nik makeup artist

Nicola Keegan makeup artist

On graduating James Watt college in 2012 Nicola left with an HND in Makeup Artistry. Nicola stormed the industry and landed a coveted management position with renowned brand Smashbox Cosmetics. During which, she added to her makeup artist skill set, learning and growing as a makeup artist.

nik makeup artist

After a year Nicola embarked on her new team leader position with cult makeup brand Urban Decay.  Her career then excelled to the point she became a PRO freelance luxury makeup artist. “Working as manager for Urban Decay and Smashbox Cosmetics really gave me the experience on working with woman of all ages, all skin tones and skin types. Not to mention all the celebrity filled events that I organised and was a part of, it really set me up to be one of the best mobile makeup artists in Scotland”.

After leaving her Debenhams days behind Nicola went on to build a hugely successful freelance career in makeup. She covered all of Scotland and had bookings for makeup lessons, weddings, glam, halloween, prom and red carpet events in Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Perthshire to name a few.  She was constantly networking and working with other suppliers and creatives in the industry, building up a fantastic reputation as she went.

Soon Nikmakeupartist was snapped up by a new Ayrshire salon to launch and build the makeup department. During which she learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of the business. Nicola was so over booked she trained up two assistants and after just six months the salon won an acclaimed Scottish Wedding Award for best regional hair and makeup salon.

After which Nicola’s makeup career went to new heights. She was so flattered to make the finals of one of Scotland’s biggest industry events, The Scottish hair and Beauty Awards (SHABA) 2017.

Later that year Nicola’s bridal work was published in a bridal magazine ‘To have and to hold Scotland’. Then in 2018 her work was published in an international premium artbook ‘Stríðsherra Fables’.

As well as being an internationally published, award winning, makeup artist Nicola has contacts in advertising, festivals and corporate events with companys such as Scottish Power and One Call Direct. She is regularly booked for fashion, editoral and avant garde photoshoots and has worked alongside photographers, fashion designers and models from Superior Model Management and Colours Agency.

Nicola is a maestro in the makeup world and is an extremely versatile artist. She finds time to give back and has worked with several charities including Darlinda’s charity for Renal Research, Milldale Day Opportunities (Linwood), YMCA (Renfrew), Carers pamper events (Paisley) and many more.

Nicola has been featured in several tabloids including, Paisley Daily Express, Weekend Evening Times (Glasgow), Greenock Telegraph, Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald.

With all this invaluable experience we are proud to present a celebrity style service to your desired location. Where every need is catered for. We have a team of assistants and hair and beauty experts on hand to indulge your every need. Eight years of makeup experience is used to conceptualise bespoke makeup designs for our clients. Offering clients help with styling, hair, makeup and skincare we certainly offer the full package. Our customer’s always leave feeling pampered and looking wonderfully stunning. Drop us a message to start your opulent experience today.


At the moment the best way to get in touch is to call 07470 470070


Rukeri lawn turf, soil and landscaping products

We welcome bulk and trade enquiries. Please contact us for a specific, competitive quote.

Rukeri is fast becoming Scotland’s number 1 turf grower and supplier, providing the best turf to gardeners, landscapers and home owners alike. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with fresh, green turf, and are able to deliver turf throughout all of the UK mainland.


Need Advice? 0141 8891455
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Mon – Thurs 8 am – 5 pm
Fri 8am – 4.30 pm
Saturday 8 am – 1 pm



go rubbish

Rubbish Removal Glasgow and Paisley


trusted trader go rubbish

We are a family run local business based in Paisley and Glasgow providing house clearance and bulk rubbish removal services.

We remove bulk waste and rubbish from inside homes, garages, gardens, sheds, shops, offices, post builder clearances and just about anywhere else you can imagine.

We are fully insured for all the work we do and are SEPA (Scottish environmental protection agency) registered.

We provide expert house clearances in Glasgow and Paisley at competitive prices.

We offer some of the best prices for rubbish removal in Glasgow and Renfrewshire.

For a Free Quote And Advice Call Us On 07876182822 or 07826909180


There are loads of folks that punt numerous sporting events as a hobby or simply to form a touch more money on the facet. However, this hobby will truly be extraordinarily profitable if you recognize what you’re doing. In fact, folks have created millions counting on sports like soccer, baseball, basketball and additional.

However, you can’t simply jump into sports indulgent and expect to form a killing. you’ve got to possess a technique. If you only come in blind, you’ll find yourself losing far more cash than you really build, however there’s smart news…

Even if you’ve ne’er punt sports before, you’ll be able to learn a step by step strategy which will confirm that you simply win virtually each bet you create. however is that possible? Well, there are literally sports indulgent guides which will teach you all of the secrets, strategies, tips and techniques you would like to understand to not solely start however build extra money than you’ll imagine. All you’ve got to do is follow the recommendation within the guides.

Now, the unhealthy news is that there are sports indulgent guides that have some bad recommendations that may cause you to lose loads of cash. So, however, does one prepare the standard guides from the others? Well, you’ll have to be compelled to take the time to analyze the guides you’re curious about. you will conjointly wish to browse on-line reviews to seek out that guides others suggest. 토토사이트

Of course, if you don’t have the time to analyze all of the sports indulgent guides on the market to seek out the most effective ones, you’re in luck. We’ve already done all of the analysis for you. We tend to compare all of the highest sports indulgent guides out there to ascertain which of them were the most effective.

During our analysis, we tend to found three guides that positively went on top of and on the far side our expectations. Every of those guides offers a straightforward to follow sports indulgent strategy which will confirm that just about each single bet may be a winner. you’ll be able to learn additional regarding every of the three sports indulgent guides by reading our reviews below.

Sports Indulgent ways to extend Your Odds of Beating the Sport Perpetually

Too many of us think about sports indulgent as simply one thing they are doing in their spare time activity. However, many of us will see the potential that exists if you manage to possess the correct sports indulgent strategy and proper approach to betting generally. Are you disgusted by losing? curious about checking out the way to flip your luck around? Does one wish to understand that sports indulgent ways stand to assist you create the foremost from your betting? 검증사이트

Any smart strategy ought to enable you to put bets supporting a scientific technique. In fact there’s perpetually a random part close to known as luck concerned, however indulgent is all regarding stacking the chances in your favor. There ought to be no estimate concerned or bets placed supported gut feelings. indulgent may be a business and it ought to be treated like one. Any cash you utilize for indulgent has to be cut loose money you use for your lifestyle or anything. however are you able to probably expect to follow a technique with cash that was originally put aside to pay next week’s rent with? You can’t. This may assist you to concentrate on the task of indulgent and take away any emotional strings hooked up to the cash.

So what makes an honest strategy or what do you have to seek for during a strategy before you choose to implement it? Any good strategy has to have a positive expectancy. This suggests that within the end of the day you may win. The hit rate of the strategy has to be on top of 50% for you to be ready to profit within the end of the day. a perfect win rate ought to be between sixty to 70%, as a result of you may have to be compelled to cough up the fees and alternative expenses related to indulgent. Is it possible to expect you’ll be ready to notice a system that features a one hundred pc win rate? No, it isn’t. the most effective you’ll be able to do is locate a system that features a positive expectancy and persist with it. within the end of the day you may build extra money than you’ll be able to probably lose.

Keep no matter the info and news you’ve got regarding the groups as up thus far as doable. Any changes within the groups makeup 먹튀검증사이트  or factors that have an effect on however the players play can nicely affect the potential outcome of a match. confirm that you simply are perpetually up thus far on each side that affects the potential outcome of a match. info is that the key to winning at sports indulgent.


Playing board games with your friends and family at home is really fun and sometimes they are more fun than video games. But what to do when you are alone at the house and your friends are miles away from you? Well, to kill the boredom there many online versions of your favorite card games that you can play online with your buddies. Along with the digital board games, we have also mentioned some of the best social games that you can play directly from your smartphone or laptop. Play any of these games mentioned below and tell us which one did you like the most.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is one of the best board games of all time and it is available in digital versions for Android as well as iOS devices. you can not only play virtually against the computer but also fight with your friends and check who build the longest route.


Bingo has been enjoying success for more than 90 years. It is not only popular at home parties and retirement homes but players love to play it at casinos. You can play bingo online at online casino sites where you can enjoy various types of bingo games with your friends and computers as well. They have options of playing the game with real money or free so, it’s your decision how you want to play the game.


If you just want to take on a friend, how about a virtual round of chess? Checkmate your opponent. Of course, you can also gamble against the computer. You can find various apps and websites online where you can play chess. You can choose the game level before playing you are against the computer.

RISK: Global Domination

The next game is also a classic board game in the online variant: RISK. Compete on your smartphone against your friends in the classic strategy game and put your skills to the test. You can download the game on your Android and iOS smartphones.


Checkers is always fun to play. This board game is also available at various digital platforms. You can play it on your computer and mobile phones easily. You can choose with whom you want to play: a computer or your friends as it has a multiplayer option.


Almost a classic among multiplayer online games: QuizDuel! This quiz app experienced a huge upswing a few years ago and it has been downloaded for over 100 million times on different platforms. Even today you can duel with your friends all over the world and have to answer knowledge questions from different categories. It would be really fun! You should also check the online version of the Olympic games for students.

Phase 10

It continues with a classic card game, which you can find on your mobile OS app stores easily. In this card game, you play against your friends to victory. In each phase, you have to perform a different task and collect certain card combinations. Doesn’t it sound fun?

Catan Universe

This is one of our favorite board games which is regarded as Settlers or The Settlers of Catan. This classic board game is also available in the online variation. Build on it and watch out for the robber. You can download the app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones & tablets.

Clash of Clans

This game is already popular across the world with more than 500 million downloads from Play Store only. Lead your clan to victory and play against millions of players around the world. With Clash of Clans, you build your own village and then defend it against the attacks of other players. Of course, you can also attack yourself.

Angry Birds

Who doesn’t know the little round birds from Angry Birds? The multiplayer feature in the game is now available so you can now compete against your friends in a variant of the well-known game. You know where to find the game for your device, right?

18 Ball Pool

Usually, billiards are played in the pub, but with its digital version, you can bring the game straight to your living room. Play against your friends, against the PC, and prove what you can do. If you don’t know how to play the game then you can find the rules on various blogs on the internet.

Sea Battle 2

We end this wonderful list with one last classic. The digital version is also about bringing your opponent’s ships to sink and guessing where they are. Get started, improve your game strategy, and build your empire.


Your anniversary is coming up, and you’re keen to find a way to celebrate in style. However, you also know that you’ve still got bills to pay at the end of the month, and school supplies to splash out on for the kids. So how do you make sure that you have a fun time with your lover, without draining your bank account?

It’s easier than you’d think. If you’ve been trying to think of the best way to celebrate your anniversary for a while now, and you’ve been coming up short, the following tips could give you just the inspiration that you need. 

  1. Go Big on One Thing

You might have a little bit of money to spend on just one item, rather than a bunch of cash to splash out on everything from gifts, to a romantic dinner. If that’s the case, agree with your spouse that you’re going to go big on one thing, and forget the rest. For instance, if you both look forward to exchanging gifts for your anniversary the most, agree that you can spend a certain amount on a present for each other, then just eat at home as usual. 

On the other hand, if the best thing about your anniversary for you is going out for a night on the town when you’re all dressed up, then you can consider doing that instead. It’s all about finding what works for both of you. 

  1. Cook a Meal for Each other

This can be a tough option if you only have a single kitchen. However, you could consider having a two-day anniversary where both of you cook for the other person on one day each. This is a great way for you to let your creativity and love for each other shine through with a multi-course meal. Make sure that you pick all the foods that you know that your other half loves. 

Even if this means ordering from your favourite takeaway, you can definitely take this route. The aim is to make your spouse feel as loved and as full as possible by the end of the meal. This way, you don’t have to pay for a restaurant visit, and you still have money left over for gifts – and if you’re stuggling for ideas, has some great ideas for anniversary gifts. 

  1. Go on an Adventure

The outside world is full of marvels to explore. Rather than booking a night at an expensive hotel, if you don’t mind roughing it in the great outdoors on a sunny evening, you could always take a tent and go somewhere for a night under the stars. With no televisions or computers to distract you, you’ll be able to have some great conversations. 

What’s more, there’s plenty of opportunities in the outside world to get the adrenaline pumping and go exploring across some lakes, rivers, and hiking trails. If you love the outdoors, then this is a perfect time to put your skills to the test. Make sure you take plenty of pictures so you can remember this for years to come. 

  1. Start a Project Together

Next time you want to celebrate your anniversary, why not try working on something together that allows you to both be as creative as possible. You might decide to redecorate a room or change up your garden. On the other hand, you may also think that it’s a good idea to go to a class and learn some new skills before you get started. 

Maybe you could go to a woodworking class and learn how to make a new chest or chair together. Even if the project you create turns out to be a complete mess, at least you’ll have something that you can treasure that you both made together. 

  1. Just Relive the Memories

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of cash, and you don’t want to do much – like going out to a bar or restaurant, then you might want to spend a night in being romantic instead. For instance, you could consider running your significant other a bath, and settling down for your favourite movie together. You could even open a bottle of wine or champagne that you’ve been saving for that special occasion. On the other hand, you might want to look into getting your wedding album out.

Flipping through pictures of the happiest day of your life is sure to be a fun way to pass the time and have a great night on your anniversary. You could even end up talking about your first kiss.

Paisley arts institute


Paisley Art Institute is delighted to announce its 132nd Annual Online.

After the fabulous success of our 131st Annual Exhibition, held last year in the Piazza, Paisley Town centre, this year, due to the COVID-19 lockdown the Annual, the 132nd no less, will be an online presentation.

Paisley arts institute

The Management and Exhibition Committees are working hard behind the scenes to create a virtual space with a bespoke team to showcase new work by members and non-members alike in all media. Works may be for sale and we will do our utmost to share your artwork on our platform with buyers’ preview nights and incentives.

ENTRY DETAILS (in brief) are here below. or at this link

  • Online Registration:  open 11 May 2020 till 7 June 2020
  • Selection announced:  15 June 2020
  • Online Launch:  25 July 2020


All entrants must pay £5 per artwork entered.  There is a maximum of 2 works that can be entered (£10).  All works submitted for the online exhibition are considered by the Selection and Hanging Committee. Payments are accepted by Paypal, or debit or credit card. Submission fees are non-refundable.


You will need to sign up to Submittable before accessing the entry form. Applications must be completed by the deadline 7 June 2020. Assistance will be provided for any entrant who has accessibility issues with the form. Please contact

All artists must register their entries online at using this site.

Paisley Central Library

THERE has been a huge increase in people borrowing books, magazines and audio books from Renfrewshire’s Digital Library.

Paisley Central Library

Paisley Central Library

Since lockdown began there has been an 81 per cent increase in people going online to borrow from the service, a 74 per cent jump in e-book and e-audiobook issues and a 58 per cent increase in reservations compared to the same period last year.

Author Margaret Atwood’s the Testaments: the Handmaid’s Tale Series, Book 2 is the most popular digital title being borrowed with a tale of the tough-guy American loner Jack Reacher in Lee Child’s Blue Moon the next most popular.

Renfrewshire Leisure’s chairperson, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “Our libraries may have had to be closed, but we are always open for business online. We’ve a fantastic variety of e-books, audio titles and popular magazines available for library members to read when they borrow from our digital library.

“You could say we’re the library that never shuts, which is handy during the current lockdown, as more and more people are spending time reading while they stay at home.”

Anyone can join Renfrewshire Libraries at to get access to the digital books, audio books and magazines.

Here’s the league tables of the most popular digital titles borrowed during lockdown –

Adult e-books – 5 most popular titles

Title Author / Creator
The Testaments: The Handmaid’s Tale Series, Book 2 Atwood, Margaret
Blue Moon: Jack Reacher Series, Book 24 Child, Lee
Buried: DC Jack Warr Series, Book 1 La Plante, Lynda
The Foundling Halls, Stacey
The Warning Patterson, James

Adult e-audiobooks – 5 most popular titles

Title Author / Creator
The Family Upstairs Jewell, Lisa
The Mystery of Mercy Close Keyes, Marian
Cleaning the Gold Slaughter, Karin
Too Good to Be True Cleeves, Ann
44 Scotland Street McCall-Smith, Alexander

Junior e-books – 5 most popular titles

Title Author / Creator
50 Ways to Beat Boredom with LEGO Bricks Dorling Kindersley
What Monster?: Tom Gates Series, Book 15 Pichon, Liz
Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories Palacio, R J
The Day I Started a Mega Robot Invasion: The Day Series McLaughlin, Tom
The Meltdown: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, Book 13 Kinney, Jeff

Junior e-audiobooks – 5 most popular titles

Title Author / Creator
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball (Book 14) Kinney, Jeff
Meg and Mog Audio Collection Nicoll, Helen
The Racehorse Who Learned to Dance Balding, Clare
The Bone Garden Kassner, Heather
How to Read a Book Alexander, Kwame

Young adult e-books – 5 most popular titles

Title Author / Creator
Bog Child Dowd, Siobhan
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Boyne, John
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Vintage Children’s Classics Haddon, Mark
Nightshade: Alex Rider Series, Book 12 Horowitz, Anthony
One of Us Is Next McManus, Karen

Young adult e-audiobooks – 5 most popular titles

Title Creator
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane: The Underland Chronicles, Book 2 Collins, Suzanne
The Secret Commonwealth: Book of Dust Series, Book 2 Pullman, Philip
Tilly and the Lost Fairytales: Pages & Co. Series, Book 2 James, Anna
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series, Book 1 Han, Jenny
American Royals McGee, Katharine

E-magazines – 5 most popular titles

HELLO! magazine
Radio Times
Woman & Home
BBC Good Food Magazine
New Scientist International Edition


In the digital age there are a multitude of ways for you to take photographs, whether by your phone or by using one of the numerous cameras afforded to us,  it is wondrous how high-quality cameras truly have become. Photographs have reached such high specifications that you can often feel as if you were inside the photo.



Once was the way that the upper-classes would employ a painter to take their portrait, but now with the quality of even smartphones, that is no longer necessary. With so many resolutions boosting accessories, the professionals of have compiled a list of the must-haves for your camera. Why settle for good when you can have better?

Get Yourself a Gimbal

If you’re a videographer looking to take crisp videos and cinematic footage with your camera, whether it be an industrial video camera or just an ordinary camera, then a gimbal is certainly a must! Gimbals are versatile and stabilized, and can often support a maximum load of up to, while the batteries of many models can far surpass 13 hours. At around 2kg they are not light per se but are still light enough for you to traverse landscapes without being weighed down. Gimbals are often used as part of a modular system with many expansion ports for complete and ultimate flexibility.

You may also want to get external monitors or thumb controllers, and of course, microphones, as a videographer – I’m sure you already know that.

How About a CF Express Type B Card?

CFExpress cards are very fast at writing and reading data with speeds of up to an amazing 1700MBs, and 1400MBs on smaller models. The cards are made tough with features designed to withstand falls from up to 15-feet and boast an amazing rigidity of 70N of force.

Grab a Type B USB Reader

The fastest and most efficient way to transfer images from your camera to your computer is a CFExpress Card Reader. The CFExpress Card Reader is one of the best card readers on the market, offering an amazing 3.1 Gen2 speed, working harmoniously with the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards.

A Long-Lasting Battery

On a Nikon Z, through periods of extensive use, the battery can drain quite a lot faster than it once did, mostly because of its constantly illuminated LCD panel. If you’re constantly taking videos and photographs, the battery will drain significantly faster, also. The Nikon Z comes with two high specification batteries, but it is always good to get a third and a fourth, best from the official accessories page at Nikon, and have them with you always.



Always Bring a Battery Charger

If you’ve used all of your batteries, then thankfully the guy’s from Nikon have provided an MH-25 Quick Charger for the standard Nikon 7 battery. The charger is quite basic, with only one LED light indicator, and you can only charge a single battery at a time. However, it does the job.

If you prefer a more high specification model, then you should check out the other items available on the official Nikon accessory page. Many of the items provided offer a 5-year warranty which is important when you are regularly taking photographs in harsh environments.

Make Sure The Reviews Are Good!

You can truly make a career from photography, from wedding photography to nature and wildlife. Major publications, magazines, and newspapers employ well experienced and creative photographers who are employed to provide the best and highest quality of photography. The Natural History Museum of London quite frequently displays wildlife photography from independent photographers across the world, offering bursaries and grants.  

With photography in high demand, and competition rife, it is important that you choose accessories for your camera effectively. You must undercut your competition drastically and endeavor to provide the highest quality of photographs that you possibly can. Whether you take photos as a hobby, or professionally, it is important that you find the best-sourced accessories, preferably from official sources, to keep your camera in good condition and your photographs vibrant. 

There are so many potential accessories to choose from, you must choose effectively and cater to your particular choices around the specific camera that you use. Blindly purchasing accessories will do you no favors and you must be strategic in your purchases. It cannot be stressed enough that you should purchase from dealers of good repute, otherwise you may end up with accessories of poor craftsmanship that prove detrimental to your career as a photographer. There is just so much to buy, you must make sure you are certain the item is worth the cost; as I am sure you are aware many items nowadays are extortionately priced, so think comparatively, and buy smartly!


To create engaging content and designs, one needs to use high-end editing and designing tools. With great content, it becomes easy to target a potential group of audiences and reach out to them on a large scale. But to make the most use of your creative mind, Fotor designing tool offers the best solution. 

So to get hands-on of a simple yet unique online photo editor, Fotor can be the safest bet. Make your memories lively and interesting with the help of this online editor. Add stickers and designs that make you relive the happy moments through the images. If you are troubled to find the right photo editor to give a touch of professionalism, you can opt for Fotor. It can be used without much knowledge of photo editing.

Make the best use of graphic designs 

Gone are the days when it requires high graphic design ideas for boosting your brand. Keeping your worries aside, Fotor helps in applying attractive designs without the interference of any professionals. To express your brand message easily, choose the latest options of graphic design from the tool. There are a variety of template options that are perfect for social media platforms, posters, banners, and the like. Catering to wide types of advertisements, the software is offering the option. So, you need to choose the one that suits your business requirements the best. 

How to make the best use of clipart?

You can get access to the latest designed clipart and sticker photos on Fotor. To make your content attractive, spice it up with stylish stickers and trending clipart that speaks better than words. You can choose the one that suits your brand theme the best. It just takes a few clicks to add the clipart and the stickers making the content more inspiring and relevant for the target group of audience. By this, it will enhance the artwork making it beautiful and giving it the much needed professional touch.

All-in-one solution for editing

Fotor offers the option of photo editing, retouching, adding designs, clipart, and many more under one roof. Some clicks can help you get the required professional touch on the image. There are several options to choose from in the software. Get the effects, filters, and the graphic designs that are relevant to your brand image. For the growing need for digital marketing, the online editors are of immense help. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can easily do with this software. It offers a user-friendly interface making it easy for beginners and experienced to create an image look amazing.

Also, it is known that an image speaks better than words. So, make the best use of images making your content more attractive. Accentuate your ideas with suitable choice of themes and templates, making it perfect for posters, social media, and other forms of advertising. Give the best shape to your creative mind in just some clicks.