Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley

Thomas Coats Memorial Church Photographs

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The Baptist Cathedral Of Europe

The Church has been part of the Paisley sky-line for a 100 years and is sometimes called the Baptist Cathedral of Europe. The spiritual home of a broad-based congregation in the Baptist tradition, the Church is primarily a place of worship, prayer, music and the preaching of the gospel. As such it offers a welcome to all who come through its great oak doors.The beauty of the building speaks its own silent message. There is the intricate beauty of the wood carvings and the spaciousness and symmetry of the sanctuary with its vaulted roof and cruciform shape. Marble, alabaster and mosaics abound. The building, in red sandstone, is Gothic in design, topped with a crown spire rising to more than 60 metres above ground-level. Read more.

Photographs from various Photographers, Brian McGuire and Tom who’s office actually overlooks this amazing building.