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Launch of Renfrewshire Sports Charity

Hundreds of people turned out to soak up the sunshine, entertainment, BBQ and free fun events at Pro-Life in Paisley to celebrate the launch of Renfrewshire Sports Charity.

There was a wonderful party atmosphere as young boys and girls got the chance to try their skills at water zorbing, beat-the-bull and keepie up as well as being entertained by Bubbles the Clown and having their faces painted.


The two bouncy castles were a huge hit and there was also a free Rockettes workshop where young fans of the cheerleading group got a chance to learn some new moves.

Adults got into the beat with a variety of acts and music from Entertainment Express while the burger stall, barbeque and free buffet kept hungry visitors satisfied. The RSC team has been up since dawn preparing for the debut event and every minute spent preparing proved worthwhile.

There were happy faces all round.

During the celebrations businessman Alex Whelan took to the stage to explain why he had gifted the Pro-Life gym to the charity and urged everyone to back their efforts as he took a back seat. Every new membership will mean £400 for the hospices.


There were loud cheers and claps after both Helen Simpson, chief executive at ACCORD and Kate Lennon, chief executive at St Vincent’s spoke to the crowds about the work of the hospices and hopes for the future.

Helen told the crowd she spoke for both hospices when she said what a wonderful gentleman Alex was – humble and kind and truly unique in giving such a gift to help people with life limiting illnesses.

“It is also wonderful that Renfrewshire Sports Charity is supporting young sports people because as we improve people’s health and reduce chronic illnesses hospices won’t be needed so much in the future. Your membership here is supporting your local hospice and we are lucky to have it.”

Kate told visitors that one woman whose husband was in the hospice was telling her how much she appreciated the support and kindness of the staff and she summed up her experience by saying ‘Coming here is like having a big pair of arms wrapped around you’ .

Kate added: “For me that just says it all.”

Two special plaques were awarded to Linwood Rangers and Saltire Boxing Club by Ian Lynchahon, chairman of SportRenfrewshire in appreciation of all their work in the community over a number of years.

Deone Robertson, the reigning Miss Galaxy Scotland, and spent time mingling with the crowds and said: “I work out at Pro-Life and think this new charity venture is wonderful. It’s the best gym in Renfrewshire and I am proud to be here today to be part of all of this.”

Babs McGinlay, 55, a Buddie who moved to Canada 30 years ago was back in her home town on holiday and decided to visit the open day after friends told her the story of how the hospices benefit from gym memberships.

She said: “It’s a wonderful idea and one which I will take back to Ontario with me as I volunteer for a cancer charity near my home. What a fabulous way to raise money and there’s such a happy atmosphere here today.”

Gayle Brannigan, chief executive of Renfrewshire’s newest charity, said: “We wanted people to come along and enjoy themselves. It was our way of saying thanks to those who support the charity through Pro-Life because every membership means money for ACCORD and St Vincent’s.

“We issued an open invitation to the whole community to come along and the turnout was magnificent. We had a fabulous crowd and we also had the chance to shout out loud and proud about what we want to achieve for our two hospices as well as highlight what we want to do for our promising young sportsmen and women.

“The team at RSC will be working hard to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the hospices but we can’t do it alone. We need the support of the community and if the open day is anything to go by we have their blessing.

“Anyone interested in finding out how they can help the charity by staying fit and healthy should just give us a call and we will tell them all about our work on behalf of the hospices.”

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Provost’s Ball is a box office smash

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall celebrates a successful night at her charity ball.

The Hollywood-themed evening raised approximately £12,000 for Provost Hall’s chosen charities.

Over 200 big-hearted people attended the black tie event and participated in the auctions throughout the night.

Guests were greeted with the Paparazzi, a novelty act, taking their picture as they arrived at the event.

Image 5

Gina McKie, Radio DJ, set the night off with a fundraising ice-breaker of Heads and Tails.

After an enjoyable dinner, guests were swept up into a frenzy with the Elvis Cleaning Crew.

Bidding for the main auction prizes was very competitive with once in a lifetime experiences being highly sought after.

Keen airplane enthusiast, Andrew Simpson, who attended with his partner Anne Irvine from Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH), was overjoyed to win the special Glasgow Airport behind the scenes tour.

Daredevil Bob Moore, friend of WJ & W Lang, Paisley, won the kayak and canoe experience in Clyde Muirshiel country park on his first bid. Bob, who lives in Lincolnshire, will surprise his son and daughter-in-law with the prize on a family trip.

The evening’s entertainment was warmly received with the popular Pulse Showband entertaining the guests into the late hours of the morning.

The Provost’s Ball has raised vital funds for charities Renfrewshire Carers’ Centre, RAMH (Recovery Across Mental Health) and two hospices – Accord and St Vincent’s – chosen by Provost Hall to feature in a special charity giving scheme during her term as Provost.

Money raised from the ball will be shared equally among the four charities.

Provost Hall said, “I am delighted that the evening was one to remember for so many people. It was a great night and fun was had by all.

“Charity will always be at the heart of our community and this was shown on the night by the generosity of everyone who attended.

“We raised just under £12,000 on the night and this money will be a great help to my chosen charities.

“I like to thank everyone who attended and made it the evening very special. The generosity of these warm-hearted people is never forgotten.”[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_gallery ids=”21649,21648,21647,21646,21644,21643,21642,21641″ type=”masonry”][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_column_text]Courtesy of Renfrewshire Council.

Image captions

Image 1 – Getting in the picture – Guests were greeted by novelty act Paparazzi outside the venue.

Image 2 – Novelty act Paparazzi love taking Provost Anne Hall’s picture.

Image 3 – Guests strike a pose on the red carpet.

Image 4 – Provost Anne Hall welcomed guests at the pre-dinner drinks reception.

Image 5 – Provost Anne Hall with representatives from her chosen charities and Gina McKie, Radio DJ.

Image 6 – Elvis Cleaning Crew shake up the guests with some after dinner entertainment.

Image 7 – Strutting their stuff on the dance floor – the Elvis Cleaning Crew work their magic entertaining the crowd.

Image 8 – Provost Anne Hall with Marie Granger from Renfrewshire Carer’s Centre who won the diamond draw prize.

Image 9 – The Pulse Showband put on a fantastic show at the Provost’s Charity Ball.

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Renfrewshire Sports Charity Open Day

EVERY Buddie is invited along to party and soak up the free entertainment, fun and food on Sunday (June 15) at a special celebration to mark the launch of the newly formed Renfrewshire Sports Charity.

There will be something for everyone at the summer BBQ and Open Day at Pro-Life in Paisley which is operated by the charity to raise funds for ACCORD and St Vincent’s hospices.


The centre in New Sneddon Street will be rocking as the doors open on the first big event to put RSC in the spotlight with cheerleading from the fabulous Rockettes, live music from Entertainment Express and pony rides for the kids.

There’s also a children’s entertainer, face painting, games and bouncy castles for younger visitors to enjoy as they whoop it up for hours of endless fun at the big bash which kicks off at noon and will run right through to 6pm.

Dads can celebrate Father’s Day too showing off their footballing skills by taking part in any one of a number of keepie-uppie competitions and fighting it out to be crowned champion for the day following in the footsteps of keepie-up king Johnstone’s Graeme Lightbody.

And with a complimentary buffet, BBQ and drinks as visitors arrive organisers are hoping to see hundreds of folk from all over Renfrewshire turn up hungry to enjoy the free fun experience.

Gayle Brannigan, chief executive of RSC, said: “It’s party time at Pro-Life to put Renfrewshire Sports Charity in the spotlight and we want everyone to come along and have a fabulous time in a carnival atmosphere. It is going to be a great day with a busy programme of events and loads to do and enjoy.

“All folk have to do is give us a call and we will organise their complimentary passes for this event.

“The members of Pro-Life gym are playing a major role in supporting our hospices right here in the heart of Renfrewshire by helping us raise vital funds for people who need the specialised care both St Vincent’s and ACCORD give at one of the most devastating times in any families’ lives.


“Every pound profit from every membership will go to the hospices that need thousands of pounds every week just to keep going. Our charity is working hard every day for our hospices and we hope this summer BBQ and open day will help introduce us to those who don’t yet know about our work.

“We want to see the place buzzing on Sunday so there’s an open invitation to come along and join our party. All folk have to do is give us a call and we will organise their complimentary passes for a great day out.”

Helen Simpson, chief executive at ACCORD, said: “We are excited and delighted to be chosen by Renfrewshire Sports Charity to be the recipients of their fund raising efforts. It is an exciting time for all of us.”

Kate Lennon, chief executive at St Vincent’s, added: “It’s thrilling that the hospice is going to benefit from the work of the new charity which is sharing its profits between the two hospices. By working out and keeping healthy at Pro-Life people are supporting us.”

All you have to do to get your complimentary tickets to the big event is call Pro-Life on 0141-889-5027 and give staff your name.

Renfrewshire Sports Charity was set up after Pro-Life owner Alex Whelan gifted his successful gym to them to be operated to raise cash for ACCORD and St Vincent’s hospices.


Rockettes: The Rockettes will be helping to entertain the crowds

Executives: The three chief executives: Gayle Brannigan, Renfrewshire Sports Charity, Helen Simpson (left) ACCORD and Kate Lennon, St Vincent’s[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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A rising young boxer helped by Pro-Life Paisley

Pro-Life managed by Renfrewshire Sports Charity

A rising young boxer being trained by former British welterweight champ Kevin McIntyre was a real knockout when he donned his new lucky shorts and went on to lift his first title after just four months in the sport.

Paisley’s Kieran McIntyre – Kevin’s nephew – proved he could pack a punch when he took to the ring in the elite Scottish Schoolboy Championships and won the 38kg category title.

The 12-year-old Todholm primary pupil puts his winning performance down to the snazzy customised shorts bought by Renfrewshire Sport Charity which operates the Pro-Life Fitness Centre in Paisley to raise funds for ACCORD and St Vincent’s hospices.

Having his uncle Kevin, one of his sporting heroes in the corner, also spurred Kieran on to a magnificent performance in his bout to arrive back to his home town a winner…just like his uncle before him.

Kieran is the first sportsman to win sponsorship from a special Sports Fund which was set up by RSC in the wake of well known fitness expert Alex Whelan retiring and gifting his gym to the charity which receives all the profits from the operation.

And already the young puncher is showing the potential to follow in the footsteps of Kevin who is training and mentoring him.

Kieran who was delighted to win his bout at the event at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow said: “It was great to get a medal. It’s the first one I’ve ever won in my life for anything. I usually just get them for participating not being a winner so this is a good feeling.

“The shorts made a huge difference, really they did. They were hand made for me and cost £180 and made me feel like a real fighter. I felt great in them and they gave me a real boost and I felt more confident going into the ring. They are definitely my lucky shorts.

“ There’s no way I could have got them without this sponsorship from Pro-Life so I just want to say thanks and I’ll stick in at the training.”

A delighted Kieran, a member of Renfrewshire Amateur Boxing Club, added: “I thought about giving it up but not anymore. I train for two hours three nights a week just now so you have to be committed to it.

“Since I started boxing just a few months ago I’ve had five fights with four wins and one loss. This latest one has made me believe in myself a bit and think that with a lot of hard work this could be the sport for me.”

Kevin a former British, Scottish and Celtic Welterweight champion is backing the young star to go far as long as he works hard and takes care of himself.

He said: “If you look good, you feel good and you box good. Your confidence just soars so what Kieran says is right. You are more self-assured if you look and feel the part so I’m sure his new shorts did play a big part in the win.

“Kieran’s done really well at training, working hard and putting the hours in at the gym and that’s what being a great sportsman is all about. He’s still young so we won’t be too hard on him. This sponsorship deal with Renfrewshire Sports Charity will make a huge difference to Kieran and his family. Without something like this kind of support achieving your goals is always so much harder.

“Pro-Life helped me through my career and now they’re giving my nephew the support he needs to go on and be a success which is a wonderful gesture.”

Kieran’s proud dad Garry, 32, added: “We are all delighted for Kieran. We never expected him to have so much success so quickly but this big win has motivated him to stick in at it. And those shorts – he never stops talking about them.

“We are obviously grateful to Pro-Life for backing Kieran in this way and it is an honour for him to be the first recipient of sponsorship from the new RSC.”

Gayle Brannigan, chief executive of RSC, said: “I am delighted to be part of this historic award. Kieran is the first sportsperson to be sponsored by the charity. It’s an exciting and vibrant time for everyone and he is exactly the type of person we are looking to help.

“He’s young, new into his sport, has ambition and commitment and is developing into a dedicated boxer. I can’t believe he’s already a champion after such a short time in the sport and we will continue to help him out whenever we can.”

Pic captions:
Kevin: Young Kieran with his hero and trainer former British welterweight champ Kevin McIntyre.
Shorts: Kieran, who is pictured with Gayle Brannigan from Renfrewshire Sports Charity at Pro-Life, says the shorts gave him a belief he could win.
More information from Anne Dalrymple on 07969 143686[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_single_image image=”21323″ img_size=”full” animate=”afb” animate_delay=”0.2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Accord Hospice Summer Fayre

Paisley Town Hall welcomes the annual Accord Hospice Summer Fayre

Accord Hospice is an independent charity giving free Specialist Palliative Medical and Nursing Care and support to people whose illness is causing physical pain and emotional distress and for whom curative treatment may no longer be appropriate.

This years event  is to be held on Saturday 8th June 2013 10am – 4pm

Accord Hospice Summer Fayre always attracts a huge crowd and this year is already promising to be bigger than ever

A craft fayre, bric-a-brac stall, a tea room, hot food stalls, games, competitions and lots lots more

And to keep the kids amused there will be face painting, bouncy castles and more

So come along and support ACCORD  – we hope to see you there.


Renfrewshire Provost’s Charity Abseil Photographs

Provost Hall joined Renfrewshire Council chief executive David Martin and 20 volunteers who abseiled from the roof of the council’s HQ in Cotton Street, Paisley, on Saturday. (May 25).

As usual we were on hand to record the events for the benefit of the community to highlight the positive action being taken by all individuals involved, all Paisley Photographs were taken by Alex Kyle for

Provost practices before charity abseil

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall has been getting in some last-minute practice before leading a charity abseil with a difference.

Provost Hall will join Renfrewshire Council chief executive David Martin and  will be part of a group of 20 people who will abseil from the roof of the council’s HQ in Cotton Street, Paisley, at noon on Saturday. (May 25)

Abseil Lapwing Lodge 04
The event will launch a new charity-giving scheme to support four local charities chosen by Provost Hall.

And joining in the event, representing charities and council departments, will be Superman, Supergirl, Batman and the Black Widow from the Avengers who will all abseil in costume.

In keeping with the Provost’s aim of involving the community in the new project, a range of entertainment has been arranged for the watching crowd on the day.

Starting at 11am, the upper deck of the council HQ car park will host a bouncy slide, an inflatable beat the goalie and a range of charity stalls.

In advance of the big day, Provost Hall visited Lapwing Lodge Outdoor Centre in Paisley for a spot of abseiling practice.

There she met up with representatives of Civil Defence Scotland (CDS), a registered charity which provides a volunteer national emergency response team to assist in emergencies such as flooding and extreme winter weather.

CDS also help other organisations and charities run fund-raising events and have offered their knowledge of organising abseils to Provost Hall for the occasion.

“I’d like to thank CDS for the time and commitment they have given to our event,” said Provost Hall. 

“And while I am looking forward to my first abseil it did no harm to get in a spot of practice!

“I’ve been very encouraged by the positive response to my aim of using the office of Provost of Renfrewshire to highlight and support the work of four outstanding local charities.

“I’d urge people to sponsor friends, family or colleagues who are taking part.  Or they can support the charities by simply donating direct to the collective charity fund online or in bank branches using Account Number: 20041937 
Sort code: 82-54-04.  Further information on the scheme is available at

“I also hope as many people as possible come along to enjoy the event and join in the activities that have been laid on. 

“People can  take advantage of the free parking in Renfrewshire Council marked bays in Paisley town centre every weekend.”

Four charities will share equally the donations received – Renfrewshire Carers’ Centre, RAMH (Recovery Across Mental Health) and two hospices – Accord and St Vincent’s.

Provost drops in for charity fundraiser.

Renfrewshire Provost Anne Hall will abseil down Renfrewshire House to raise money for her four chosen charities: Saturday 25th May, stalls and inflatables will be open from 11am abseil commencing around 12.00

Accord Hospice

Hillman Imp Linwood RallySt Vincent’s Hospice

Renfrewshire Carers Centre


Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health.

Joining Anne will be the Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council, along with a representative from each charity. The Provost also hopes to “rope” in some extra volunteers from Renfrewshire Council.

All money donated to the special fundraising bank account (account number 20041937 sort code 82-54-04) will be split equally between the four named charities

In addition, each charity shall be setting up stalls to raise money for their own individual charities.

Overseeing the abseil will be Civil Defence Scotland a Scottish charity with a team of dedicated men and women drawn from all walks of life who promote, develop and maintain CDS as a volunteer national emergency response team. The team comprises volunteers trained in a variety of skills in order to assist, primarily, their local communities and also to respond to incidents in any part of Scotland and elsewhere in the United Kingdom when affected by emergencies and disasters, both man-made and natural.

A bouncy castle will be there to keep the kiddies entertained, provided FREE by Irvin Stringfellow and all money raised from this will also be split between the four charities.

The abseil is the first of several charity events the Provost is hoping to host during her term in office and wishes her every success in this and future fundraising events.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to these deserving and worthy charities can do so to

Bank Account Number:  20041937 Sort Code: 82-54-04

Clydesdale Bank
1-3 Causeyside Street

Accord Santa Dash

The Accord Hospice Santa Dash will take place on Sunday 9th December at 10am in Barshaw Park. This was a very successful event for Accord last year with 135 Santas taking part.

The suggested minimum sponsorship is £15 and santa suits will be supplied. There will also be a free kids race thereafter, again with suits supplied for the first 50 entrants.

Accord Santa DashAccord Hospice would love to see as many of you there as possible. Please tell of of your friends. The Rowantree Cafe which is where the registration desk will be sited will also be open for refreshments.

Whilst some participants may take it more seriously than others, this is very much designed as a fun run to suit all levels of ability. Walkers are also very welcome.

Here is a link to the booking page

Alternatively contact Accord Hospice on 0141 581 2000 or for more information

Accord Hospice would also like to thank Good2 Run who are based in the Prolife Gym in Paisley for their sponsorship and support in organising the run for us.

accord hospice

Provost predicts huge charity boost with psychic night

Renfrewshire’s Provost is predicting a huge boost for two local charities by bringing back a popular psychic night.

Provost Celia Lawson is inviting local residents to support her chosen charities for 2011, St Vincent’s Hospice and Accord Hospice, at the event on Monday 29 August by coming along to the event.


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