Amanda Reid, September Community Champion

Amanda Reid, 14, is a busy young lady!  Chair of Renfrew Youth Forum and recently chosen by her peers as Youth Citizen of the Year 2013 in Renfrew this young Renfrew High student is out and about in the community to the degree that her mother complains she’s ‘never in’.

Originally hailing from nearby Paisley, Amanda moved to Renfrew around five years ago and found herself wandering over to the nearby YMCA to find out what it was all about after a couple of boys in her area mentioned they were going.  Amanda has not looked back since and only recently became the new Chair of the Renfrew Youth Forum, only a year or so after joining, testament to her popularity amongst her fellow members and the trust they hold in her to elect her to such an important position.

This year’s Renfrew Gala Day in Robertson Park saw the RYF (Renfrew Youth Forum) dress up in a superhero/fairy-tale theme with Amanda as Luigi from Supermario Brothers.  The Gala Day Parade came hot on the heels of Amanda’s official award in front of her proud mother at Renfrew Town Hall as Youth Citizen of the Year 2013!

When asked what draws her to being involved at such a young age, already in the stressful position of balancing school work, Amanda replies that she simply wanted to contribute to her community.  It’s a simple but powerful statement, testament to her modesty and commitment.

Along with her fellow RYF members Amanda is keen to see the Youth Forum grow in membership terms, hopefully attracting 12-25 year olds from across the wider Renfrew Community.  To this end the group are already in pre-planning stages of a Christmas event aimed at having fun, possibly raising some funds but most importantly raising the profile of the group, its aims and what they do and hopefully attracting a few extra members.  Once this is over and done with its time to ramp it up for the 2014 summer Gala Day and think about how RYF can involve itself and contribute to this fantastic event.

Renfrew Youth Forum meets every Wednesday night at Renfrew YMCA and holds one official Committee meeting a month.  The group has recently had to overcome some major changes following the departure of some of their older colleagues who have moved away however undoubtedly with young people like Amanda Reid at the helm it can hopefully continue to go from strength to strength.

Amanda is our September Community Champion of the Month!  Well done Amanda!

Are you interested in Renfrew Youth Forum?  Check out their facebook page for more information or even better go along to Renfrew YMCA on Wednesday nights at 6pm and say hi!  The group are always keen to attract new members between the ages of 12-25 from as widely across the Renfrew spectrum as possible.

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