Dawn Harris and Zac McGowan Joint Community Champions November 2013.

Ten year old Dawn Harris is a very busy young lady.  The Kirklandneuk Primary School pupil is involved in so many clubs and groups across Renfrew that it’s difficult to keep track. Elected ‘Equal Representative by her P6 classmates, Dawn regularly attends Equal meetings. Helping to organise travel plans and a successful walking group are only two examples of the many tasks the group are involved in arranging.

dawn-harrisIf this didn’t take enough of her time Dawn is also in the Drama Club, recently awarded the role of ‘Granny Smurf’ in the Christmas play and takes part in the Charlene Gordon Vocal Academy at Newmains Primary, putting her singing talents to good use.

Recently Dawn and co took part in a ‘Flashmob’, surprising shoppers and workers at Braehead with an impromptu singing and dancing session and by all accounts bringing the centre to a delighted halt.

Balancing all the above along with being in the Brownies and currently learning how to play the glockenspiel and taking snare drum lessons Dawn seems completely unfazed by it all adding that she wants to join a bagpipe band and eventually to be a primary school teacher.  Where does she want to teach?  Why Kirklandneuk of course!

Zac McGowan is one of Renfrew’s most inspiring young people.  This young gentleman is heavily involved in the community at the tender age of just 9!  Zac has been helping out his dad, John McGowan with his work for Renfrew Association of Growers and Gardeners over the last couple of years not just because his dad is involved but because, in his own words “growing your own food is good for you and fun”!

From helping to plant the original test garden to actively distributing leaflets to thousands of houses across Renfrew (Zac’s dad describes him as ‘running’ between houses to get maximum reach) he also helps to grow food at home including chillis for his very own chilli con carne and collecting berry’s to produce his own blackberry jam!

Zac can’t wait for the Community Garden to be up and running as he already has plans for his dad’s plot, determined to grow his own pumpkins as well as his own fruit and veg.  Zac seems well on the way to being a budding chef of the future with a particular interest in finding out more about ‘purple potatoes’.

zac-mcgowanIt’s not all fun and games however, learning has been involved too.  Zac has attended ‘Hidden Gardens’ training to learn about composting, different types of soil, how best to grow your fruit and veg and has attended meetings to find out more about wildlife in the community garden.  On top of all that this Newmains Primary pupil was chosen to be on the schools Pupil Council three years running where he was involved in planning events and forming ideas with his fellow pupils.

Zac is, without doubt, well deserving of being one of our Community Champions!

You can find out more from Engage Renfrewshire.