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This is from one of our visitors, whose daughter “the girl that’s running” recently lost her mum to cancer, please support a worthy cause if you can.

Hi everyone 

I talk to some you from time to time, some maybe only once, the others know me well, either way I was wondering if I could ask a huge favour, my daughter is running in the Race for Life and I was wondering if you could spare a pound or two to help her raise the total.

The link will take you to Race For Life’s’s web page where you can make a donation that not only quick and easy but allows them to claim Gift Aid:

If there is someone you could pass this on to I would be most grateful, I figure that she deserves to get the encouragement, but then I would. 

Your emails have been hidden because we take your confidentiality seriously.

I thank you in advance!

Stuart Duffy


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I seen the article in the Paisley Express today about the plans to close the Central Library and move it to Paisley Town Hall. I think the paisley daily Express put a wee bit of a negative spin on it for the front page but on further reading they said that the building where the Central Library is now will be converted into a Cultural Centre for Paisley, it looks a great idea and something which is worth having in the town although the museum and library will have to close down for necessary work for this to take place.

The Paisley Central library is to move to the Paisley Town Hall “please note none of these plans are finalised as yet it maybe only speculation at this stage” and the Paisley Museum will close for 2 years for vital refurbishment.

I wonder what kind of things the new cultural centre would accommodate “would maybe the thread mill museum be redundant???” and what would you like to see in the cultural centre?

Anyways I think its a positive move for Paisley and if done properly it will be an excellent use of these buildings.


It seems our host is having troubles for the second day in a row with our data-base’s.

Yesterday both databases were down and today it looks like the database for the message board is down, very strange. So all I can say is apologies about the section going down and can only hope that its back up very soon..


I love it there is to be more winds tonight “can you sense the sarcasm”

They call it a weather-bomb and I believe them, having to live on top of a hill with nothing stopping the wind hammering us, I know what it feels like and its scary.

How many more tiles tonight. I do hope everyone keeps themselves indoors and keep safe.. Good luck to everyone..


Hovercraft trials on the River Clyde in Glasgow could see some journeys being cut by up to 20 minutes, operators claim. A permanent service would involve hovercraft with a capacity of up to 130 passengers, which could travel in the open seas at speeds of up to 40 knots.

The three-day trial, by Clydefast Ltd, will involve a Griffon 2000TD 12-passenger hovercraft.

Hovercraft were last seen in regular use on the Clyde in the late 1960’s.

Two trips per day will run between the SECC pontoon in Glasgow, Braehead, East India Harbour in Greenock and Dunoon.

It will allow the Clydeport Harbourmaster the chance to assess the potential impact of a regularly operated service.

It will also give investors and local authorities the chance to experience for themselves what a hovercraft can offer in terms of alternative transport.

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I want to ask a question and feel free to comment but has there ever been as bad a weather over Scotland as there has been recently? It seems to get worse each year and with the weather set to go mental on Monday “see the attached article from the evening times” its a scary place to live sometimes..

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What is the local business legends competition?

Organised by Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire, the Local Business Legends 2008 aims to find the most exciting young entrepreneurs in Scotland today by offering the chance to win a major cash injection for their business or business idea, in one of three different categories.

The categories – Best Young Business, Best New Business and Best Innovative Business Idea, are being funded equally by Renfrewshire Chamber, Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire.

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I have been asked to create a link to the Shop-mobility Scheme in Paisley, so i went to their website to gather information for the Paisley website. Shop-mobility Paisley offer a great service to people with mobility problems, please read the following information on their services and products.

We are a charity that provides mobility equipment free of charge to mobility impaired people wishing to shop or use the facilities within the Paisley Town Centre. We are based inside the Paisley Centre Multi Storey Car Park shown in the picture. To enter from the street, please use the access ramp to the left of the building.

What is Shopmobility?

  • It is a service which offers assistance to all people experiencing a mobility or sensory impairment whether temporary or permanent, to access shops and other facilities through the use of equipment and or the assistance of volunteer escorts.
  • Shopmobility offers increased independence, self esteem, and choice to disabled people.
  • It allows people with disabilities to integrate with the general public. possible to come in for an informal chat.
  • The existence of schemes raises the awareness of the needs of people with disabilities
  • Schemes throughout Scotland – visit the Shopmobility Scotland Site at for a list of all the schemes in Scotland.
  • Schemes throughout the United Kingdom
  • where the details of every member scheme are listed.

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