by Sunday.


All you have to do is supply your business Logo or an image of a product, tell me where to link it to, pay for the time required and you will be live to our audience..

We promote you on the following as standard

Twitter: and

We had 1 million impressions (people looking at) on our pages last year in one day via both the fireworks and christmas light switch on..

Be quick..

CALL: 07833 490523

co2 design

CO2 Design Limited

Graphic Design Agency in Paisley for over 10 years

CO2 Design Limited are a graphic design company who specialise in branding, printed material, websites and e-flyers situated in Paisley for the last 10 years, adjacent to Paisley Grammar School, less than 15 minutes from Glasgow city center. We specialise in branding, printed material, websites and e-flyers.

10 years in business with a wealth of experience behind us, we can help to develop your company image. Designing professional logos and continuing the branding theme throughout all your stationery and marketing material.

We can sit down with you and talk about what your objectives are to full understand your requirements, which will allow us to create the best package to suit and which will give you the best return on your marketing.

This is what we do…

Advertising: branding & logo design: brochure design: e-marketing: large format print: marketing: newsletters : website design

co2 design

Contact us

CO2 Design Ltd.

33 Glasgow Road

tel: 0141 404 1199
fax: 0141 533 1891

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Thank you for your interest in advertising on We are a community website which is run by volunteers.

We have on average 15,000 visitors per day with a huge number of page views.
Our Facebook pages have a combination of 2,400 likes (last month we had 250,000 views on our posts alone) and we have accumulated over 3,000 followers in our various Twitter pages.

We also have 2,500 registered users on the website. Now, is this the kind of advertising network that sounds appealing to your business?

How this can be of benefit to you?

We can now offer an introductory price of £150 for six months which puts your logo in every page (front page is exempt) and your ad goes out on Facebook twice a week.

We have two advertising positions to offer: First, a text link which is cost effective and can be placed in the footer of our pages (over 5220 indexed pages so therefore 5220 link backs to your own website). This can be purchased at a yearly rate of £100 or a monthly rate of £25 and uses either your business name or your keywords. It points at a webpage or landing page of your choice, no minimum contract.

We also have image links which have to fit within our website principles of promoting the town and businesses. An image can be created by ourselves or supplied by you, the position of which can vary on the main page and will also go inside every section.

Prices are as follows:


  • To advertise on the front page it is £100 per month.
  • To advertise throughout the website it is £50 per month.
  • Text Link in footer £100 per year
  • rates are negotiable

We are not sponsored by Renfrewshire Council or any other organisation and rely on any funds coming into the website being spent on maintenance and upkeep of the website, hosting etc. We have some plans for further promotions of the town and would like your help to do this.

We do not see your advertising on the website as a one way street with being the winner, we see it as a partnership. We will promote all businesses that advertise on our website through blog posts, Facebook group, twitter and other social media websites, which have over 3,000 fans or likes on our various networks. We would love for you to be part of this.

To contact us please email Brian on or use our contact form below.
You don’t have to have a business in Paisley to support or advertise on the website, we would like to advertise any Paisley owned business throughout the world….
Contact us now and advertise today, no obligation.
Use our Contact Page by clicking here, specify in the comments that you would like to advertise and we shall call you back a.s.a.p.

Little Lions – 3-5yrs
Wee Warriors – 6-12yrs
Adults Classes – 13+

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Kuk Sool Won™ is a systematic study of all of the traditional fighting arts, which together comprise the martial arts history of Korea. As a martial arts system, Kuk Sool Won™ is extremely well-organized; and seeks to integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established Asian fighting arts and body conditioning techniques, as well as mental development and traditional weapons training.

The following list includes some, but by no means all, of the elements of Kuk Sool Won™
Punching Range, Kicking Range, Joint Locking Range, Throws, Mid-Range & Grappling Range.
Falling & Acrobatics, Traditional Weapons, Martial Art Healing & Meditation Techniques.
Forms, Patterns, Sparring – Non Contact / Semi contact & Full Contact. 

Find out times and more information by clicking One Dance Studios link here

paisley logo

Advertise your Business over the Festive period; we have on average 10,000 visitors per day with a huge number of page views.

Our Facebook pages have a combination of 4,000 likes (last month we had 250,000 views on our posts alone) and we have accumulated over 3,000 followers in our various Twitter pages.

We don’t just have the Paisley websites and Facebook pages, we have a large network of various towns and villages surrounding the area too. We also have 2,500 registered users on the website.

Now, is this the kind of advertising network that sounds appealing to your business? We have several places for your business to advertise, and every business that does gets up to two blog posts per week maximising exposure and helping your business be socially active.

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