My Typical Lockdown Day!

My Typical Lockdown Day!

Honestly, I don’t know who has a typical lockdown day. Nothing about all this situation is normal!

I have days when I’ll do my fitness routine, then I’ll go for a long walk with one (or both) of my parents (there are some great walks in Paisley!)  Lie out in the sun, to try and get a tan (if it’s sunny), listening to some music on my AirPods.

Maybe, I’ll make some content for my socials, TikTok or Instagram.  I might even do some late night baking to try and give my parents a treat e.g. a Devil’s Fudge Cake mix as a giant tray bake with Fudge frosting on the top or maybe make a cookie mix.  Eating outside if the weather is warm enough is a nice change too (and much more sociable than a tray in front of the TV). Getting the Chiminea lit up and roasting marshmallows is a fantastic way to finish off the day!

Other days, I get up late as I’ve been on houseparty really late chatting to my friends.  I’ll get some sweet cinnamon porridge, an iced coffee and watch back to back Netflix or Youtube.  I’ll get a shower and change into new pjs and FaceTime some friends.

The important thing I’d like to say is, having a quiet and lazy day is okay.   There’s nothing wrong with you, for needing a time out.  Get through this lockdown situation in whatever way makes you feel okay.  Positive mental health is really important though.  If, like me you are an only child, video chat or play interactive online games with pals.  If you have a down day, talk about it to someone else.  Try something new, maybe a new exercise routine or make some new social media content.  Or just hang out and chat with family for a bit!

Lockdown isn’t forever!

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Here you can find a series of fun daily challenges that you can do on Tiktok or Instagram.  I’m going to do one of the challenges myself!

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