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George Adam MSP

Following on from the Paisley Daily Express and its story about Paisley Maternity and budget being cut, we approached the local MSP George Adam who gave this reply.

George said: ‘There is something far wrong when the Government and the local MSP learn about possible ward closures from Labour MSPs and National newspapers. ‘The Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board have much to answer for, producing a report and seemingly allowing extremely suspect access to it. ‘Proposals to close the children’s ward and Maternity services at the RAH are bad enough but for this information to be passed on to Labour politicians and national newspapers before the Government or local MSP are informed is a damned disgrace.

George Adam MSP

‘The staff at my local hospital do a tremendous job and for them to be confronted by front pages about possible closures is something that these politicians, and indeed the health board should take time to think about. ‘If these are the facts I am very concerned about how the GGCNHS board are going about their business and I would expect board members to come clean about any such document, including the board member that that leads the Labour controlled council in Renfrewshire.’

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “This draft discussion paper for the Board’s Directors was written prior to the Scottish Government’s budget being put forward in December, when a substantial increase in NHS funding was announced. “We’ve already substantially increased funding for all health boards, with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s budget increasing by 21.3 per cent under this Government. Since this paper was written a further rise was announced in the draft budget that will give the board a record budget of £2,078.9 million.

“Absolutely none of the points in the paper have been formally put forward for consideration. Any major service change would need approval from the Scottish Government and we’ve received no requests from the board. “We’re clear with health boards that they need to design services that meet the needs of the local population. We have been consistently clear that we are committed to maintaining and improving services at both the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Vale of Leven – for example, including sustaining emergency services at the Vale. “In this context, all boards, like all public sector organisations are expected to ensure they run services as efficiently as possible.

Health boards are able to reinvest all money they save into front line services. “We are also conscious that we need to up the pace on transferring services to the community as we push forward the radical integration of health and social care.

That is exactly why we are investing some £250 million in this area in next year’s budget – of which Glasgow will receive their proportionate share.”


The countdown is on to the Scottish Parliamentary elections on Thursday 5 May and election officials in Renfrewshire are urging residents to secure their vote.

People in Renfrewshire will be eligible to vote in the election of MSPs for the West of Scotland Region – decided by proportional representation – in addition to one of three ‘first past the post’ constituency elections for the seats of Paisley, Renfrewshire North and West, and Renfrewshire South.


Sandra Black, Returning Officer for the three constituency elections and Regional Returning Officer for the West of Scotland Region, said: “Everyone involved in preparing for and conducting the elections wants to make it as easy as possible for people to get advice and information.

“That applies to making sure you are able to vote or applying for a postal or proxy vote.”

Anyone wanting to vote must first be on the electoral register.

Sixteen and seventeen year olds will be eligible to vote for the first time in Scottish Parliamentary election. Those who registered to vote in the 2014 referendum on independence will have to register again for the 2016 elections as a separate register was used for the referendum.

Alasdair MacTaggart, Electoral Registration Officer with Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board, said: “Every year, the Electoral Registration Officer carries out a canvass to ensure that the register for Renfrewshire is up-to-date. Residents who fail to return their canvass form can have their names removed from the register.

“Even if someone pays council tax, they are not automatically registered to vote.”

People can check if their name is on the register by contacting the Electoral Registration Officer, The Robertson Centre, 16 Glasgow Road, Paisley PA1 3QF (Help Line 0300 300 0150) or asking in their local library.

Residents can also go online and register at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

rwcu logo

Christmas is over and it’s time to tighten those purse strings! By becoming a member of Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union you can access a variety of ethical products and services to help you financially.

Saving is vital; it is important to have a safety net for when the unexpected happens. You may also be considering your summer holiday which is helping you get through those January blues. So why not open up a savings account with RWCU, save for that special holiday.

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Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union is a bank for the people of Renfrewshire owned and operated by our members, we have no external shareholders our members are our shareholders. We are a not for profit organisation offering easy ethical finance.


It is so easy to join Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union, you can do it from the comfort of your own home by signing up online. You can also pop in and see us on the Paisley High Street. Once you have become a member you can set up a standing order, pay by debit card, have your benefits paid in to your account and even pay in through one of our local collection points in Renfrewshire.

Erskine – Bargarran community Centre

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We have a variety of ethical products and services for our members regardless of circumstance, we also have our Christmas club which is a locked account that you can then access in November 2016 just in time for Christmas.

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A memorial service will be held in Paisley to commemorate those who have lost their lives to suicide.

Renfrewshire support group Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) will be holding a short service on Wednesday 20 January.


The service will be attended by Renfrewshire Provost Anne Hall, Reverend Alan Birss and Very Reverend Monsignor John Tormey and will be held in the Marriage Suite of Renfrewshire House.

Friends and relatives are invited to meet at the Marriage Suite from 3:15pm to collect a commemorative purple heart on which they can write a message to a loved one, if so desired.

At 3:30pm there will be a short service followed by a procession to the memorial tree where the Provost will lay a wreath and light the tree.

The memorial tree was first dedicated in 2010 as a permanent memorial to those who have died through suicide and is believed to have been the first of its kind in Scotland.

Following the service all those attending are cordially invited to join the Provost, the local SOBS support group and the Choose Life team for light refreshments in Paisley Abbey.

The service is open to anyone and aims to provide an opportunity to remember those who have been lost while providing an arm of support to the survivors. It is an opportunity to connect with others who have faced a similar situation.

Provost Hall said: “It is important that we hold this service as suicide can affect anyone, of any age, and this service can provide a place of support for those affected by suicide while giving a fitting tribute to those we have lost.

I will be attending to pay my respects and I would encourage anyone affected by the issue to join me at the memorial service.”

The local support group meets on the last Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm-8:30pm, at the Wynd Centre, Paisley and new members are always welcome.

For more information contact the Choose Life Team on 0141 849 2200 or visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/sobs.

If you are feeling suicidal, or you know someone that might be then please call one of the helpline numbers: Samaritan’s 116 123, Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87 FREE, RAMH First Crisis 0141 849 90 90 or 0500 829 093 FREE.

hue and cry

LnP Promotions
Promoting Paisley Through Good Music
Hue and Cry – Full Band Show…
Saturday 26 March 2016 – Town Hall Paisley

They are building a network of VOLUNTEERS who can help market and promote gigs and bands across Renfrewshire. If you are interested to help out when required, please contact Karen Miller on 0141 887 7707 or kmiller@engagerenfrewshire : Twitter @kare_miller ‪#‎Renvolunteers

See More

hue and cry


There’s a new gym owner in town. Iconic Fitness at Abbeymill Business Centre opened its doors this week with local Paisley lass Fiona McLean leading the way. Born and bred in Paisley, Fiona is a major series marathon runner, Personal Trainer and now delighted to be gym owner.


Fiona has helped transform the lives of hundreds of local people and the companionship and friendship her clients experience at her gym is second to none. Both Fiona’s parents worked at the mill during its hay day so it’s particularly poignant that her life has come full circle to help the good people of Paisley from such an iconic location.

If you’re thinking of getting fitter in 2016 why not give Fiona a call on 0141 889 7761 or for more information or to join online go to www.iconic.fitness

Jen McKay

We have been reading of the wonderful gesture of Deli Malatso owner Jen McKay who is giving up her Christmas Day to help those less fortunate than others. Jen has decided to invite those who either can’t afford to pay for Christmas dinner or are alone on the day, what a wonderful sentiment from a Paisley business.

Jen McKay


Jen is a true community champion, it shows that what is really a simple gesture of goodwill can and probably will help change the lives of so many people. On the day where lots of families come together and fight over what they want to watch on TV or eat far too much and take family life for granted, others such as pensioners, homeless and those people who really can’t get out much and struggle socially will no doubt be sitting alone and at best would have a microwave meal. Jen will change that and we think she is amazing.
Deli Malatso is situated on 50 High Street, right across from Leisureland: Jen has posted on her Facebook page..

I have had so many messages from such kind people offering to come and help for a few hours during the day that I can’t reply to all of them, I have tried honest so to everyone that has messaged firstly thank you so much and secondly if you fancy popping down then please do so. Its going to be a very informal fun day and if it’s not busy when you arrive we can have a mince pie, pull a cracker and have a chat, I might even pull out the trivial pursuit, I really do hope that it is busy with people who just need company and a nice meal but I’m worried about the lack of transport on the day but we can only wait and see what happens. Thank you again for all your donations which have made the day possible, whatever is left over will be donated out so nothing will go to waste

Malatso is open till Christmas Eve from 9am till 5pm and will open from 12.30pm on Christmas Day. If you’d like to go along, either pop in to Malatso before Christmas Day and give a member of staff your details so that Jen has an idea of numbers or go along on the day from 12.30pm where you’ll be made welcome.


So from everyone at Paisley.org.uk we would like to say well done Jen, we wish there were more people like you, it goes to show that the community of Paisley can, and will, come together to help others especially at times of need.

(photograph courtesy of Daily Record)


Facebay Fundraising Founder Irene McDonald Presents Alison Of The SSPCA Cardonald Cat And Dog Home With £700 Pounds cash Dog Food and blankets which was raised by the members of the group by buying items thank you all that contributed or bought items over the past two months..


You can find more out about Facebay Fundraising by clicking here..

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan has warned that the local authority faces its “biggest challenge yet” in the face of budget cuts.

Councillor Macmillan was reacting to the announcement of the Scottish Government’s annual budget for 2016/2017.

Funding from the Scottish Government makes up approximately 80% of each council’s income.

Councillor Mark Macmillan

Renfrewshire Council will meet in February 2016 to agree an annual budget for 2016/2017.

Councillor Macmillan said: “We are working now to assess the implications of the announcement but be in no doubt this is a severe cut in funding from the Scottish Government – in fact the single biggest cut imposed on local government yet – which will have serious implications for people in Renfrewshire.”

“We have consistently pointed out that Renfrewshire receives one of the lowest funding settlements and, once again, we find that Renfrewshire is not receiving its fair share with the choice being taken to apply the maximum grant reduction possible to an individual council in Renfrewshire’s case.”

“We had assumed well in advance a cut in funding and prepared best we can but this is worse than our assumptions. On top of this cut to our revenue budget which pays for vital frontline services, our capital budget for investment is almost 20% less than it was last year.”

“I think most people understand and appreciate this will have serious implications for our budget and our ability to deliver for the people of Renfrewshire. And a one-year settlement introduces some uncertainty into our plans for the longer-term change that Renfrewshire needs.

“It’s our biggest challenge yet. We’ve made it clear what our priorities are and we’re successfully delivering on them, as shown by the report to council on our Council Plan. The Invest in Renfrewshire programme has halved youth unemployment in the past three years; we’re delivering hundreds of new, affordable homes across Renfrewshire; our investment in Families First is ensuring our youngest children get the best start possible; and our £6m Tackling Poverty Fund now supports a range of initiatives making a huge difference.”

“But without the necessary long-term funding from the Scottish Government that Renfrewshire deserves, for initiatives such as these and to maintain the vital frontline council services people rely on, it becomes increasingly difficult to change things for the better.”

Paisley sports fanatic Gavin Lemon has cycled from Edinburgh to Glasgow raising £105 for local mental health charity RAMH.

Gavin, who plays community football for Paisley Lions, pedalled 55 miles to raise funds for local mental health services provided by RAMH.

Paisley Lions Team (1)

Physical health coordinator Leanne Connolly said “at RAMH we’re thrilled to have had Gavin’s support. This was a significant achievement for him and furthermore will help us develop the service so that even more people can enhance their mental health by getting physically active.”

The Paisley Lions community football sessions are every Saturday from 10am-12pm in Paisley for males aged 16 or above. Five-a-side matches are played at the individuals’ own pace. Football is used as a means of encouraging people with mental ill health to engage with others and their local community, while improving physical, mental and social wellbeing. It is particularly geared towards men, who are less likely than women to seek support for mental health problems.

Gavin Lemon

Recent research has evidenced that becoming physically fit can lead to improved mental health and a significant reduction of anxiety, depression and a range of other symptoms. Paisley Lions is a RAMH initiative and they recently played at St Mirren as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

New players are welcome, sessions cost £2. Contact Leanne on 0141 618 5547 or leanne.connolly@ramh.org to get involved.

RAMH helps 5,000 people across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire with all mental health diagnosis from depression to bipolar disorder. To support mental health services in your local area go to www.virginmoneygiving.com and search for RAMH.