Listed buildings in Paisley

Did you know Paisley has the most listed buildings in Scotland in such a small space? Here is the full list of the listed buildings.

Broomlands Street, Woodside Cemetery, Martyr’s Monument (1 Of 2)
New Street, Paisley Arts Centre (Former Low Church)
12 New Street
51-55 Oakshaw Street
57 Oakshaw Street
6 Oakshaw Street Moran’s Auction Rooms (Former Oakshaw East U.F. Church)
20 Oakshaw Street, Former Gaelic Church
62, 64 Oakshaw Street Former Cameronian Church
66, 68 Oakshaw Street Former Manse
Orr Square Church Of Scotland
86, 88 Renfrew Road
94 Renfrew Road
6 St Mirren Street
14 Shuttle Street
Stanely Road, Moredun Lodge
Glasgow Road, Paisley Grammar School Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers Including Janitor’s Lodge
70-116 (Even Nos) And 55-101 (Odd Nos) Falside Road, Workmen’s Cottages
West End Cross, 2 Broomlands Street
11 Gauze Street Arnott’s
10, 12 George Street
42 George Street, Paisley Technical College
7 Gilmour Street “Clydesdale Bank”
9 Gilmour Street
3-19 (Odd) Glasgow Road, Garthland Place
Gordon Street, Former Fire Station
Gordon Street / Johnston Street, St Matthew’s Church Including Railings
Hawkhead Road, Hawkhead Hospital, Administration Block, Former Nurses Home, Wards 1-5, Boiler House And Mortuary, Laundry Block, Porter’s Lodge, Waiting Room And Cottages
23 High Street, The Paisley Centre
28 High Street
26 Hunterhill Road And Gate Piers
46, 48 Love Street
53 Moss Street
Neilston Road St Luke’s Church
Abbey Close “Alexander Wilson”
Abbey Close, Paisley Abbey
Alice Street “Rosebank”
Anchor Mills, Former Domestic Finishing Mill
Anchor Mills, Mile End Mill
5 Caledonia Street
Fountain At Angle Of Calside And Neilston Road
43 Causeyside Street And 1 Johnston Street
20 Donaldswood Road, Blacklands Lodge And Gatepiers
Dunn Square “Dunn Fountain”
Ne Corner Of Falside Road And Braids Road, Brown And Polson Ltd
Former Ferguslie Thread Works, Bridge Lane Gatehouse
Former Ferguslie Thread Works, Tannahill’s Bridge
5-11 (Odd) Forbes Place
Nos 8, 10, 12 Forbes Place
Gauze Street George A Clark Town Hall
Leitchland Farm
Auchenlodment House 136 Auchenlodment Road Elderslie
Incle Street, St Mirin’s Roman Catholic Cathedral With Boundary Walls And Piers
Thornly Park, 17 South Avenue, Foxburn Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
Thornly Park, 19 South Avenue, Arthurlie
Thornly Park, 10 Thornly Park Avenue, Glenarm Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Gates
215 Glasgow Road, Barshaw House
22 New Street
10 Oakshaw Street
12, 14 Oakshaw Street
Underwood Road, Railway Viaduct
Park Road, Scotscraig
4, 6 Gilmour Street
1 Glasgow Road
83, Glasgow Road Arthur Allison Memorial Hall
4 Glen Street
6, High Road, Castlehead
39 High Street And 5 New Street, Ymca
10, 10A And 12 High Street And 2 Moss Street
18 High Street
30 High Street
High Street, Coats Memorial Church
Inchinnan Road, Landmark Warehouse
Nos 17-25 (Odd) Lady Lane
Fountain Gardens Love Street Fountain
42, 44 Love Street
69-83 (Odd) Maxwellton Road
Moredun Road “Crosbie”
1-5 (Odd) Moss Street
6 Moss Street/1 The Cross
Neilston Road Royal Alexandra Infirmary
1-3 (Odd Nos) Causeyside Street And 21 Forbes Place
Church Hill Former Middle Church Hall
1-5 (Odd) County Place, 15 Gilmour Street And 20 Moss Street
Elderslie Kirk (West), 284 Main Road, Elderslie
Ralston Golf Clubhouse, Strathmore Ave., Ralston, Paisley
Caplethill Road, Thorscrag Including Ancillary Structure
Thornly Park, 43 Thornly Park Avenue, Airdoch Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Gates
19 Park Road, Makerston House, Including Outbuilding, Gatepiers And Walls To Street
15 And 17 Marshall’s Lane And Cart Walk, Kelvin House
21 Stonefield Avenue, Littlecroft
91, 93 New Sneddon Street “Adelphi House”
19 Oakshaw Street, Paisley High Church Halls
35 Oakshaw Street
49 Oakshaw Street Coats Observatory
6A Oakshaw Street (Former Church Hall)
60 Oakshaw Street
Queen Street Tannahill’s Cottage
92 Renfrew Road
St James Street Procurator Fiscal’s Office
Stanely Road “Sanctuary House”
Abbeymill, Former Anchor Mills, Seedhill Footbridge And Gate
11-17 (Odd Nos) George Place
6, 8 George Street
3 Gilmour Street “Bank Of Scotland”
8 Glasgow Road
High Street, Museum, Art Gallery And Library
52 Love Street
Broomlands Martyrs Church
18-22 (Evens) Causeyside
Church Hill, Former Grammar School
Church Hill Christian Social Action Centre
The Cross, War Memorial
Dunn Square, Queen Victoria Monument
Dunn Square, “Sir Peter Coats”
38 Ferguslie Former Stables And Gatepiers To Ferguslie Gardens
“West Lodge”, (Of Former Ralston House,) 226 Glasgow Road, Ralston
The Wallace Monument, At No. 243 Main Road, Elderslie
East Buchanan Street, Cathedral House And St Mirin’s Old Academy
50 High Street And 1 Orr Square
Penilee Road, Paisley Grammar School, Penilee Sports Pavilion
North Croft Street, Wallneuk Church
16 Oakshaw Street
6 Orr Square
90 Renfrew Road
St James Street Sheriff Court House
10 St Mirren Street
School Wynd St John’s Church (C Of S)
6, 8 Smithhills Street
Stevenson Street, “Spiersfield” (Excluding Modern Extensions)
Stanely Reservoir Stanely Castle
Station Road Former Stable Block, And Gatepiers Ferguslie Mills
Glasgow Road Sherwood Church
Hawkhead House Farm Steading Excluding Later Additions
Hawkhead Road, Hawkhead Hospital, Wards 7 And 8
Hawkhead Road, Ross House
20 High Street Masonic Hall
24 High Street
76 High Street Territorial Army Centre
Lonend, Watermill Hotel
Fountain Gardens, Love Street: Burns Statue
Abbey Bridge
Abbey Close “Robert Tannahill”
Off Barrhead Road Blackhall Manor House
Blackstoun Road Former Glencoats Hospital East Lodge Including Gatepiers And Railings
Park Road, St Margaret’s (Former Hospital)
45-47 (Odd Nos) Causeyside Street And Johnston Street
Causeyside Street Russell Institute
Dunn Square, “Thomas Coats”
13-15 (Odd) Forbes Place
Thornly Park, 9 South Avenue, Holmhurst Including Terrace Wall
Thornly Park, 29 Thornly Park Avenue, Lismore Including Arch And Gatepeirs
Thornly Park, 33 Thornly Park Avenue Including Boundary Walls, Gatepiers And Gates
6 And 8 High Street, Burton’s
Blackhall Lane, Blackhall House
Renfrew Road, Abercorn School, Including Entrance Steps And Railings
4 Sandholes Street
7 New Street The Bull Inn
38, 40 Oakshaw Street
7, 9 Orr Square
15 School Wynd
Storie Street Paisley College Of Technology, Hugh Smiley Annexe Formerly Hugh Smiley Day Nursery
Underwood Road St James Church
Walker Street Former Baptist Church
Greenhill Road, Four Square Tobacco Factory
Cyril Street, Violet Street, Ralston Uf Church
3-9 (Odd) Gauze Street Methodist Central Halls And Shops To Ground
5 George Place
Glasgow Road Barshaw Park Gatepiers And Gates
7-9 (Odd) King Street And Sandholes Street “Hayweighs”
30 Mansion House Road, Greenlaw House
Acer Crescent Balgonie
Mile End Mill Chimney Stack
Ardgowan Avenue Hunterhill House
20, 22 Back Sneddon Street And 13 Maxwell Street
Broomlands Street, Woodside Cemetery, Martyrs Memorial
46 Broomlands Street, Woodside Crematorium
7 Caledonia Street
25-29 (Odd) Causeyside And 2 Forbes Place Paisley Co-Op
4 Dyers Wynd, Good Templar Halls And Terrace Buildings
Dykebar Hospital Excluding Modern Additions
Former Ferguslie Thread Works, Counting House
Thornly Park, 23 South Avenue, The Gables
Thornly Park, 12 And 12A Thornly Park Avenue, Thorncroft Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
Thornly Park 22 Thornly Park Avenue, Monimail Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
5 And 7 West Paisley Brae, Paisley
Manor Park Avenue, Newark House
96 Causeyside Street
Glenpatrick Road, Elderslie, East Church
58 Stock Street And Espedair Street, Monty’s Snooker Hall (Former Bath House)
26 New Street, Conservative Club
40 New Sneddon Street
Oakshawhead Former John Neilson Institution And Entrance Lodge
18 Oakshaw Street
42, 44 Oakshaw Street
56 Oakshaw Street, Peter Brough District Nurses’ Home
72, 74 Oakshaw
121 Renfrew Road
13 School Wynd, Oakshaw
Stanely Road “Middle Park”
Stanely Road “Moredun”
Anchor Buildings, Seedhill With Railings
25 Gauze Street
27 Gauze Street
29-31 (Odd) Gauze Street
14 George Street St George’s Church Of Scotland
10, 12 Glasgow Road
Gleniffer Road Macdonald’s Fountain
Lounsdale Road Ciba-Geigy Social Club
7 Moss Street
49, 51 Moss Street
28 Arkleston Road
51 Causeyside Street
Dunn Square
15-19 (Odd) Espedair Street
Ferguslie Threadworks, Stables And Store On Glasgow, Paisley And Johnstone Canal
Thornly Park, 17 Thornly Park Avenue, Dunard Including Boundary Walls And Gatepiers
Thornly Park, 2 Thornly Park Avenue, Thornly Park House
Thornly Park, 24 Thornly Park Avenue, Garail Including Ancillary Structure, Garden Wall And Gate
17 George Street, New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgian Church)
Aqueduct, Blackhall
25-31 (Odd Nos) Weighhouse Close, New Street
20 New Street
8 Oakshaw Street
Gateway To No 46 Oakshaw Street
98-100 Renfrew Road
4 St Mirren Street
8 St Mirren Street
82 Stanely Road “Whiteleigh”
68 Falside Road, Formerly Brown And Polson Worker`S Institute
23 Gauze Street
26 High Street
Love Street, Lodges To Fountain Gardens
32 Love Street
34, 36 (Evens) Love Street
14 Main Road Castlehead “The Old House”
8-10 Moss Street
Blackhall Railway Viaduct Over White Cart Water
Brediland Road Lounsdale House
8-10 Broomlands Street
Castlehead, Main Road, Castlehead Church, Tannahill’s Monument
Nos 14-20 (Even) Forbes Place
Gauze Street George A Clark Statue
“East Lodge”, Darvel Crescent, Ralston, Paisley
Leethland Glenpatrick Road
Thornly Park, Stewart Road, Linton Including Terrace Wall
19 Lawn Street, Abbey Mission Hall
5 Mansionhouse Road
15 Abercorn Street, Former Oldfield’s Machine Tools Warehouse
Hawkhead House Farm, Farmhouse
Cartside Mill Office Block, Milliken Park, Kilbarchan
4 New Street
96 Renfrew Road
St James’ Bridge
2 St Mirren Street
Stanely Crescent, Stanely House
42 New Street
Abbeymill, Former Anchor Mills, Seedhill Gate House Including Gatepiers And Railings
167 George St St Mary’s Church (Rc)
Greenlaw Avenue Greenlaw Church
41 High Street And 2 New Street
32 High Street Liberal Club
12 Main Road Castlehead The Mound
38 Mansion House Road, Garage
85 Maxwellton Road
68 Maxwellton Road
Abbey Close Place Of Paisley
Anchor Mills, Former No 1 Embroidery Mill
Blackhall Street Anchor Recreation Club
Castlehead, Main Road, Castlehead Church (Church Of Scotland) With Graveyard
33 Causeyside Street And 1 Orchard Street
49 Causeyside Street
Church Hill And Oakshaw Street, High Church
County Square, Gilmour Street Railway Station
County Square, Head Post Office
Former Ferguslie Thread Works, North Gatehouse And Gates
Former Ferguslie Thread Works, Tannahill’s Hole
27 Ferguslie And 78 Maxwellton Road
Nos 4 And 6 Forbes Place
Thornly Park,11 South Avenue, Wilmar Including Gates
Thornly Park, 31 Thornly Park Avenue, Ardyne Including Gates