Here gives us the chance to focus on rhythm, technique and performance style. These classes cater for dancers who enjoy creating a noise. Students are taught both traditional tap moves as well as given the opportunity to broaden their ability through more modern styling’s, such as acappella work and use of current music. The class includes Barre work, centre exercises and dance routines.  Grade and award examinations are offered through this class. Content is specific to their age group and ability

Find out more by clicking on the One Dance Studio link here.

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People of Paisley, have your say or at least air your views on what you think should change in Paisley to help it progress into the future. We want to make it a town where new business will be welcome and to have a vibrant town centre for people to shop, socialise and attend events.

As you know Paisley on the web ( is always promoting the positive aspects of the town, but we see that negatives can also be turned into positives, so please be as constructive as possible in your views. If you merely say the town is rubbish and have no reason for that then your comment will be removed, if its rubbish tell us why you think so and what you would like to see done to improve it. On the flip side, if something is good tell us what’s good and what is being done well so that the good things can be built upon.

What would you like to see happen in the town? We all want more shops, we all want more people to come to the town to go into the shops, and this is a common goal. Which towns do you think have it right, or have you seen any towns that buck the trend of the recession? If you think out of the box and have a radical view that you think can change the town for the better, please let us know.

For instance:

  • The flats at Incle Street are an eyesore – they are the first thing that people see when they come into Paisley Gilmour Street Train station. The solution, knock them down and develop the land?
  • Street Furniture, should it be changed? Ideas?

Please let us know your views, keep it clean and constructive, if it’s negative then that’s fine but please have a positive outcome that we can work on.

We genuinely want to give the community a voice, please remember we are not Renfrewshire Council but we can all make a difference. Its the people that make Paisley what it is and if we have a voice and feel that we have influence, we can change it to become a great town once again.

To air your view please either use our Message Board here 

Or Our Facebook Group Page here




Pupils from Renfrewshire Council schools are being invited to jazz things up a bit in 2012.

Renfrewshire Instrumental Service, in conjunction with Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra is offering free workshops with internationally renowned musicians to young people in Renfrewshire.

The project, funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative, is calling for pupils who can play to roughly grade 3 standard and/or are able to play chromatic scales on their instrument. All instruments are welcome, even if they are not traditional “jazz” instruments.

Councillor Lorraine Cameron, Convener of Renfrewshire’s Education Policy Board, said, “This will be the second year of the project following on from last year’s highly successful partnership. It offers a fantastic opportunity to our pupils to be creative and to work alongside a highly acclaimed Orchestra and I’m really looking forward to hearing them perform together in the Spring.”

Renfrewshire also celebrated last year when former Paisley Grammar pupil, Neil Paton, returned to his old school to be presented with one of the most prestigious music awards in Scotland. Neil was chosen as the winner of the Young Scottish Jazz Musician Award for the under 17 category in awards organised by the Scottish Jazz Federation.

So for pupils who would like to follow in Neil’s footsteps, workshops and rehearsals will take place at Paisley Grammar school on Thursday evenings from 4:30-6:30 from 26 January and will culminate in performances at the Annual Spring concert series as well as a ‘side by side’ with Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra, one of Britain’s most highly regarded jazz ensembles.

To register for the workshops, please contact Youth Music Initiative Development Officers on: 0141 840 8925, or by emailing or for consent forms and a rehearsal schedule.

For regular updates on local news and events follow @RenCouncilNews on Twitter or our page on Facebook at

Sat 4th February

Domino Gumbo, Bringing a little Fais-Do-Do to ole’ Paisley
Every pot of gumbo starts with a roux – once you have that you can add just about anything to your pot of gumbo. Our roux is Fats Domino. His influence runs right though all the music we play. No-one has had a bigger influence on the music of South West Louisiana than Fats. This band plays all types of music from that wonderful place – R&B, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop – all mixed up together in a loving gumbo.

Hence – Domino Gumbo

Pounding piano and rolling saxes? Present. Downhome squeezebox? Indeed. Flailing frottoir? (the over the shoulder rub-board). Scotland’s No 1 washboard man is on-board.
Domino Gumbo is a seven piece band, featuring guys who have paid their dues and more. From soul to country; from folk to blues – these guys have been playing American Roots music long before it was remotely popular.

The band was founded in Spring 2010 when three founder members spent over a month in New Orleans and the adjacent swamplands, watching and learning first-hand from the acknowledged masters. Returning home they hunted high and low for the right players to create the big sound. Since then, it has been non-stop rehearsal and recording.
They are now ‘ready, willing and able’ to rock’n’roll all night.

This music was originally played for dancing – and to this day that is still the best response. This is not music for the head; this is music for the FEET. The band is particularly keen to play venues where folks can shimmy, shake and cut some rug.

Some of the songs are self-written but most are drawn from the great Louisiana common repertoire. These are NOT ‘covers’. This is real folk music and folks in New Orleans would think it daft that anyone can own a song; irrespective of who wrote it or played it first. Domino Gumbo are drawing from, and adding to, that tradition.
Bring your dancing shoes……..

Find out more at

Little Lions – 3-5yrs
Wee Warriors – 6-12yrs
Adults Classes – 13+

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Kuk Sool Won™ is a systematic study of all of the traditional fighting arts, which together comprise the martial arts history of Korea. As a martial arts system, Kuk Sool Won™ is extremely well-organized; and seeks to integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established Asian fighting arts and body conditioning techniques, as well as mental development and traditional weapons training.

The following list includes some, but by no means all, of the elements of Kuk Sool Won™
Punching Range, Kicking Range, Joint Locking Range, Throws, Mid-Range & Grappling Range.
Falling & Acrobatics, Traditional Weapons, Martial Art Healing & Meditation Techniques.
Forms, Patterns, Sparring – Non Contact / Semi contact & Full Contact. 

Find out times and more information by clicking One Dance Studios link here

The festive Karaoke on Christmas  and New Years eve kicks off around 3pm as we will be closing at 10pm. On Boxing day and the 2nd Jan we will have Karaoke from the magic Chris. A full Buy One Get One Free menu will be available over the holidays so to secure a table phone 0141 561 7105
Visit for more details
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We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we hope that it is a happy and relaxing time for you and your family.

From all the team at we would like to thank you for your support this year which has been tremendous.

royal alexandra hospital

Kids Need Our Ward Lobby of Crucial Health Board Meeting on Tuesday 20 December, 9.30 am, in the Board Room, J B Russell House, Gartnavel Hospital (West End of Glasgow).

On Tuesday 20 December (ie this Tuesday coming), the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board is holding a meeting to decide whether or not to proceed to a formal consultation on the closure of the children’s ward (Ward 15) of the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley. It is vital that Board members attending the meeting hear the voices of children, parents and relatives who believe that the closure would be a catastrophe for our children and for everyone who cares about maintaining this first class service.

royal alexandra hospital

Consequently, the KNOW campaign intends to organise a lobby of the Board meeting and is urging anyone who can make it along this Tuesday to do so. We hope to be able to provide transport to anyone who requires it and would ask, therefore, that anyone who would like to come along and/or who would need transport reply to this email.

We understand that Santa will be there to lend his support to the campaign to keep our kids’ ward open! He may even bring a helper or two so you are encouraged to bring your children along.

It’s difficult to exaggerate the impact the closure of Ward 15 would have on our kids and our communities so please make every effort to come along this Tuesday and make your opposition to the proposed closure known.

Hope you can help on Tuesday and keep in touch at the following email address, remember if you need transport from Paisley, let us know, also if you need directions to the building let us know.

a Christmas cracker of a night with Mrs Clause hosting the gig


Headliners Stu and Garry: The Stand’s resident imorov troupe

“Really REALLY funny! Stu and Gary tick all the boxes: They have obviously been arsing about together for years – from Brazilian Soap Opera to Extreme Ironing. Add to this a fab array of accents, total confidence, sharpness, genuine ear-to-ear grins – and you’ve got yourself a really good night out. Highly recommended.”
Plus 2 great support acts, a Crimbo Quiz and Karaoke too, and all for a £5 note. You lucky people. Tickets will be going fast for this extraordinary night of live entertainment so get your finger out.

The Paisley Songwriters Guild have their festive bash in the Hoose on Wednesday the 21st December. A briiliant night of original singer songwiters showcasing their talents. The stars of the future today in Hamishes’

The festive Karaoke on Christmas and New Years eve kicks off around 3pm as we will be closing at 10pm. On Boxing day and the 2nd Jan we will have Karaoke from the magic Chris. A full menu will be available over the holidays so to secure a table phone 0141 561 7105

Have a happy Christmas at Hamishes’ Hoose

Hi Folks,

Just a wee note to say that from Thursday the 1st December we are doing our world famous Buy One Get One Free Deal on Traditional Roast Turky Dinners as well as our Regular Main Meals, Aye TWO smashing Norfolk roast Bird with all the trimmings dinners for the price of ONE. You dont like turkey but you pal does, easy get whatever you want from the regular menu and your pal the turkey and you get the cheaper one free. Sounds like we are Bonkers, no that was a club in Glasgow (LOL) we are Hamishes’ Hoose the Home of Hospitality right here in Paisley, take advantage of us.


Hamishes’ Hoose


The PDT invites all the people of Paisley to attend our annual wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of the 71 children that lost their lives in the Glen Cinema disaster of 1929. We will gather at the Cenotaph near The Cross at 10.30am on the 31st December. There will be a short service with prayers and thoughts from Bishop Tartalia, Reverend Alan Briss and from our Provost Celia Lawson, thereafter there will be some hot refreshments in the PDT office at the YMCA at the corner of High Street and New Street.