Gambling laws differ in different regions. Gamblers in countries such as France, Macau, and the USA are required to pay a percentage of their income as tax to the government. However, in the U.K, gamblers can make millions and keep all their income to themselves. This same rule applies to gamblers in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. To know about gambling in Great Britain, continue reading this piece.

Casino Regulators

The UK is home to three of the world’s most trusted online casino regulators: The Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the UKGC and the Alderney Gaming Control Board. Online casino operations within the U.K is mostly regulated and overseen by the U.K Gambling Commission. The UKGC permits gambling website with licenses from the Isle of Man, Antigua and Barbuda, EEA Countries and Tasmania to offer their services to UK citizens. The UKGC is also actively involved in monitoring casinos to prevent unlawful gambling enterprises from operating within the U.K.

Collecting Taxes

Gamblers may not be mandated to pay taxes in the U.K. However, the U.K collects revenue from gaming sites that operate within the U.K. In the last year, HM Revenue was able to gather nearly £3 billion by taxing gambling companies 15% of their annual net income.

On the other hand, casinos that operate in the U.K are thriving and dominating the gambling industry around the world. And while they do pay taxes on some of the foreign countries where they operate, Britain collects most of the tax payments.

Casinos in The UK

There are various successful casino brands in the U.K and some of these casinos sponsor popular sports team around the world. For example, Bet 365 sponsors 20 La Liga teams. William Hill, Betfair, 888 Casino, Betway, and more brands have partnerships with sports teams throughout the UK, Europe, and Northern America.

Because of the wide variety of online casinos such as – that accept British players, some casino brands own multiple websites with games targeting specific groups of players. Playing on sites that focus on particular types of games has its benefits. You receive bonuses personalized for your favourite games. If you join a poker-focused website or a casino that offer a wide range of poker games, you receive rewards customized for poker rooms and tournaments.

Software Providers

Although some companies offer in-house games, most gambling sites in the UK provide games supplied by independent developers. Homegrown software maker Microgaming is featured in nearly all UK gaming websites. NetEnt comes in second with more than 100 slot games supplied to casinos.

If slot machines are your favourite casino games, look out for NetEnt and Microgaming when choosing a casino. The two companies provide more than 600 slots. They’re also responsible for the Mega Moolah and the Mega Fortune jackpots respectively, games which have turned hundreds of players into millionaires.

Additional companies known for providing entertaining casino games to UK casinos include Quickspin, Play’n GO, Playtech, IGT, Realistic Gaming, Evolution Gaming, BetSoft, and Amaya Gaming. In total, more than 50 developers are licensed to supply games in Britain, which gives players the variety to play from more than 2000 games.

If you’re like many players, you have a few providers whose games you cherish. You probably wouldn’t join a casino that didn’t support games from your favourite software supplier. Luckily, there are so many casinos in the UK that you’re almost assured of finding a platform that offers games you’ll love.

To Conclude

The U.K is one of the best places to gamble professionally. Players have access to the best gambling sites and don’t have to forfeit part of their winnings by paying taxes. Also, there are reliable and trusted regulators that enable a safe online gambling environment.


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It took a while for Spain to make a mark in international football, but the local league has always been full of technically gifted individual talent. La Liga was founded in 1929, and it’s clubs have won the European Cup/Champions League 18 times. Including five years straight in 1956-60 and 2014-18.


Fernando Hierro was a rock at the back for Real Madrid for 14 seasons, appearing 601 times for the club. He had 497 matches in La Liga, which places him 10th on the league’s all-time list. 

Hierro, who started his career at Real Valladolid, won five league titles and three Champions League trophies in Madrid. For a defender, Hierro had an outstanding scoring record, netting 105 times in the league and 29 times for the Spanish international team. He played at seven major international tournaments and was capped 89 times by Spain.



A Madrid man through and through, Raul spent 14 seasons at Real, becoming the club’s all-time leader in games played with 741 appearances. Raul is La Liga’s leader in games played among outfield players, having featured in 550 matches. Watch Real Madrid live football streaming matches online.

He scored 228 La Liga goals, which put him into the top-three scorers of all time before Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo shot up the table. Raul won six La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies with Real before moving on in 2010. He has the second-most goals for Spain with 44 in 102 games.

Photo by Mitch Rosen, License


During his 14 seasons at Barcelona, Xavi won 31 different trophies to become one of the most decorated Spanish players in history. He won the league eight times, completing a total of 505 games, which is the most by any Barcelona player in the competition. Across all competitions, Xavi featured 767 times for Barca to set another club record. 

The midfield maestro won the World Cup, European Championships and the Olympics during his international career, which saw him capped 133 times by Spain. Among outfield players, only Sergio Ramos has featured more times for La Roja.



With 171 goals in 463 games, Emilio Butragueno wasn’t a very prolific striker during his 12-year career at Real Madrid, but he was a very successful one, helping the team win 16 trophies, including six La Liga titles and back-to-back UEFA Cup crowns. 

Real were five years without a league title before Butragueno formed the legendary La Quinta del Buitre with four other homegrown players to win La Liga five seasons straight. Ironically, Butragueno’s best personal season came when the team’s dominance was ended by Barcelona in 1990-91, as he finished as the league’s top scorer with 19 goals.



Having played professionally for close to 20 years, Andoni Zubizarreta set a La Liga appearances record with 622 games, which looks unbreakable – nobody else has managed more than 550. Spain have produced many top class goalkeepers over the last couple of decades, but Zubizarreta still stands in a league of his own, having recorded 233 clean sheets which also marks a league record. 

Playing for Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona and Valencia, Zubizarreta won six La Liga titles and three Spanish Cup trophies, while also lifting the European Cup in 1992. He was Spain’s most capped player with 126 games before some members of the recent “Golden Generation” flew past him.



Calculating film dimensions to flow wrap your product is one of the most difficult tasks. A slight mistake can either create a big gap or can leave a small part outside the flow wrap. In this article, we will teach how to calculate film dimensions accurately in order to flow wrap your product. Once you have the right dimensions you can easily wrap the product using flow wrapping machine

Basic Details about Wrappers

Every wrapper has a back stand (film feed assembly), an infeed conveyor, a cutting head, a discharge area, a film-forming area, and a fin seal (bottom seal). All the products (food and non-food) are placed on the infeed conveyor of the flow wrapper by the processing equipment. This can also be done manually by hand feeding. 

As the infeed conveyor drop-ship a product to the forming space, the film is drawn from the ‘film feed assembly’ into the forming space, and a movie tube is made around the product and a fin seal is formed. The film tube and therefore the product both are delivered to the cutting head. The cutting head creates the top seals and it cuts the adjacent wrapped product into individual packages, and delivers it to the discharge space. 

Types of Film

There are two types of films cold seal film and hot seal film. The type of film to use depends on various reasons including product characteristics, material costs, required capacity/speed, necessary barriers (ultraviolet, oxygen, etc.), hermetic seal strength or integrity. 

A base material (carrier) and a skinny layer of glue are the main components of cold seal film. In order to make this sort of film waterproof, it is pressed with two layers of glue together. This is why cold seal films can be used at higher film speeds than heat seal films. Hot seal films area unit is usually multi-layered and includes an outer coating to stop the film from melting. The core of the film includes plastic, and a sealer layer on the inside that has a lower melting temperature and bonds to seal the package along.

Calculating Film Dimensions

The first step to calculating film dimensions is determining the correct cut-off length. This is more important for registered film with graphics that need to be

at the center of each package. To determine the amount of film taken by the angle to the seal, divide the product height with 0.86603. 

Once you’ve determined the cut-off length, its time to determine the film web width. The 5mm (o.2″) is often explained by the gap (including the peak and thickness of the deck plates) from the merchandise to the fin seal rollers and a few further films to assure sensible chase within the fin seal rollers.  Common fin seal roller heights square measure half dozen, nine and fifteen metric linear units along with the 5mm of film for chase functions, this leads to fin seal widths of eleven, fourteen and twenty metric linear units severally.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned formulas are just for calculating the basic film dimensions. For better and accurate film sizing and cut-off, test it on your machine with the actual product and film. 


A vacuum sealer is one of the best kitchen appliances as it helps you keep the food safe for a longer period of time because of the vacuum seal. It makes sure that no air is entered into the seal, keeping the bacteria away from food. There are various types of vacuum sealer available in the market including industrial vacuum sealer

Depending on the usage of vacuum sealer, you should either buy a vacuum sealer for kitchen or for your industry. There are a lot of inexpensive external vacuum sealers that do not require too much space in your kitchen and are perfectly capable of keeping your home-cooked food safe. 

There are certain things to consider when buying a vacuum sealer such as power, seal, ease of use, durability, and other features. Make sure it has a strong and capable motor that draws out more air to keep your food safe for a longer time. 

Buying a vacuum sealer is only the first step to keeping your food safe, but you should also be aware of its working and maintenance. Let’s have a look at some of the best maintenance tips for vacuum sealer. 

  1. Clean the Vacuum Sealer: It is very important to clean the vacuum sealer after every use. It helps in preventing ants, pests, and other hard liquid drips that can damage your food the next time you try to seal it. 
  2. Never clean it with harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals might clean your vacuum sealer properly but it can also come in contact with the sealing bags during sealing process. Always use water and mild soap for cleaning your vacuum cleaner. 
  3. Never Use Wet clothes to wipe the appliance: Using wet cloth/rag for wiping the appliance might affect its working mechanism and increase the risk of damage. Make sure you use a damp cloth to wipe the important areas including vacuum channel, trays, and switches. 
  4. Remove the Soap residue: Make sure there’s no soap residue left behind after cleaning the vacuum sealer as it will make the surface sticky, allowing dirt and bacteria to stick to it. Rinse off the soap from the rag and squeeze the excess water from it and then wipe all the areas you had cleaned earlier. 
  5. Wipe it again with dry cloth: Once you have wiped all the areas with a wet cloth, it’s time to wipe it again with a dry rag to ensure there’s no water in the appliance. 

It is important to make sure that the appliance is completely dry before using it. Wet appliance increases the risk of electric shock when plugged in. Now that you know how to maintain your vacuum sealer, let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and common problems faced by consumers all over the world. 


  • Unit is not opening and not allowing the user to vacuum the food


If you have switched on the main switch of the sealer and the red seal light is also on, press the cancel button “twice”. In order to seal a new bag, the red light should be “off”. Pressing cancel button twice will solve this problem. 


  • I’m not able to insert a sealing bag


In order to insert the sealing bag into the vacuum sealer, you need to place each and every part of the sealer properly. Check if drip tray, bag detection tray, and the foam gadgets are placed properly in their appropriate place. 


  • Which side of the sealing bag should be placed on the sealing bar?


Place the rough side of the sealing bag downwards but if there’s a curl in the sealing bag, then you must place the curled end down. 


Apart from helping you keep your foods safe, a vacuum sealer can also be used to seal other things apart from foods. Therefore, purchasing a high-rated vacuum sealer can help you in numerous ways. However, you must learn how to maintain it for better results and to keep it working efficiently for years. One small mistake can lower its shelf life. The seal quality also depends on how better you maintain your vacuum sealer. This article provides the most incredible tips to maintain your vacuum sealer and answers the most common questions related to a vacuum sealer.

A leading problem faced by all, irrespective of their age, in today’s world is that of hair loss. Be it the stress and strain of life or the absence of some essential vitamins and minerals in the diet. Hereditary trends, diseases as well as environmental factors have all become a reason behind the increasing problem of hair loss.

Though several dietary supplements, hair oils, shampoos and other cosmetic products are available in the market. The results from them often vary and take too long to be considered as an effective solution. This is why perhaps a leading number of people today are seen to opt for the Turkey hair transplant. Which is an effective and fast solution to cover baldness in any desired area.

Before Hair Transplant

 However, many people who actually go for hair transplant have little knowledge regarding the procedure or what it entails. This is not right. Having a better understanding of the procedure will prepare you to not just undergo it. But it will also help in better maintenance of yourself and your hair after the procedure has been completed. That is why we prepared a checklist of all those things that you should know before you proceed to undergo a hair transplant and start looking for the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

What is hair transplant?

The first thing that one needs to understand with regards to hair transplant is the procedure itself. The hair located at the back of the head is most resistant to hair loss. These hair follicles from the back area which is considered as the ‘’donor area’’ is relocated to other areas so as to effectively cover hair loss.

Since these newly implanted hair follicles are free from the effects of the DHT hormone, they are not subject to hair loss. This makes the hair transplant a permanent procedure and the transplanted hair will never fall again.

Why hair transplant Turkey?

If you are wondering why turkey is considered as the best place to get your hair transplant. Then the simplest answer would be because it offers the best quality at the lowest cost. While countries such as UK, US and France charge very high amounts in a way that it cannot be afforded by everyone. The hair transplant packages in Turkey made it easy that you can simply accommodate it within your budget.

What is more important is that there’s no compromise with regards to the quality or the doctor’s expertise because of the low cost. In fact Turkey sees so many patients for hair transplant each year that it earns millions of dollars out of this industry.

Maintaining a healthy life

However, it is important to note that your duty towards your hair does not end with hair transplant alone. Patients have to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well to ensure that their overall hair health remains good.

The hair experts in Turkey offer you helpful advices regarding this after your procedure is done.  So, visit the best clinics and take a step towards effective hair health!


A salary and other associated benefits package offered to an employee is different with each employer. It often varies depending on seniority too, with some packages being far more remunerative than others.

Companies are wise to the fact that group insurance plans provide coverage that’s attractive to certain groups of employees. However, as job perks go, their popularity depends on the demographic, age group, and other factors present within the workforce and/or people applying to work for the company.

Let’s look at how it all breaks down.

Millennials Need Health Insurance the Least

Given that there is health coverage in Canada, Millennials are more focused on other possible benefits like increased time off, variable shift work or retail discounts than they are about group policies.

The reason for this slightly apathetic outlook is because most young people are perfectly healthy. As such, they’ve never seen the inside of a hospital other than at their birth (which they don’t remember). So, getting sick is for other people. Similarly, they tend to bounce off walls rather than slam into them. Therefore, they feel almost impenetrable!  If you cast your mind back to when you were that age, that’s not too surprising, really.

For employers, they should bear this in mind when putting job packages together. While Canadian millennials won’t say no to health insurance, it’s not top of their list for attractive perks.

Close to Middle Age – Thirties to Forties

When reaching your 30s or 40s (perhaps you’re there already), the aches and pains start to appear. Depending on whether you’ve stayed slender or not and have kept away from tobacco or other self-inflicted vices, the level of illness varies from person to person. Theses are all major contributing factors over the years.

For people close to middle age or at that stage now, illness is more prevalent. The body starts to break down in various ways. The occasional trip to hospital is not out of the question either. As such, if you’re here, then you value your health insurance the most. You realise that you’re not infallible (and you no longer bounce like a rubber ball off walls either, you’ve discovered).

Close to Retirement Age

When in your 50s or 60s and close to regular retirement age, health insurance is still valuable to staff members and people coming onboard.

While some policies will make various exclusions for people over the age of 65, that may change in time as more people work much longer now. People in this group might be concerned about getting too sick to work before they’ve saved enough for their retirement, making critical illness and general medical coverage more important to them too.

These are the typical groupings and demographics, but everyone’s an individual too. For instance, some Millennials care very much about their health because they’re set on saving up for the deposit for their first home and don’t want anything medically to derail their employment. So, there are certainly different priorities within each age group too.


Sean McLoughlin joined St Mirren in early August and is due to stay on at the club until January. At this point, the Irish youngster is set to return to his parent club Hull City. With the 22-year-old defender having been ever-present for Jim Goodwin’s side at St Mirren Park this season, the Scottish club may be tempted to try to extend the deal until the end of the campaign, as McLoughlin has helped tighten up a defence which was a liability last term.

McLoughlin had been plying his trade in the Ireland Premier Division with Cork City between 2017 and 2019, until he was scouted by Hull City. The Yorkshire club signed the young defender, but immediately opted to loan him out to St Mirren so he could get some game time. McLoughlin was delighted with this, after having watched Scottish football as a youngster. Hull manager Grant McCann realised that he had enough defensive support in his strongest XI to allow McLoughlin some time to develop away from the club.

The Tigers have had a decent start to the Championship campaign, and took 22 points from the first fifteen games. This start put them at odds of 16/1 in the Championship betting to achieve promotion in the 2019-20 campaign. One of the weaknesses of the team has been the defence, though, and the KCOM Stadium club shipped twenty goals in their first fifteen matches. With McLoughlin making an impression at St Mirren, there is a chance that he could walk straight into the starting line-up when he returns to his parent club in January.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

St Mirren sat at the dead bottom of the Scottish Premiership after eleven games of the season played, but this league position was not a result of poor defending. In fact, the Buddies only conceded 11 times in that opening run, equalling an average of a goal a game. This meant they had the third-tightest defence in the league behind Celtic and Rangers who had each conceded seven goals in the same timeframe. After finishing the 2018-19 campaign with a goal difference of -32 having conceded 66 goals, it was clear that St Mirren needed to make changes at the back. McLoughlin has been a great addition in that regard.

The main problem for St Mirren so far has been the lack of firepower in front of goal. If they could be more lethal with their chances while keeping tight in defence at the same time, they would have a strong chance of improving on last season’s 11th-place finish.

The impact that McLoughlin has had at St Mirren has been astounding, and the club will be wishing that they had managed to secure a longer loan deal for the player in the summer. There is a chance that they will be given the option to extend the defender’s time at the club, but his performances may have persuaded Hull that he is ready to break into their starting XI.

eve spa

A luxury spa in Paisley is celebrating its seventh birthday – by giving every else a present!

Eve Spa, in The Lagoon Leisure Centre is hosting as special three-day birthday party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 7,8 and 9.

eve spa

Between 10am and 8pm on Thursday and Friday and between 10am and 5pm on Saturday there will be complimentary drinks and nibbles along with the obligatory slice of birthday cake for everyone.

There is also a host of special birthday offers. Clients who book a £30 VIP treatment will get a free gift and £20 back to spend on a minimum of two beauty products.

The VIP treatments people can choose from include a Caudalie Express 30-minute facial; Caudalie Fleur de Vigne 25-minute back massage; Ishga Express 30-minute facial; Ishga salt and oil 30-minute scrub and a Comfort Zone Express 30-minute facial.

The spa’s Thermal Experience can be added on to any of the birthday treatments booked for only £5.

For the whole of this birthday week until Saturday Gel Fingers will only cost £11 and Fake Bake Spray Tans will be £10.

Log on to for more information or call 0300 300 0266. Advanced booking is advised.


Paisley will be celebrating all things merry and bright at this year’s Christmas Light Switch-On event with thousands expected to turn out to enjoy the fun.

Santa and his sleigh will ride into town from 12.30pm on Saturday 16 November, signalling the beginning of this free, festive, family event.


A highlight of the day’s activities is the Santa parade, which has a new extended route for 2019. The parade will be led by Santa on his sleigh, who will guide this year’s 300-strong parade through the town – dazzling spectators with giant festive floats, costumed characters and choreographed displays from local community groups and professional performers. Following the parade there will be a number of street performers entertaining the crowds.

New for 2019 is the fantastic, ticketed Winter Roller Disco in County Square. Visitors can take a spin around the rink at one of the six sessions taking place.

There will be plenty of music and entertainment on the live stage with performances from; Funbox, The Swinging Santas, Nickajack Men and this year’s stage headliners, special guests and The X Factor stars, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without carols, and where better to hear them than the majestic Paisley Abbey where a series of local community and school choirs will perform to put everyone in the festive mood.

There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained as Coats Memorial will be transformed into the perfect Christmas playground bursting with activities to keep the little ones entertained such as writing letters to Santa, making Christmas cards, face painting, soft play and much more.

The Piazza Shopping Centre will be home to Santa’s Grotto for kids to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and for those looking to do a bit of Christmas shopping there will also be an Urban Market offering plenty of fabulous gift ideas.

A Creative Craft Trail will be taking place as part of the event in some of the town’s fantastic local cafes and businesses, where visitors can learn to make festive jewellery, decorations and fascinators among other activities.

The yuletide activities culminate in lighting up of the town with the big switch-on moment at 6pm.

This year the lights will extend to the top of the High Street leading to a giant illuminated Christmas bauble, delivered in partnership with Paisley First. The bauble will be located in the grounds of Coats Memorial Church offering the perfect festive selfie spot.

Renfrewshire Provost, Lorraine Cameron said: “The Paisley Christmas Lights Switch-On is one of the biggest events in the winter calendar and this year’s programme is packed with plenty of festive, fun activities for everyone.

“It’s an event that always brings visitors into the town and it’s one of my personal favourites. I’m looking forward to helping celebrate the start of the festive season in the town and I hope to see lots of smiling families there.”

There will also be a funfair at the event located on Bridge Street with smaller rides on Gilmour Street.

To find out more about future events taking place please visit:


In November 2018, Paisley First launched a campaign calling on Renfrewshire Council to offer free parking for three hours within Paisley town centre Mondays to Fridays. 

As a result, a Free for Three pilot project is in place in six car parks – Hunter Street Upper, Hunter Street Lower, Oakshaw, Orchard Street, School Wynd and Weighhouse Close. 


Whilst not part of our Free for Three Campaign, Renfrewshire Council decided to reintroduce charges on Saturdays in all council-owned car parks, apart from the six pilot car parks which still offer the first three hours free, as analysis has shown a lack of availability of spaces in the town centre with many people using it as a park and ride facility. 

The on-street parking areas that were free on Saturdays are still free, you can also get three hours free in the pilot scheme car parks, and the large car park at the council’s HQ is still free all day on a Saturday too. 


The pilot scheme is scheduled to run until the end of January 2020 and feedback will be crucial to our campaign to have Free for Three rolled out across the town centre on a permanent basis. 

If we can achieve this, then visitors to the town will be entitled to three hours free parking Monday – Saturday in all council owned car parks, which will also help to put town centre businesses on a level playing field with other Renfrewshire town centres. 

Chair of Paisley First, Colette Cardosi, said:” Everyone is all too aware of the challenges facing town centres up and down the country, we see it daily in the media. With visitor attractions such as Paisley Museum and Paisley Town Hall also now closed for a number of years for refurbishment, it is crucial that the negative impacts felt by local businesses are mitigated against. 

“Feedback from both visitors and local businesses alike has shown that time-limited free parking can make a difference in encouraging more people into Paisley town centre. 

“If we can have it rolled out throughout the town centre on a permanent basis, this could be a real game-changer for Paisley.” 

We are calling on the public to help us by taking our feedback survey, accessible via our website, or by clicking