glasgow clan paisley pirates

The Glasgow Clan and Paisley Pirates are jointly delighted to announce a new working partnership that will see both clubs further strengthen their links. 

The Clan, who compete in the Elite Ice Hockey League, and the Pirates, who compete in the Scottish National League, both play out of the 3,500 capacity Braehead Arena in Renfrewshire. 

glasgow clan paisley pirates

The new partnership will see the Clan provide the Pirates with commercial and marketing support while ultimately providing a pathway for young Scottish players in the Greater Glasgow area to progress from junior hockey to opportunities to train and play with the Clan.


Clan Chief Operating Officer Gareth Chalmers commented: “I’m delighted to be able to confirm this new working partnership with the Paisley Pirates.

“It’s something we have been discussing for a couple of years now and will not only benefit both the Clan and the Pirates, but I believe the wider West of Scotland hockey community.

“With the Pirates rich history and the fact they’re right on our door step, this is really something that should have happened a number of years ago, so it’s really exciting to get it finalised.

“We’re looking forward to working with Adam Walker, Jackie & Ian Turley & everyone at the Paisley Pirates.

Pirates Operations Manager Jackie Turley commented: “I’m delighted that we are able to solidify our relationship with Gareth and the Glasgow Clan. This partnership will bring hockey and the local community closer together and provide a platform for our young players to strive for. The Pirates are dedicated to developing top level British players and are excited to see what the future holds for both clubs.”


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THE team at intu Braehead have been going mall out to support doctors and nurses on the frontline, charities and local communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

The shopping and leisure destination has donated cleaning supplies, toilet rolls and personal protection equipment to the St Vincent and ACCORD hospices in Renfrewshire and the Ronald McDonald House Glasgow charity, which provides accommodation for parents of seriously ill children in hospital.


They also organised for the centre’s Hotel Chocolat store to donate more than 100 boxes of luxury chocolates to the critical care team at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as a thank you for the work they are doing during the current health crisis.

Staff from intu Braehead have clocked up almost 300 hours of volunteering in their local communities helping people who are self-isolating and shielding by delivering shopping and collecting prescriptions.

The centre’s operations manager, Paul Lucas has been providing an emergency radio communications system to voluntary groups across the west of Scotland including the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service and Glasgow The Caring City charity who supports vulnerable people in times of need.


And charities like Ronald McDonald House and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity have been given help with their recent fundraising appeals.

Community development manager at intu Braehead, Lydia Brown said: “The NHS frontline staff along with local charities and community groups have been doing amazing work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been doing all we can to help them help others and to create a strong community spirit.

“I’d also give a shout out to our teams who have continued working to keep the centre open and making ensure the essential stores can provide a vital lifeline to our communities. They’re doing a brilliant job.”

Lydia added: “I know lockdown can be hard for everyone, but if we all work together and look out for each other, we will get through this crisis.

“We always try to bring positive change in our local community through strong relationships with charities and community groups.”


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The Land-Based Casinos Are Real Power Guzzlers

An ordinary casino does not quite have the flair that a Las Vegas casino offers, but it is not inferior to its “big brother” when it comes to power consumption. Anyone who has ever seen a game library from the inside will soon have noticed that the air there is a bit stuffy, which is not due to the carpets. But the slot machines and other casino machines releases a dusty air. These dust particles are invisible to the naked eyes but they are not good for the human.

Additionally, to provide comfort to the customer, they use a heavy air conditioning system and high consuming lights and music. All these things really consume an enormous amount of electricity and air conditioning releases hot air. A game library at land-based casinos is usually not a small room, the game library often has much more than 100m² and of course, they also want to be heated. So, the sum-up of all these things is that retail casinos are somehow causing harm to the environment.

What About Digital Casino Providers?

Do they also use that much electricity or are they generally more environmentally friendly?

A digital casino only consumes electricity if a player chooses a few spins on his favorite slot. Otherwise, the digital casino does not consume any electricity and thus protects the environment. In addition, players often play on mobile devices such as their smartphone or tablet. These devices are now designed in such a way that they hardly use any electricity and therefore their batteries last a long time, if only because the users now expect it.

Well, in order to provide the games to the online players, they use some hardware system that runs the program from the developers. But the bottom line is that they do not cause harm to the planet Earth and the environment around it.

Bottom line

Based on this discussion, one can say that digital casinos are not only great at providing excellent offers but they are also environmentally friendly. Unlike, its land-based counterparts, this online casino platform is a real win-win for everyone. If you love gambling and never have tried this then this is the right time.


The Best Colleges in Scotland

Scotland is a country with a rich culture and traditions in which the local population takes great pride. Tourists traveling around the country remember its green mountains, clear lakes, and picturesque views. If you are a student looking for educational possibilities, this country also won’t leave you indifferent. The top-rated Scotland colleges offer high-quality academic programs for international students a wide range of short and long-term studying programs makes Scotland one of the most exciting and in-demand countries for studying. There are pre-academic programs and language courses for international students that allow passing the language exams well. Tuition costs are slightly lower than in Europe, but of course, it depends on the type of university —  public or private. Overall, living and studying here is 20% cheaper than in England. Now let’s have a look at the top-rated best universities in Scotland.

 University of Edinburgh

The university has been training highly qualified specialists in several fields of knowledge since 1583. It’s a rating higher educational establishment offering students a lot of educational programs in art, humanities and social sciences, pedagogy, law, management, and health care.  The institution attracts foreigners with high-quality educational services, level of service, teaching, reputation, and rating. Comfortable accommodation is guaranteed for every undergraduate. Single and double accommodation is available. The university offers students a wide range of rooms in modern and historic residences: most of them have kitchens, and ready meals served in the residence’s restaurant. All hostels are located within walking distance of the central campus.

University of West Scotland

This famous higher educational establishment offers a great variety of degrees here, for example, business, finance, marketing, medicine, sociology, chemistry, etc. The university has four campuses where students have everything for the comfortable studying process and rest. All campuses are equipped with WI-FI and libraries with paper sources and e-books. Classes are held as webinars, remote conferences with the help of modern devices and equipment: the university works in partnership with Microsoft Corporation that allows students to use all opportunities of the software for free.

Robert Gordon University

Students from all countries are welcomed here. The educational establishment provides quality and relevant programs in popular specialities, such as medicine, physiotherapy, tourism, and engineering. This institution is known for its high standard of the study program and excellent facilities on campus that are perfect for living and relaxing. If you are a diligent student, you could rely on scholarships and grants; in so doing, you might save some of your money on academic writing help.

University of Glasgow

Today, it’s considered as the most popular educational institutions in Britain as more than 25,000 students study here. The most significant scientific programs are carried out in medicine, pharmacology, linguistics, veterinary medicine, geography, and nursing. The prospective work is also performed in biology, communications, pedagogy, and computer sciences. There are over 100 clubs of interest for students: Bad Movie Society, cooking school, the club of modern music, sports sections, martial arts, etc.

Heriot-Watt University

Due to its high-skill teaching staff engaging in the scientific activity, this university takes the first positions in the world and national ratings. Here you can get a degree in lots of various specialities: finance, cultural studies, design, chemical technology, and computer science. Students can enjoy the comfortable conditions in a dormitory: сozy single or double rooms with spacious bathrooms and kitchens, areas for relaxing and active entertainment, the Internet to have an opportunity to ask the writing agency specialists, “Could you write my essay for me fast and cheap?”, and laundry. 


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Many people are now embracing vaping culture. Vaping is now done in different ways compared to when it started. A community of those who vape is developing every day.

If you are starting vaping, there are some things you may not know. You might come across videos of people showing incredible vaping tricks. Doing them may not be as hard as you may think. You can follow the guide below on how to do some of the most common tricks.

Cup of Vapor

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All you need is a regular water bottle. It is necessary to have a layer of ice at the bottom of the bottle. Once this is done, you can blow vape inside the bottle. To do the trick, you then raise the bottle a couple of inches and gradually pour the vapor out of the bottle. The vapor will resemble a waterfall when you pour it out. Having good vaping equipment is vital when performing vaping tricks, so why not find out more about how you can purchase one?

The Dragon

This trick is one that will amaze your buddies for sure. When you know how to do the trick, you are bound to look cool while vaping. Just as the name of the trick suggests, you will resemble a dragon while exhaling vapor from your mouth. Though the trick looks complicated, it is quite easy. You will be required to inhale a lot of vape from your device, then exhale the vapor from your nose and the sides of your mouth.


Vaping is considered one of the best alternatives to traditional smoking. You can still get nicotine minus the many toxic chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes. There are so many tricks you can learn to do. You can have some fun when vaping once you learn the tricks.



You are planning to make a trip to Glasgow and enjoy the star attractions of that place. This port city along the banks of River Clyde is home to Victorian art and architecture. This city is the cultural connoisseur which not only showcases some of the finest opera and ballet performances but also a host of other scenic attractions. If you are in Glasgow and like to gamble, you should check out the gambling options present in Glasgow. This city hosts a plethora of gambling activities in beautiful locations that can give you the time of your life. You can try your hand at poker, blackjack, horse races while enjoying fine wine and dining options. This article will cover some of the best casino options in Glasgow with the kind help from

The Best Casinos You Can Enjoy In Glasgow

There are many online gambling sites where you can place your bets and play, but there is nothing better than the feel of visiting a casino and experiencing its vibrant ambience. You can let your hair down, soak in the gorgeous atmosphere of that place, and enjoy your night away to glory. This section will give you a heads-up of some of the finest casinos in Glasgow.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat, Glasgow

This casino can enrapture you with its beautiful locale and its gorgeous interior. You can let your taste palette enjoy the exquisite dishes of its a la carte menu while you try your hand at their top-notch casino games. They have a wide-ranging series of games like blackjack, roulette, poker together with quite a few electronic terminals to enhance the gaming experience. So while you gorge on their heavenly steaks, you can try your luck at Texas Hold’em and three-card poker games.

The main attraction of this place is the serene and picturesque river that flows by this wine and dine casino joint. The interior of the restaurant will make you feel like a part of the Victorian royalty. The Grosvenor Casino Riverboat in Glasgow, is one of the perfect getaways to spend a nice warm evening playing roulette and cards by the banks of River Clyde and enjoy a magnificent night.

Alea Casino, Glasgow

This casino is a sight to behold. This mammoth casino will transport you into a futuristic world with its eye-catching architectural designs. Alea Casino happens to be the largest casino in Scotland occupying two floors in the beauteous locales of Paisley. The exterior outlook coupled with its warm and appealing interiors will have you enamoured to no end. A tour inside this stunning structure will leave you spellbound. 

Alea Casino can bring you the feel of the revelry of Las Vegas. It has no dearth of gaming tables and electronic terminuses to cater to the gaming flair of all of its customers. It houses around 33 tables and 50 electronic gaming consoles. This is not all. Apart from giving you the best casino experience and an exhilarating Vegas vibe, it also hosts some of the finest wine collections in Long Bar and crème de la crème seafood preparations in its restaurant called Red Leaf. 

So if you are in Glasgow, make sure you do not leave the opportunity to visit Alea Casino and enjoy its poker festivals and Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City

This is another amazing casino from the offing of Grosvenor Casino. This casino joint is situated in one of the prime locations on Glassford Street where all the major roads and transport systems converge. This two-floor giant casino hub can flaunt to be the only 24/7 live gaming location that the city enjoys throughout all seasons. Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is a complete package replete with lounges, poker tables, sports bars, and multi-cuisine restaurants.

Did you know that this Merchant City casino flaunts of having the largest plasma high definition screen in Scotland?

You can enjoy a plasma experience of all the matches while you gorge the steaks and continental cuisine. If you want to have a surreal and thrilling experience while playing blackjack and cards then you have to try this place. It has a 28-inch electronic roulette terminal armed with HD quality that can transport you to a whole new gaming world. The Merchant City Grosvenor Casino is loaded with 50 electronic multi-denomination gaming stations that can host a plethora of poker and card tournaments.

Genting Casinos

The series of Genting casinos adorning Paisley is one of the liveliest places to let your hair down and enjoy a game or two of blackjack and poker. The rich red hue and the gorgeous interior designing will give you a vibrant vibe that can set the fun mood for the evening. It serves delicious Cantonese cuisine which you can try while engaging yourself at a game of slots. It flaunts of having 10 electronic gaming consoles and 17 gaming tables to cater to the enjoyment of all its guests.

Genting Casino is located in the banks of River Clyde which makes it possible for all the guests to enjoy its quaint beauty and also have fun at the gaming consoles. Genting Casino has played well with different hues of lighting that give the interiors an ultra-modern look. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have a fair idea of all the casinos present in Paisley, Glasgow, you can plan your travel itinerary and decide which casino you would like to stop by. You can enjoy the rich locales of Riverboat Grosvenor Casino along the banks of River Clyde or try the largest casino with cutting edge architectural designs at Alea Casino. No matter whatever your choice is you will have the time of your life playing poker, blackjack, roulettes, punto banco, and other card games over a couple of fine drinks.



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Cllr Cathy McEwan

Renfrewshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres are set to be available for residents as part of nationwide approach to reopening from 1 June 2020.

Cllr Cathy McEwan

The reopening will be subject to the Scottish Government advising it is safe. The centres will be open for essential visits only with additional health and safety measures  in place to protect residents and staff.

From 1 June, all Renfrewshire sites will reopen on a phased basis and residents are being advised to double check opening times before they leave the house:

  • Underwood Road (Monday-Sunday) (8.30am-6pm)
  • Linwood (Monday-Sunday) (8am-6pm)
  • Erskine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) (8am-6pm)
  • Renfrew (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) (8am-6pm)
  • Johnstone (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday) (8am-6pm)

In the initial period, only bagged excess household waste will be accepted at recycling centres, with garden waste, scrap metal and small amounts of rubble accepted from 15 June.

From 22 June, residents can bring cookers, washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers, unless these can continue to be stored safely at home, while all other items including TVs, computers, fridges, freezers and smaller electrical appliances will be accepted from 29 June.

To protect residents and staff members, reduce unloading times and ease congestion from potential traffic queues, only cars will be permitted to enter recycling centres at this time.

Traffic will be managed at each of the open recycling centres and residents are asked to follow the single file queue and be aware of site safety measures when they arrive.

Anyone visiting a recycling centre will be required, as normal, to show proof of residency and photo identification.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We’ve been working closely with the Scottish Government and CoSLA to ensure that when it was safe to reopen recycling centres, we were ready to implement the safety measures required.

“These will include only allowing a limited number of cars into the site at any one time, ensuring physical distancing is in place at all times and undertaking a strict cleaning programme.

“From 1 June, you will be able to visit a recycling centre but please only do so if it is essential and to dispose of any excess bagged waste you may have.

“The health and safety measures are in place to keep us all safe so please respect our staff who are there to assist you and continue to follow the health advice to protect yourself and our teams at all times.”

For more information on the reopening of recycling centres, please visit