paisley from drone had record visitor numbers in the website on Sunday here is a list of visitor numbers into the website.

  • A record 24,000 Page views
  • A record 4,054 new people visiting
  • The most popular section was the Paisley message board with 55930 people visiting on one day to this section.

Once again records are being broken, well done to everyone involved in the website and welcome to all new visitors.

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I have created a new section for the demolition pictures and videos check out the link from the main Paisley website

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Visit our gallery for the demolition pictures from this mornings demoltion of the Millarston high flats

paisley from drone

Pictures and video are now being uploaded and will be live very soon..

Do you have pictures and video and would like them to be on the website? then send them into dont forget to tell me who you are and where you took them so I can credit you for your input…

My god its early, whos idea was this??

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Millarston High rise flats are to come down in the early hours of the morning between Sunday morning 3am till 6am final confirmation is to be seen but these times seem to suit with the main Railway line right beside the Flats being the main obstacle to a successful blow-down.

We wish Reigart all the very best and wish them a successful and safe blow-down and hopefully they don’t wake too many people up lol

For anyone going to see the flats coming down hopefully we will probably meet up and it doesn’t rain..

Look out tomorrow for some video and photos of the demolition.

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Unusual Bike

Originally uploaded by paisleyorguk

Now the Goverment as saying everyone should use their car less and get on their bikes more but here is one very unusual bike I seen on my travels doon the water to Millport a 6 seater bike .. Handy if you have a big family, not too much space for shopping but great fun besides.

For more pictures check out the gallery.

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Great news I have just been informed that one of our forum topics has reached 100,000 hits or people who have viewed this topic “chit chat” so congratulations is in order for the person that created the topic and also thanks to everyone who has contributed to that section..

Also I wish to say welcome back to everyone that has emailed me today “in your hundreds” to say thanks for my email last night and that you are coming back to the Paisley website and all love the changes that have been done…

Well is a thriving little community of Paisley Buddies and the more people we get on here the more banter and memories of Paisley’s past people and buildings become shared once again…

so to everyone…


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Here are todays pictures of Sma Shot Day 2008 pictures taken by ‘Westender’


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Sma Shot day 2008 is on the 5th July 2008 will begin at 11am and leaves Brodie Park on its way down to Abbey Close in the town and hopefully Tony Lawler will lead the parade with a replica of the Charelston Drum.

A wealth of stalls, funfairs, street theatre and onstage entertainment – including a re-enactment of the Sma’ Shot Story by local youth theatre PACE, ‘Loud ‘n’ Proud’ celebrating the ‘Charleston Drum’ with a drumming extravaganza and the ‘Burning of the Cork’ – will ensure that the day will be a memorable one.

Read more

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Apologies to anyone trying to access the website last night and early this morning, we seem to have had a wee server glitch and our backup system kicked in.. Unfortunately our backup system does not have an up to date database for our blog and message board to work. We will solve this so in the event of the website going offline again you should notice only minor changes.

if you have sent an email to anyone on the website over the last day and a bit and have not heard back, then please re-send your email and we will be in touch as soon as possible…

Also we will be moving back to our normal host asp and the website may go offline for a few hours, hopefully we will keep disruption to a minimal time.

Thanks once again for your patience.

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I have been doing a wee nighttime course at Paisley University eherm sorry its now known as The University of the West of Scotland “doesn’t have the same ring to it” anyways the course is not just for my benefit its also to the websites benefit too and hopefully you will agree..

I have been out most Saturdays with the course taking photos all around the town and in this shot you can see that I have edited one of my images for the course and also for the Paisley websites gallery.

Please check out the new reworked gallery especially if you had trouble before, the new one is faster and easier to use, so please click on gallery on the menu above.

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just trialing a new channel for displaying videos and slideshows on