Vienna’s and Blur’s big Easter Egg Hunt


Who said Easter Egg hunts were just for the kids? Not us. Vienna’s and Blur have organised an Easter Egg hunt for the adults. If you consider yourself a super-sleuth, or budding treasure hunter then you could land yourself one of 2 prizes.


Each day at 6pm, from Thursday to Sunday, Vienna’s and Blur will be posting a clue on their social media to the location of each egg.

Each Egg has its own prize; one offers VIP Entry to Blur’s Mannequins reunion on Easter Sunday for 6 people, 6 cocktails, and probably the best part of the prize: a yet-to-be released Vienna’s/Blur VIP card, think Nando’s card, but better!

The second egg also offers a VIP card and 6 cocktails; with this one offering VIP entry to Vienna’s on Easter Sunday.


Our readers are exclusively getting the first clues.


Egg 1: It’s (near) the midnight train, going anywhere.

Egg 2: Take a Sma’ Shot at finding this egg, and you won’t be too far.