John Ronald & Co

Carpets Building Inchinan Road

From c1835, John Ronald & Co were operating as carpet manufacturers at Patrick Bank, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

inchinan road carpet building
The business went into liquidation but were resurrected later at new premises in Inchinnan road Paisley.

In 1862 the firm became Peter Jack & Co and in 1867 the then partners in the firm, Peter Jack and Hameth Coulthurst, were awarded a patent for improvements in power looms for the weaving of terry and cut-pile fabrics.

Ronald Jack & Co Ltd was incorporated in 1909 to acquire the business of Roland Jack & Co, the successor company of Peter Jack & Co with Peter Jack, the son of the Peter Jack who was a partner in the 1862 firm, as the first chairman.
The other directors were John Stewart Muir Jack, Joseph Macleod Lockhead, William Lang and Walter Dick Slater. When Peter died in c1909, John Stewart Muir Jack became chair.

In 1917 the company was approached by Charles Bine Renshaw, chairman of A F Stoddard & Co Ltd, carpet manufacturers of Elderslie, Renfrewshire, regarding a proposed takeover.
Ronald Jack & Co Ltd had already been in talks with Caledonian Carpets Ltd of Stirling, Scotland, regarding a possible merger and Renshaw suggested that all three companies merge.
In 1918 A F Stoddard & Co Ltd acquired the entire share capital of both companies and they became subsidiaries. In 1933, Ronald Jack & Co Ltd entered into voluntary liquidation.

The building then became the workshop of W Lang (Doors) Ltd, a joinery business.

After W Lang the building was occupied by Slumberland Beds. When they moved away Landmark Furnishings then used the building as a showroom but went into receivership in 2000.

The building lay empty for a period before being turned into flats