RCSP Youth Event

The RCSP Youth Participation event is a partnership event held for S5/S6 pupils and focuses on the Positive About Youth Campaign and using the Achieving Step Change All Child Epidemiology priorities as themes for youth workshops.

RCSP Youth Event

The RCSP Youth Participation Event was held at St Mirren Football Ground on Thursday 27th September 2012. This was the fifth annual event of its kind and it developed the format of 2011’s event and focused on the Positive About Youth Campaign and using the Achieving Step Change All Child Epidemiology priorities as the themes for the youth workshops.

The event had been planned across agencies and with the help of the ICS Youth Forum and Renfrewshire Youth Voice, young people’s groups. It was a whole day event with space for 150 pupils to attend. On the day, approximately 140 young people attended. The young people had been targeted as pupils facing difficulties affecting their ability to reach their potential in S3 and S4. It was asked that schools include young people who are looked after at home or accommodated, are in contact with support services or have additional support needs. Ten of the eleven secondary schools in Renfrewshire supported young people to attend. Young people from Mary Russell School (sixteen pupils) and from New Directions (four young people) also attended.

The event provided an opportunity for young people to tell those planning and delivering children’s services their ideas, views and needs as a young person. The young people also attended workshops focused on issues affecting young people across Renfrewshire. The workshops included:-

  • Physical Health, Bodyworks / Sports Station (Glasgow Science Centre)
  • Community Cohesion, CSI St Mirren (Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and Strathclyde Police)
  • Emotional Wellbeing, See me… (Choose Life and CRISIS)
  • PAY (positive behaviour), Working with young people (Renfrewshire Youth Voice)
  • PAY (positive behaviour), Intergenerational practice and volunteering in the community (Engage Renfrewshire and Generations Working Together Renfrewshire)

In addition to this, local services and agencies were invited to have a stand at the event and to provide information and advice to young people. A range of local services participated and engaged with the young people through the following activities:-

  • A smoothie bike
  • A bungee run
  • Football coaching
  • Tennis
  • Students from Reid Kerr College were also available to provide make over’s and theatrical make up.

Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Tam Baillie, attended the event to speak to the young people about his role and about their rights as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The young people were asked about how helpful they found this as part of a questionnaire they completed on Viewpoint. 68% of the 25 young people who completed the questionnaire said that they understood most or all of what they had been told about their rights.

The event also gave young people the opportunity to give their views to Renfrewshire Council and its partner agencies about how services could be improved for young people in Renfrewshire. Twenty five young people completed a questionnaire on Viewpoint giving their views on this.

Find out more by visiting www.engagerenfrewshire.com