What is TikTok?
Most people probably know what TikTok is, but for anyone that doesn’t, TikTok is a social media App where you can create an account and post videos.  Videos can be anything from lip syncing to soundtracks or music audios, comedy videos, singing videos, to videos of trending dances, but can also be to get an opinion across from anti-bullying, positive body image to opinions on world inequalities.  Simple videos on animals, food and cooking and many other videos are also popular with users.
What age were you when you started TikTok?
I was 12 when I started (for anyone that remembers that name) which then changed its name to TikTok.
How did you become TikTok famous?
I don’t think of myself as famous at all, but I am well known on TikTok. A wee bit of luck doesn’t do any harm in doing TikTok. But honestly the truth is,  success on TikTok is down to dedication, time and a lot of hard work.  Engaging with followers, and trying to produce original content are also very important.
Can anyone do TikTok?
Yes, definitely!  You don’t have to be a certain age to do TikTok.  Being creative and having fun is the most important thing.  For younger users, often a parent or grandparent will get involved in a video.  Younger people and many adults of all ages  use TikTok, it’s an App for everybody!
Are there a lot of TikTok users in Paisley?
Definitely a lot of people in Paisley doing TikTok as I often bump into followers when I’m out and about in the town.  I did a big meet and greet in November at Braehead shopping centre and over a thousand followers turned up to see me. Many of them were from Paisley but  also lots of people from all over Scotland.
What is the best thing for you about TikTok?
That’s a really hard question as there are so many answers.  Being creative, being able to give my opinion on issues I care about, making new friends online and in person, getting invited to events, and receiving brand and promo opportunities.  I’ve also got a great group on influencer friends which I wouldn’t have had without TikTok.
Is TikTok safe?
This is an App which is a lot safer than many social media Apps.  For younger users, privacy settings can be put in place. You can block users, report accounts and poor behaviour, and delete comments that you don’t like.   You can still do all this with a public account, the difference being anyone can see your content.  Any App can have people abusing the system, whether it be criminal motivation or simply misguided hate or inappropriate comments.  My advice if I was a parent would be:- make sure you keep talking to your child, make sure they know to tell you if something is bothering them when using the App and importantly, make sure that they know not to post comments that they wouldn’t like to receive themselves.
Do you do other social media platforms apart from TikTok?
TikTok is a big platform for me.  But I also do Instagram, Snapchat and have a YouTube channel.  Youtube, I have done more off and on over the years (probably as it takes so much editing) but I’m getting back into it majorly now as I’ve more time on my hands.
I hope you enjoyed this round up on TikTok!
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