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A team from Glasgow Archeological Research Division (GUARD) are plumbing the depths of a medieval drain in the grounds of the 14th century Paisley Abbey, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The dig is jointly part of Scottish Archaeology Month and Doors Open Day Scotland – an annual event that allows the public free access to otherwise off-limits buildings, historical and modern, across the country throughout September. Michael Fediginan, who runs the local interest website, has been on hand to photograph and record the excavation, and gave Heritage Key an insight into progress so far. read more “text from Heritage Key”

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St Mirren chairman Stewart Gimour has put the Scottish Premier League club up for sale after deciding to step down.

Gilmour and vice-chairman George Campbell have formed a consortium with other board members to sell their 98,000 shares in a single block.

A 52% stake is available, with the club hoping to find a buyer by January.

Gilmour told BBC Scotland that it was the right time to sell, adding: “There’s a fresh input required of finance and, more importantly, energy.”

The St Mirren chairman revealed that the consortium had been mulling over the move for the past 12 months and that it had achieved its objectives of making the club debt-free. news story from the bbc click here to read the rest of the entry

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The Paisley Choral Festival takes place at the end of October, check it out for more information.

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Today, we can confirm that as part of Doors Open Day and Scottish Archaeology Month, archaeologists from the University of Glasgow “GUARD Glasgow University Archelogical Research Division” are conducting an investigation around the modern manhole which is the present access to the Drain, i was luckily enough to be told in june about the planned dig which started this morning on schedule.

Paisley Abbey’s drain is almost unique in Britain, being in parts somel.5 to 2 metres in height, beautifully built of dressed ashlar blocks. The drain was rediscovered in 1990 when archaeologists from the GUARD (Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division) were directed to the modern manhole by Frank Snow, of the then Strathclyde Sewage Department. The drain was excavated of 2 feet (60 cm) of silt which contained some amazing finds.

Fragments of pottery from several hundred vessels were recovered, along with a complete chamber pot (on display in Paisley Abbey sacristy). Work has been carried out this summer by Sabrina Gillman a post graduate student at Glasgow Uni, to catalogue and study this pottery. She has been assisted by many volunteers from Renfrewshire Local History Forum and Glasgow Archaeology Society.

Other finds included inscribed slates, buckles, lead seals, gaming pieces, and remains of more than one hundred and forty plants. Amongst these are food plants such as barley, wheat, onions, kale, imports such as mace and figs, and medicinal plants such as opium poppies, greater celandine and hemlock.

The excavation’s purpose is two-fold. First to provide information about the construction of the drain, and, it is hoped, help date the structure and reveal any earlier form of drain on the site.
Second, to establish whether there is any valuable archaeology here which might preclude use of the area for any future permanent viewing facility.
The archaeologists will be on site during Doors Open Day to explain their findings, and there will be an exhibition in Paisley Abbey providing more information about the drain.

paisley is very grateful to the University of Glasgow’s Archaeology Department, particularly Professor Steven Driscoll, Robert Will and Sabrina Gillman for their expertise and enthusiasm; the University of the West of Scotland, particularly Tony Grace of the School of Media, Language and Music for recording the dig and helping make it more widely known; Renfrewshire Local History Forum, particularly Andrew Eadie and Bruce Hendry for their unfailing support and enthusiasm; Frank Snow – the man who knew where the Drain was when the archaeologists couldn’t find it and who has kept his sense of excitement and ownership for nearly twenty years; and On Site Ltd, Acre Industrial and Scot Jet Ltd for their generous sponsorship of the dig.

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Wallace day pictures taken by our very own westender..

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“posted by Westender on the forum

Well it’s that time of year again to access all the great Historic Buildings of Renfrewshire, Dust the cobwebs off the hiking boot’s if your climbing the Coats Memorial, And cameras at the ready to share our photographs of our stunning architecture with the world on-line.

This year there shall no doubt see changes as we go about our town places lost such as the Regal which shall no longer be seen looking down from the stunning views of the Coats Memorial Church or maybe even our last chance to look at the old St Mirren stadium from the top of the Coats Memorial, So this year if your sitting in the Council Chambers pretending to be our Provost or if your in the cells below the Sheriff Court please come back into and share your pictures of the day.

New this year, the Anchor Mills West Gatehouse, completing the regeneration of the vast mill complex. Also archaeology at Paisley’s unique Abbey Drain, and near the Collegiate Church, Castle Semple.

Specially for Homecoming Scotland 2009, Renfrewshire’s Registrar Service will provide taster sessions in searching for your family history. To book a half hour slot with a registrar in Renfrewshire House Customer Service Centre, Paisley, phone 0141 840 3362.

Guided walks at Formakin, Johnstone town centre and on Oakshaw in Paisley.

Don’t forget Renfrewshire’s Children’s Passport, which makes our Doors Open Day a great family day out.…PP=All&areaID=32

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Pictures taken by Our own Westender of Lance Armstrong in Paisley yesterday, Lance Armstrong 7 times tour de france winner announced a 4am blog on twitter that he would be cycling from paisley to glasgow, well the media and press and fans decended on the town, Graham obree can also be spotted in the illuminous yellow jersey

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I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

“Paisley Town Centre Support Submission”

I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes less than a minute of your time.


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Paisley Author Lizzie McGlynn has a new book on sale you can find it on Amazon by clicking here, Or by Tesco by clicking here.

Book Description:

To the outside world, Lizzie McGlynn’s father was a model citizen. To little Lizzie he was a violent and depraved monster.

For years, Lizzie was raped and beaten by her father, whilst her alcoholic mother stood by, helpless. She eventually found the courage to report him and her father was imprisoned – but 12 weeks later he was allowed to return to the family home and continue his reign of terror. He seemed to be above the law.

Battered and violated, Lizzie knew she had to stay alive to protect her two little brothers. She went on to escape her father’s evil clutches, but the physical and mental scars continued to haunt her.

Then, as her father lay dying, she summoned the strength and courage to forgive the man who had caused her so much pain.

Link of interest Sunday Mail.

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BUDDIES are being asked to help fund a film that will tell the story of Paisley’s worst-ever loss of life.

December 31 is the 80th anniversary of the Glen Cinema Disaster in which 71 young lives were lost.

Now, the Paisley Development Trust is working with Paul Mothersole, director of the Glen Cinema exhibition, which was staged five years ago, to make a DVD that aims to be a lasting memorial to the dead.

A total of £1,500 is needed to bring the project about and, so far, just £300 has been raised.

Piero Pieraccini, of the Paisley Development Trust, said: “Production costs are running at £150 per day and full use has been made of the available resources.

“We are running out of cash to complete filming and to print the film. There are about 10 days of work needed to finalise it and make it ready for a final viewing.

“In short what we desperately require is £1,500.

“We have approached the usual funding bodies but with no positive response.”

Mr Pieraccini, who is well-known as the boss of Paisley watering hole Hamishes Hoose, is appealing to businesses and individuals to consider donating cash, no matter how little, to the project.

“Even a small amount from individuals would be helpful,” he said.

“There is a lot of footage of survivors from the original exhibition that has never been seen and we would want to include that in the DVD.

“It would be on sale to the public but we would also distribute it to schools so that kids can see what happens. We want to keep it fresh in people’s minds.”

It was on Hogmanay 1929 that excited youngsters packed into the Glen Cinema, at Paisley Cross.

Smoke was detected, there was a shout of “Fire!” and a crush ensued in which more than 70 children died.

Buddies have never forgotten what happened to this day.

A plaque commemorates the disaster at the site of the cinema, which is now a furniture store.

Mr Pieraccini, right, spoke directly to Buddies: “If you can assist in helping us find the balance or would like to make a contribution to our costs, your help would not only be very much appreciated by us but by the whole of Renfrewshire.”

Anyone wishing to pledge cash can do so by emailing or by sending a cheque, made out to the trust, care of Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Service, 27 Clark Street, Paisley.

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Newsletter produced by the Linwood Line team, its in pdf format download it by clicking here. linwood line

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A 119 year-old Victorian Steam Engine is heading to Paisley this Saturday (18th July 2009) as the town centre hosts its first Fire Engine Rally, as part of the Festival of Fire.

Organised by Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Society and also Strathclyde Fire & Rescue, a fleet of engines dating from the 19th century to present day will proceed from the Fire Station in Canal Street, ending at County Square.

The fun and educational family day out will have a mixture of activities ranging from fire and chip pan safety demonstrations, giveaways and more. Youngsters and adults will be given the opportunity to sit in one of the engines and learn about the history of the fire service.

Amanda Moulson, Town Centre Manager and member of the Paisley Vision Board, said:

“This is the first time the town centre has hosted a fire engine rally and we’re looking forward to seeing as many families as possible join us to celebrate the past and present work of the fire service.

“There will be plenty of entertainment for both adults and children to enjoy throughout the day, as well as demonstrations on fire safety.”

Area Commander Simon Hunt, of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, said:

“Protecting the life and property of our community is of great importance to the fire service. This is a fantastic opportunity for the community to see what changes the fire service have made over the years to make sure they are safe in their own homes and on the road.

“I am absolutely delighted that Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Preservation Society have this opportunity to showcase their vintage fire engines, and also to allow us to engage with the communities which we serve, in order to make Renfrewshire a safer place to live, work and visit.”

The Fire Engine Rally, which is a free event, will kick off at 11am from the Fire Station in Canal Street, leading through Causeyside Street, St Mirren Brae and ending on County Square.