If you have a local business, then you may feel limited in terms of advertising. You might feel as though there is no point investing in SEO because you don’t need to seek out a global market. For this reason, you may feel as though you are constantly relying on billboards and signage. It doesn’t have to be this way, and there are many ways that you can help your business to get more customers.


Believe it or not, newspapers remain to be the best way for you to reach out to local customers. Bars, cafes and even restaurants can easily target the weekend entertainment section. You might also want to target classified ads too. These can be very cost-effective, and you would be surprised at how much it could help your small business to really take off.

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Radio Stations

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My Business Page

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Sponsor a Local Team

Another thing that you can do is sponsor a local sports team. When you do, you can then get a great level of publicity and you can also hand out business cards on event days. A lot of local sports teams are usually very happy to wear your logo on their jersey in return for some sponsorship money, so take this into account and use it to your advantage. Things like this also show that you are supportive of the local community too, which is always a good thing.


If you are visiting Paisley then you’ll certainly know that there’s a wealth of things to do and see. If you are stuck for choice then you can easily find out whatever you need to know right here.

Paisley Abbey

Paisley Abbey is only a short trip away from Glasgow. The gothic building was actually founded in the year 1163 by the one and only Walter Fitzalan. He was a high steward of Scotland and he also has quite a history. If you have never visited this location before then you should certainly think about it. There is so much for you to see and even more to do, so you will never be bored. If you are making the trip to the area and want something to entertain yourself on the journey then why not play online bingo? Online bingo is a fantastic way for you to pass some time and it can also help you to relax too. You will be fresh when you arrive at the location. The best thing about bingo is that there are many different themes available too, so if you want to change things up then you can do this with ease.


The Paisley Museum is located in a very elegant Victorian Grecian edifice. It has a very good collection of Scottish art and some of it dates back to the 19th century. You will also find dinosaur artefacts there too, so if you have never thought about visiting this location before then you should certainly add it to your to-do list. The best thing about this location is that you can easily take the kids with you and it is a great way for you to pass a few hours. It’s not too far out of the centre and you would be surprised at how magnificent the architecture is.

Cardosi’s Italian Restaurant

Cardosi’s is a huge local favourite when it comes to Italian food. It’s a very classic restaurant and it is the best place for you to go if you want to grab something quickly. The fish specialities are not to be missed and they also have a huge range of typical meat dishes too. This includes pizzas, pastas and everything in-between. If you are not sure if you are a fan of Italian food then they do have some more basic meal options available which are ideal if you have someone in your family who is a fussy eater.

The Bull Inn

The Bull Inn is one of the best pubs in Paisley. It has dark wood fittings and it is also a very comfortable place for you to relax. The best thing about The Bull Inn is that they have a huge range of guest ales on tap. You should note that they do not sell any kind of food here though, so if you are hungry then your best bet is the restaurant above.



M8 Driving School
Successful learners will receive their full driving licences quicker as driving examiners start marking the car driving test digitally, DVSA has announced today (14 October).
M8 Driving School
Driving examiners are using tablets to mark driving tests digitally as part of a phased roll out. A specially developed app is replacing the clipboard and pen that millions will remember from their own driving test.
Shifting to a paperless test will mean learners will also receive an electronic summary report of their test as well as being told if they have passed or failed on the day. The report can then be reviewed with their instructor to look at where they could improve.
The driving test itself and what learners are assessed on is not changing.
Chief Driving Examiner Mark Winn said:
“DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving.
“We’re committed to providing the best possible service for customers – by investing in technology and replacing the clipboard and pen we are helping speed up the time it takes a new-qualified driver to receive their driving licence.
“This app will modernise the way our examiners work, making it easier for them to carry out their jobs and provide a more streamlined process for new drivers.”
National Associations Strategic Partnership Chairman Peter Harvey said:
“NASP have been pleased to be involved from the beginning in the planning for the introduction of digital marking, we are pleased to see DVSA introducing new technology to enhance the customer experience when taking the practical test, this will reduce the paper trail and get customer results to DVLA more efficiently. Once it has been trialled with car tests, we look forward to this procedure being rolled out to all test categories.”
Driving examiners carry out 1.9 million driving tests each year – using a paper form (DL25) to record the results. The form is tick box based and is used to mark against pre-set driving assessment standards, such as control of the vehicle and observations made while driving.
Currently, DVSA manually collates test results and then sends them electronically to the DVLA who issue the licences. This new app will remove the need for a paper trail and help to speed up the process.
The app is set be rolled out to all DVSA examiners by the end of the year.
The DVSA will continue to improve how the app works for car tests, and will look to roll out the use of the app to other test categories later.
Additional Information
The driving test itself is not changing.
In the majority of cases successful candidates currently have their information processed and sent to DVLA within four days of completing their driving test. Switching to the digital system will enable the information to be sent across typically on the same day that the candidate passes their test, enabling a new licence to be issued sooner.
It is illegal for approved driving instructors and other accompanying drivers, such as friends and family, to use a tablet whilst supervising a learner driver.
Examiners will use a privacy screen to make sure that learner drivers are not distracted by the device during the test.  This will also eliminate glare.
The tablet’s functionality, including communication, will be completely disabled during the test. The examiner will only have access to the app until the test is completed.
Regulation 110 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations prohibits the use of technology if you are supervising a provisional licence holder.  During a driving lesson, the instructor is supervising the learner and must therefore be in control of the vehicle at all times.
Regulation 16(9) of the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regulations also means that the driving test is the only time a learner driver does not require the supervision of an accompanying driver, as they are under test conditions.

PARENTS can bring their babies along to fitness classes run by Renfrewshire Leisure.

There are more than 60 classes in the new fitness timetable where mums or dads can have their babies sitting in a buggy or car seat alongside them as they work out.

Classes including Body Pump, Body Attack, Zumba, Vibe Spin Disco, Metafit and Spin Cycle Training are now buggy friendly.

These classes take place at The Lagoon Leisure Centre, in Paisley, Linwood’s ON-X, Erskine Sports Centre, Renfrew Leisure Centre, Johnstone Sports Hub and Ralston Community Sports Centre.

Anyone interested should log on to www.renfrewshireleisure.com and look out for the dark blue buggy logo on the timetable to see when the buggy friendly classes are being held.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “This is an ideal opportunity for new mums and dads – or even grannies and grandpas looking after their grandchildren – to maintain their fitness without the extra cost of childcare.

“It can be difficult for mums getting back into a normal fitness routine after having a baby.

“Also, babysitters can be hard to find during the day when family and friends are at work. So, we’re giving mums and dads the option of bringing their babies along with them.

“Of course, you don’t need to bring a baby along to join the classes, as everyone is welcome!”

One of Renfrewshire’s specially-named gritters William Wall-ice headed home to Elderslie as the weather prepares to lay siege to Renfrewshire this winter.

Nine gritting machines will cover more than 800km of roads across Renfrewshire, with more than 4000 tonnes of grit ready to keep Renfrewshire moving throughout the winter period.

Residents will once again be able to track Renfrewshire’s gritters on the council website as they work day and night, when required, to keep the roads network free of snow and ice.

This forms part of the area’s #RenReady Ready for Winter campaign which aims to make residents and workers in Renfrewshire aware of how to prepare for winter weather conditions, while also highlighting the work of frontline council staff who keep services operating whatever the weather.

Last year, a campaign to #NameOurGritters saw more than 8000 votes cast online to name Renfrewshire’s gritters after famous faces and places, with Ploughlo Grittini, Tony Gritzpatrick and Paisleigh being three of the winning entries.

STV Weatherman Sean Batty was also chosen by the local community to have his own gritter and he’s looking forward to seeing Thawin’ Batty tackle the forthcoming conditions, should he be needed.

Sean said: “People may have read articles recently warning of a cold and snowy winter, however at this stage this is merely speculation as forecasting specific details this far in advance is impossible. At present Met Office computer models are forecasting a milder start to winter than usual, however even if this is the case it would likely still be interspersed by colder spells, with frost and snow.

“Last year most parts of the country experienced very little snowfall, however in the previous year there were many days with snow and ice well into spring. Even with current forecasts indicating milder than average conditions, people should always be prepared for the risk of floods, storms and snowfall as we head into the winter months.”

#RenReady also aims to provide information on areas such as how to avoid winter illness and the support the council provides to tenants and residents to keep warm throughout any cold weather snaps and festive debt advice.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “The winter period can bring a number of challenges for our communities and our staff, but we are doing all we can to prepare in advance of any adverse conditions.

“Our gritting teams are now on standby to treat the roads in advance, and during, any freezing weather, and 540 grit bins will be stocked and available for residents to use throughout the winter period.

“Our website also has detailed information on how to prepare yourself, your home and your community throughout the winter, and our social media channels will provide updates too.

“I also want to thank our staff who do a fantastic job keeping our services operating whatever the weather and we’ll do all we can to support them as this winter approaches.”

For more information, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/readyforwinter.

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West College Scotland: We Do Care
Tuesday 22 October, Abercorn Building, Paisley

17:00 hrs :Arrival, Registration and Exhibition
17:30 hrs – 19:00 hrs: Informative Presentations


West College Scotland is Scotland’s largest college provider of online learning. We offer a wide range of flexible childcare, health and social care courses which you can study in a way that suits you. You might be in a job and looking to improve your qualifications or you may want to study in your leisure time.
At this event we will help you to create tailored learning packages to match your needs – it’s your learning journey after all!

With online learning, training, part-time and full-time courses in childcare, health and social care we can support your journey from induction to registration in Care. For many courses no qualifications or experience are necessary.

Come along and hear from our Sector Experts, previous students and meet the Team who will tell you about our special offers, advise you about your study choices and assist you with enrolment.

Register here: http://bit.ly/33tvqDZ


Paisley’s annual festival of music, comedy and more gets under way tonight – with a special tribute to one of the town’s most famous musical sons, Gerry Rafferty.

The Baker St singer’s legacy will be honoured with a sold-out Gerry Rafferty Songbook night fronted by Roddy Hart, Emma Pollock and Gerry’s long-time friend and former Stealers Wheel collaborator Rab Noakes.


The show kicks off nine days of Spree action – the bulk of which will take place in a specially-erected Spiegeltent next to Paisley Gilmour Street station in the town’s County Square.

The Spree festival is now in its eighth year and has helped Paisley become established as one of Scotland’s go-to destinations for major events.

The festival is organised by Renfrewshire Council, programmed by Regular Music, and sponsored by Tennent’s Lager.


Many of the shows are already sold out but there’s still time to get your hands on the last remaining tickets for others at www.thespree.co.uk, in person at the box office at InCube shop at 9b Gilmour St, or on the door at The Spiegeltent.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s show, musician, broadcaster and long-time Rafferty fan Roddy Hart said: “We are super-excited and looking forward to kicking off the Spree festival with a collection of Gerry Rafferty’s best-loved songs.

“The Spree is an amazing festival – it’s great to have these events outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh as it brings music and talent to whole array of people who might not have access to it otherwise. There’s a fantastic selection of singers and artists and it’s a very exciting thing to be part of.”


The Spree opening night also includes late-night comedy including Fred MacAulay and Mark Nelson in The Spiegeltent, with tickets still available at the door.

Saturday will see the town centre invaded by the Mods as the annual ModStuff event run by local promoters LNP Promotions returns with a free afternoon show – including the ever-popular scooter rideout – followed by a sold-out evening gig.

Rising stars of Scottish indie-rock The Snuts play The Spiegeltent on Sunday evening – with all tickets for the 450-capacity venue being snapped up in just two hours earlier this summer.

Highlights during the week include Hue and Cry (Mon 14th), Glasvegas only UK full-band show of the year (Tues 15th), former Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys (Wed 16th) and soul legend PP Arnold, performing alongside Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Steve Cradock (Thur 17th).


Next weekend sees Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook, and more late-night comedy featuring Scott Gibson and Gary Little (Fri 18th) before a lively last night with comedian Jerry Sadowitz followed by a closing party with the inventors of rockgrass Hayseed Dixie (Sat 19th).

Paisley Arts Centre will also host a diverse programme including Lost Map’s Lost Weekend (Sun 13th) with the Pictish Trail, a Paisley in Song night fronted by Michael Cassidy (Thurs 17th), and a show by ex-Arab Strap mainman Malcolm Middleton (Sat 19th).

The week will also see The Wee Spree – a special programme designed for kids to run over the October school week, featuring Lego, circus skills, comedy, and dance-along Disney films.

Sold-out shows include the Stramash ceilidh with local Gaelic music group Fèis Phaislig – promoting the town’s contribution to Gaelic language culture ahead of hosting the Royal National Mòd in exactly three years time.

And the Spree for All fringe festival will take the show on the road to towns and villages across Renfrewshire, with gigs taking place in local venues in Johnstone, Renfrew, Lochwinnoch and Kilbarchan, as well as a packed programme in Paisley’s Bungalow Bar and Old Swan Inn.

The Spree for All also takes in the Paisley Art Institute’s 131st annual exhibition – this year taking place in a formerly-empty unit in the Piazza shopping centre (right next to The Spiegeltent) while Paisley Museum is undergoing a £42m transformation.

Louisa Mahon, Renfrewshire Council’s head of communications, marketing and events, said: “The Spree has grown year on year with Paisley now firmly established as a key destination on Scotland’s festival map.

“Ticket sales this year have been by far our best yet – we look forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to Paisley over the next nine days, which will be great news for local traders.

“Paisley town centre is home to many great places to eat, drink and shop and we and would encourage festival-goers to Spend Local and sample everything the town has to offer.”

The Spree is the first of a bumper run of major events in the area this winter, with huge crowds expected for Paisley Halloween Festival – one of the largest of its kind – on 25-26 October.

Paisley’s annual fireworks display is on Saturday 2 November, followed by Christmas Lights Switch-ons in Paisley (Sat 16th), Renfrew (Sat 23rd) and Johnstone (Sat 30th), while local business improvement district Paisley First’s annual Winterfest event will take over Paisley town centre for five weeks from 24 November.

Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside - Clyde bridge

This month the Glasgow City Region Cabinet considered further significant progress in work underway to transform the Regional economy, including in the delivery of the UK and Scottish Government funded £1.13 billion City Deal – one of the largest and most advanced in the UK.  

Since the Deal was agreed with government in August 2014, local businesses have benefitted from a £33 million boost (At end of June 2019)* – the value of City Deal contracts won to date by companies across the Region. And with over £300 million (At end June 2019) of funding agreed so far for spend on infrastructure works, further contract opportunities are in the pipeline. 

Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside - Clyde bridge

Construction work underway and the three completed Employment and Skills projects have created thousands of new jobs, including for those furthest away from the jobs market and for young people. Three Innovation and Business Growth projects, now up and running, are also creating jobs, supporting local businesses and have already generated over £10 million in private sector investment. 

All 27 high level projects have been selected, most of which are underway and a number are already completed. In fact, by the end of this month, 15 overall projects will have been completed (Seven projects and another eight sub projects, some quite substantial).

At the end of June 2019, over £168 million has been spent on the Infrastructure Programme.

Artist impression aerial view of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland

Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Region Cabinet Chair and Leader Glasgow City Council said: 

“There is a real sense of progress and momentum with the City Deal now. As we stand on the cusp of our first five-year milestone, we’re on track to delivering what we have set out to achieve; fair, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.” 

“Over 20 major and transformative infrastructure projects are either underway or due to commence; we have worked with over 20,000 unemployed citizens and already supported thousands into work; we are set to generate a permanent uplift in our Gross Value Added and leverage billions in private sector investment, with the record-breaking investment by Barclay’s on the banks of the Clyde demonstrating strong investor confidence in the City Region.” 

“And we have much to look forward to in the next 12 months, with a number of further milestones expected across major infrastructure projects. Crucially, the partnership between the eight member councils, government and the private sector continues to strengthen, allowing the Glasgow City Region to deliver on its economic potential for the benefit of all our citizens and for Scotland.”


Projects that have completed so far are Medicity, Tontine, Cathkin Relief Road, Glasgow University Imaging Centre of Excellence, Youth Gateway, Working Matters and In Work Progression.  

The completed sub-projects are Crossmill Business Park, Newton Farm Primary School, Sighthill Remediation Contract 1, Newton Park and Ride, Glenboig Link Road, Sauchiehall Avenue, Woodhead Primary School Extension, Calton Barras Action Plan: Barras Public Realm Phase 1.** 


UK Government Minister Colin Clark said: 

“The Glasgow City Region City deal is a fantastic example of the Growth Deals programme, which continues to bring economic transformation to the area through innovation and growth as well as key infrastructure projects. 

 “I am pleased to see that these projects are supporting Glasgow and the surrounding area’s businesses, creating thousands of jobs and attracting further private sector investment. 

 “The UK Government has already committed almost £1.4 billion to City Region and Growth deals in Scotland, with more to come.”


Scottish Government Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson said: 

“The Scottish Government’s investment in the Glasgow City Region Deal continues to stimulate inclusive economic growth, with millions of pounds strategically invested in the local economy in ways that will directly benefit both local businesses and some of our most deprived communities. I am delighted that the regional partners’ have also committed to an ambitious Regional Economic Strategy and Skills Investment Plan that will ensure they continue to work together, above and beyond delivering the Deal, in order to improve prosperity for all communities across the City Region.

“The Scottish Government will ensure that all of Scotland’s regions benefit from a Growth Deal, with over £1.8 billion having been committed to City and Growth Deals, and associated regional investments, across Scotland to date.”


The next few months are set to see further progress and developments. 

In the City Deal, Europe’s first ever Smart Canal, an innovative £17 million project is set to complete. New technology combined with a 250 year old heritage asset is mitigating flood risk, enabling massive regeneration in an area previously unfit for development. The project is set to free up 110 hectares in the north of Glasgow for investment, new housing, paving the way for more than 3,000 new homes. 

The contract for the iconic bridge over the M8 motorway at Sighthill is also set to be awarded, with bids currently being reviewed. (The estimated contract value set out in the latest project business case was in the region of £19 million). 

Construction for Greenlaw Business Centre in Newton Mearns is also complete and the facility is due to open shortly with the formal opening early next year, providing modern office accommodation and support for local SMEs. 

Progress continues too in the delivery of the Regional Economic Strategy which sets out collective plans for growth across the eight partner councils – with targets for jobs, skills, new homes and businesses. In the last year, the City Region councils launched a strategy for tourism, pledging to work together to boost tourist numbers to the west of Scotland by an additional 1 million over the next five years. A new Regional Skills Investment Plan was also unveiled, backed by the business sector and all of the regions universities and colleges. Actions will futureproof the Regional economy, ensuring the local workforce has the digital and other skills needed to adapt to a changing world. A new group was also been established to develop closer collaboration with key utility and infrastructure providers supporting the Region’s population of 1.8 million. The aim is to better understand the investment plans and constraints facing telecommunications, water, power, gas and transportation providers and consider how all parties involved can work together to maximise shared investment, while delivering efficiency improvements and economic benefits for residents. A recent meeting focused on the use of cutting edge technology to transform Glasgow City Region over the next 15 years. 


The Annual Performance Report for the City Deal for the last financial year (April 2018 – March 2019), available on the City Deal website, provides a detailed overview of progress and achievements in the period, governance structures, milestones and financial performance. 

The Regional Economic Strategy Action Plan is under review and a refresh will be announced in early 2020. 

nik makeup artist

Nik makeup artist has done it again making the finals of the national awards,  The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards.

She beams with excitement and says that she is so thankful for all her achievements this year and cant believe that all her dreams are coming true.

nik makeup artist

Nik makeup artist is proud to be the only chosen artist in Renfrewshire and is one of 10 finalists in the whole of Scotland.

Best of luck to all the Finalists and many congratulations to all.

Award ceremony will be in December 2019.

For the full finalist list see here…


For more on the Scottish hair and beauty Awards see here…


For more information regarding the event contact Creative Oceanic  on 07487755161  or email events9@creativeoceanic.com

Creative Oceanic, website www.creativeoceanic.com. For more information regarding the event or media related information please contact Creative Oceanic  UK   08448793256, Republic Of Ireland 019020004 or email media@creativeoceanic.com

Creative Oceanic, are organiser’s of all aspects of the Awards from the event management through to the public and media relations aspects. We organise over 90 awards a year in Glasgow, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, Newcastle, London, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin.

For more information on Nik makeup artist see here https://www.Nikmakeupartist.com